Homeopathic Remedy Bergenia Ciliata Tincture Medicinal Uses

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Bergenia Ciliata's mother tincture is a new remedy testing in India, giving very favorable results for the treatment of intestine and stomach chronic ulcers and renal calculi, besides it there is a wide range of its health benefits. Bergenia Ciliata an evergreen ancient herb of Tibet and Nepal region belongs to the family Saxifragaceae species such as Bergenia stracheyi and Bergenia ligulata. In recent studies and research made by western scientists on this amazing plant brings a lot of interesting facts, even some experiments on rats prove it a miraculous herb. Bergenia ciliata mother tincture also added in homeopathic pharmacy in recent years and now it is widely used worldwide for its medicinal uses.

What are the medicinal uses of Bergenia Ciliata?

The medicinal importance of Bergenia ciliata is well recognized by various herbalists and scholars.  Here is a comprehensive list of this herb for various medicinal uses, though it is already proved an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-scorbutic, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic plant.

What are the common names of Bergenia ciliata?

Zakham-e-Hayat, Bud Mawa, Kodiya, Pashanbheda, cordifolia, Haw are the local names of Bergenia in India and Pakistan regions.

In what health conditions Bergenia Ciliata is useful?

  1. It is very useful for all types of stomach and intestine ulcers like duodenal and peptic ulcers.
  2. It is the best natural treatment for Helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) infections.
  3. Haw roots tea is very beneficial for treating kidney infections and kidney stones.
  4. In Chronic kidney disease, its alcohol-free fresh extract of the whole plant gives the promising treatment.
  5. It has a significant effect on blood platelets, in low platelets, it could be used as a first-aid remedy. Locally use to treat dengue fever in remote areas.
  6. Its blood cleansing properties detox the body from various toxic effects, hence it is a proven remedy to treat acne and pimples in young girls and guys.
  7. Various experiments on rats proved it a great aid for diabetes rheumatoid arthritis cases.
  8. This wonder plant is a natural way to cure Lichen Planus permanently.
  9. Enlarged spleen comes in a normal size if it is caused by malarial fevers or some digestive issues.
  10. Its antioxidant properties stand this herb in the line of first-grade anticancer herbal remedies.
  11. In Nepal, mountain people used Bergenia tea to treat ear and throat infections.

What are the Habit and Habitat of Bergenia?

Usually, its plant is up to 40 to 50 cm tall, it is found in moderate, cold, sub-alpine, and alpine earth zones.
What are the taxonomic features of Bergenia plant?
You can only discover this herb on rocky soil; it refuses to grow on plain soil. Its leaves are bit flabby and hairy, red spots sometimes visible on dark green leave. Seeds are found in brown color, flowers giving a pink and white shade under sunlight.

What part of this plant used in medicines?
The whole plant is very useful for treating various diseases; the root is used for kidney issues, leaves, flower, and stem for serious gastric disease and cancers.

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