Fast Homeopathic Remedies for Cold Cough and Fever

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Homeopathic medicines are world-famous for the treatment and permanent instant cure of homeopathic remedies for cold cough and fever. Is treating cough with Homeopathy a big deal?? A big 'YES', If you are not artistic in selecting a remedy. In acute patients it won't give much time to treat, they need instant results or they escalate to other doctors. Treating acutes is always challenging for me, although acutes have a great chance to win the heart of patients. It is always easier to prescribe the right remedy to patients who come first to homeopaths as soon as they get an attack, but there are many cases where patients first go to allopaths then come to us, till that time simple cough already turns into an obstinate cough. Here I am going to present randomly selected obstinate cough cases cured through homeopathy, which allopathic medicines failed to and turned into an obstinate cough. Please do watch the testimonials of patients.


30 years old lady came to me for obstinate whooping cough, which she has been suffering from the past 2 months. She used allopathic drugs and syrups but no improvement.

Suffocating continuous whooping cough, especially in the night which some times leads to vomiting. The patient gets exhausted during cough. There was marked hoarseness in voice and rawness in the throat. Constriction of the chest. The cough was so severe that the patient used to get spasms in the stomach.

Rubrics selected are

1.Larynx and trachea voice hoarseness aa after cough

2.cough constriction from the chest inside

3.cough spasmodic

4.cough whooping at night

Drosera and Hepar sulfur came as leading remedies. I prescribed Drosera 200 Single-dose, she got relief in just in two days

because of heavy hoarseness, I selected Drosera instead of Hepar sulfur. CASE 2:

A 70 years old man (my old patient of arthritis) with severe cough from many days. The patient has a history of bypass surgery.

Symptoms are offensive cough with thick sticky stringy yellow expectoration with MARKED WEAKNESS OF HEART. The patient said "because of this weakness in chest getting difficult in cough"

So the main rubric I selected was

CHEST WEAKNESS cough HINDERING cough (in Kent Stannum met single remedy)

Remaining Rubrics are

1.Mouth odor offensive cough during

2.Throat mucus tenacious

3 Expectoration viscid

4.Expectoration stringy

5.Expectoration yellow

Stannum covered all Rubrics. I prescribed Stannum 30. The patient got relief in the very first day, within 3 days he got complete relief.


55 years lady, initially came for her joint pains, who was improving beautifully with a carcinogen. Between the treatment, she got severe whooping cough. As the patient resides in another state, without consulting me she took some allopathic medicines for her cough. Allopathic medicines made her cough worse, then she contacted me. I asked her to take the next potency of Carcinocin. But her cough didn't improve. Again she consulted me... After repeated multiple questions I got only one relatable symptom LACHRYMATION DURING COUGH.

I asked is the cough more prominent in the day?. She said No, it is more at night.

I prescribed NAT MUR 200.  Not only her cough but the remaining 30% pains in joints also vanished.

Rubrics selected are

1.Eye Lachrymation cough with

2.Eye Lachrymation  cough with whooping cough

3.cough whooping night

Note: if she would have said cough especially in the morning, my selection would be Euphrasia. Because there was marked dyspnea with the cough.


A Middle-aged lady came for an obstinate cough which she had been suffering from 3 months, started as a simple cough, and turned into obstinate after allopathic drugs. The cough started after having a heavy cake at her daughter's birthday party.  One peculiar symptom was difficulty in breathing during drinking

The main Rubric I selected was

Cough paroxysmal bread or cake eating

(Kali. Nit Single remedy in Kent.)

In Kali nit, there is great difficulty in drinking, so this symptom confirmed the symptom. Initially given in 6, partially improved, next enhanced potency to 30. She got well in just one week.


An old man came to my clinic with a number of multiple problems. He had all problems from head to toe. In which one of his symptoms was a persistent cough from many months. He gave me 100 plus symptoms. One symptom which attracted me was COUGHS + FREQUENT ERUCTATION.

with this single symptom and on the basis of his age, I prescribed Ambra Grisea in low potency. He got marvelous results. Sometimes a single strong symptom itself is a totality of patient.


A middle-aged man came for an obstinate cough suffering from 3 months. He said every night he gets cough exact same hour. He repeated the same sentence 3 to 4 times. Cough comes as exact as a clock. There is not even a slight minute difference.  If any patient stresses on anything so strong and if that symptom is peculiar, then that single symptom itself is a totality of the patient (most of the times)

Rubric:  cough periodical clock; in its regularity like the tick of  Niccolum met single remedy in Kent.

One more symptom the patient said he sits and holds his head with both hands during cough. This symptom confirmed the Niccolo.

Niccolum 200..single dose.  The patient got relief in two days.


40 years female came for her cough which was dry and comes only before menses, especially in the early morning and sometimes day time.

I prescribed her Graphites 30, 3 doses.  After that, she never faced the problem of dry cough before menses

Rubrics selected are

Cough menses before aggrivation

Cough dry day time menses before

Cough dry morning menses before aggrivation.


30 years old suffering from obstinate dry cough especially at midnight which didn't allow him to sleep till morning.  I asked him about any peculiar or strange symptom.  And I assured him, many peculiar symptoms much fast recovery. After listening to this he said  "WHILE COUGHING I PASS wind and he added ' whenever I drink especially Beer, I get cough'These two symptoms are enough for me to prescribe NUX VOMICA.  As I promised him NUX VOMICA 30 vanished his cough just In just  two days


15 years girl came with obstinate cough suffering for months. I took all kinds of allopathic drugs, but no relief. She and her parents confused me with a number of symptoms. I asked them "tell me one strong symptom or at least reason why this cough happened to her, then only I can treat or else hands up... I can't treat her." and I added, "IF I CAN'T TREAT NO ONE CAN TREAT". I know friends, this type of behavior not good with patients, but my friends we need to use every possible way to extract original symptoms... They felt bad with my words remained silent for a few mins and the girl herself told me... IT HAPPENED BECAUSE OF DRINKING IMPURE WATER IN MY VILLAGE.

Now you people know what was my prescription...  Yes!  ZINGIBER. few doses of ZINGIBER took off her cough just in few days

CASE 10:

13 Years girl came with severe cough for months. The main peculiar symptom was cough only in the day time, and as soon as she lay down cough ceases.

on this keynote, I prescribed MANGANUM 200. Single-dose. The patient got relief in one day.

All cases are treated by respected

Dr. Madhuri Balivada


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