Homeopathic Treatment for Dengue Fever

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Homeopathic is the best alternative treatment for dengue fever, however homeopathic remedies rapidly increased the blood platelets and cured the patients without any side effects. I don't know why dengue is getting more popularity amongst the people of the country. There are many diseases which sound well, though, like Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Ischemic heart Disease, Esophageal carcinoma, etc. but they are losing their glory in front of dengue now. It is very sad to see this. Many people ask, how long does it take for homeopathy to work? My answer is always, instant.

Dear People, Do not get much panicked with Chikungunya or dengue because at the early stage of Dengue if you observe any symptoms like fever, body ache with much prostration, drowsiness etc, Immediately try Homoeopathic medicine. As Homoeopathic medicine has no side effects, so there is no chance to create any other complications. Though in Severe case you must visit a Homoeopathic Physician or admit the patient to the nearest hospital as early as possible. So, try homeopathic medicines for this purpose to feel comfortable in your home. Homeopathy may save a precious life and your valuable money if treated early.

I make a cream with skin affinity remedies. Apis, cantharis and also remedies which match symptom pictures! I also add Culex, and I apply it by adding some to a bottle of skin moisturizer like vegies orb. It works great for the preventative and treatment of too, should they still sting. Which they do! The skin cream also acts as a protector to the skin from toxins, and also from the sun. Using it also helps the skin to nourish and heal rather quickly too. I still use the aero guard, even if I am sitting just in my house. Mosquitoes are filthy nasty disease sepsis carriers. I protect my skin with homeopathy and creams as a defense screen. This is one exception I don't mind making & the way I react to mosquitos is traumatizing so this is when I know it is an aero guard happening. There is nothing natural about mosquito bites. They are evil.

A Successful Dengue Cured Case with Homeopathic Medicine

A Male patient of 25 Years age had Dengue Fever and was in a critical situation. His parents brought him to me for the medical treatment. The parents were hopeless about the patient's survival and were weeping too. The patient was bitten by some Dengue mosquitoes when he was busy in evening walk in the Park. I consoled the patient and his family to pray for their son.

I completely examined the patient and did note down the following Symptoms.
* High fever at 105 (Celsius degree)
* Patient was trembling due to high fever with fear of death due to dengue fever
* Red spots in whole body
* Severe and unbearable pain in muscles, bones and joints.
*patient's nose bleeding started after a few moments
* Neck stiffness with much pain
* Whole body was wet with perspiration
* He had thirst for large quantities of water
* Extreme weakness with numbness in hands and feet

I prayed to my Almighty for the patient's life and I gave the single dose of Crotalus Horridus 200 and waited for the result. I believed that Almighty will surely heal up the patient.

So the miracle took place .after a few minutes the patient's temperature was started to reduce and within 30 Minutes his temperature was at normal level 98( Degree Celsius). The patient was then in senses and all sweating, stiffness, nose bleeding and unconsciousness was gone. The patient and his parents were so grateful and excited for the quick and miraculous recovery of the patient. After 4 hours I gave another dose of Crotalus Horridus 200 given to the patient as preventive measures after that the patient was completely cured from Dengue Fever.

Crotalus is made from the poison of rattlesnake and it is a specific and head remedy in case of hemorrhagic diathesis, debilitated hemorrhagic, broken-down constitutions, during zymotic disease, stiffness of neck, bones, and muscles of body due to dengue malaria, low septic typhoid or malarial fever, blood flows from eyes, ears, nose and every orifice of the body, right-sided paralysis, exhausted vital force, genuine collapse, unconsciousness, bloody sweat. Purpura hemorrhagic comes on suddenly from all orifices, skin, nails, and gums. It is also useful in carbuncles, Intestinal hemorrhage when occurring in typical Septic or Zymotic disease, Dark blood, and fluid non-coagulable blood. Malignant diseases of Uterus, a great tendency to hemorrhage, Blood dark, fluid offensive also call this remedy. A headache along with Heartache, Tongue Cancer with hemorrhage, Pulse scarcely felt. Tongue fiery red, smooth and polished- intensely swollen.

A Challenging Case of Dengue Fever with All Evidence Of Blood Test Results:

This girl who was a patient from her childhood and her mother a teacher and father who is working in the Gulf! On one Sunday she developed a strong feeling of fever and as her exam is to be commenced on the next day, the mother gave some Paracetamol tabs and at night she has been under very high fever and in the next morning she was brought to the clinic and when I touch the head it was very hot and then I touch the feet it was very cold. And at night during delirium, she was talking this and that and looking upwards etc. She has severe pain in the head and neck and the tonsil and cervical glands were swollen and she has pain in the face and pain in teeth while opening the mouth. So gave her Belladonna 1M immediately and Placebos to be taken frequently and gave some No powder (Bell 1m) to be taken in case of any emergency and asked them to call me before 10 PM.

On the call, it was reported that though she was feeling better, the temperature continuing and asked them to give the NO powder in case of any emergency and asked them to bring her to the clinic in the next morning if she is not feeling better. Told them to wait for 48 hours, by then the fever will subside if there is an improvement.

In the next morning, they told me that the same thing happened on the last night also. So she was asked for a blood test and it was noted that the platelets count is coming down and then repeat the same for the day and they came to the clinic in the next morning and told me that she had a sleepless night and she had some dreams and when asked about the dreams she told that it is about the death. Being a teacher most of her friends and relatives want to take the child to allopathic treatment since I made the diagnosis earlier as a case of Dengue fever as the immunology tests were positive. But the girl who is a firm believer of me took a firm stand that Homoeopathy is her medicine.
So I took the Arsenicum Album 1M Potency in sac lac of the similimum on the spot and another to take it in half glass of water to be taken every 10 - 15: minutes and placebo pills every one hour and asked them to report to me in the evening and at 9 PM the mother informed that she slept well and had little bit of Rice in the noon and evening. Asked to repeat the same in the night if there is any problem otherwise continues with the Placebos and the next day the mother wants the blood test to be done and it was found that the platelets count started improving, but the immunology tests were positive.

So the mother wants to take the girl to allopathic treatment and here I have to shout at her and I told her that she is improving as our protocol for recovery is in the right direction, and you have to wait for a minimum of 1 more week to get negative results. And she agreed and in the meantime, I noticed that the girl was smiling when I was shouting at her mother. I told her that she may have a little bit of temperature in the evening and night and gradually it will subside. All these things worked in precision and gradually the fateful week has passed. Asked her to take anything she wants and she told me that she had eaten a lot of fruits and vegetables and fish and started reading the books. And want to go to school and advised them to take some more rest and in the next week the blood test results becomes NEGATIVE and she started her career at school again with very good vigor
In fact, I was not sure whether they will stick with our system as the husband is away and all the teachers of the school have no faith in our system and to their surprise homeopathy worked for her. Now you can comment on the same.
A case by Dr. Dhanesh

Another Cured Case Of Dengue Fever Through Natural Homeopathic Treatment:

It's my case. Let me present a case of Dengue fever and here the patient is none other than me..it all began on 27th may 2016,as my wife was suffering from viral fever since the other night I was not having proper sleep, felt little bit of uneasiness in the morning and I have to assist the servant in the kitchen and felt some uneasiness all over ,so avoided the bath in the morning and left to the clinic and after attending some patients sudden surge was felt in the stomach and that forced me to go back to home and after reaching their started vomiting which gave me some relief, so I just fell on the bed to sleep, which I could not and gradually the pain and temperature increased .As I have no appetite, didn't take anything but took an little bit of hot water and I was extremely weak.. By night I was forced to use medicine that is Arsenic album 1 M and then got some sleep and was awake later in the night and it continued to the next day also so I was forced to repeat the medicine again and again and the same thing happened in the night also. Usually I do not take any medicine at the beginning of the fever, and most of the time the fever will be over by 48 hours. But this time the fever continued which prevented me from attending a national seminar being held in my town where I have been posted in the reception area, Informed the same to my friends there and went for a blood examination. As Deng fever is spreading here, to make sure that I have no Dengue fever and then the platelets count was above 1.5lakh and by then I had passed some loose stools, it was very difficult to open the eyes and as the pain was more on the eyes, and the heaviness forced me to change the medicine to Gelsemium and I took the 30 Potency but still it was very difficult to sleep even on the fourth night. On the very next day doctor called me to know the reason for my absence at the seminar. He told me that he will be coming to my house in the evening, but I told him that we am going for another blood test on that day .and shall inform the results in the evening. By about 8AM the lab people informed that my platelets come down to 50000 levels. By 3 PM I have decided to report the results to my guru. And by 3Pm the matter was reported to him and suddenly I was able to mention an important symptom to him. What I have reported was that “I have pain at all parts on which I was lying “(pain at those parts which touches the bed.)With in no time Sir advised me to take BAPTISIA 200 a dose, which I did and on that night I was able to sleep up to 3 Am and was feeling better in the morning. Took good amount of food and drinks and by night I was not able to sleep again and by about 1 AM again took another dose of Baptisia 200 again and, that made me sleep until 5am and on the very next day the platelets count improved to70000 and gradually it comes to 1.5 lacks on the 6th day after taking Baptisia. This is what is the power of single medicines(similimum) Later Sir advised me to have a dose of CHINA 3O IF I have severe weakness that I took as I have severe weakness even after the platelets count came down to normal levels. The most important point I would like to tell you is that even during the illness patients were coming to my house and I have been able to provide services to them as my pharmacist was working with me through out and patients were given fantastic support. Some of the cases were prescribed by hearing the sound of the patient. So I didn't get the proper rest and after 15 days I was able to practice at the clinic and by then my pharmacist was bed ridden with Dengue fever and I have to work heavily at the clinic and last day he was able to assist me again. He was also given Homoeopathic treatment by me and now I have lot of cases of Dengue fever... Everyone wanted to take me to hospital including my elder daughter who is studying her final year MBBS COURSE at Trivandrum Kerala and most of her friends also asked me to go to hospital but my belief in our system proved me right... Thanks to Dr Hahnemann's teaching....

Homeopathic Remedies for Dengue Fever!

Aconite: If dengue fever starts with cold, do not forget this life saving medicine.
Crotalus Horridus 200: Only one dose is a good preventive dose in epidemic dengue fevers.
Eupatorium perfoliatum 200: Daily one or two for three days when there is pain in bones. It is also very good remedy for dengue fever as well as preventive measures.
Gelsemium 200: When there is no thirst at all and patient is unable to move his body parts.
Psorinum 200: One dose will give immunity against dengue fever.
Phosphorus 30: If there is bright red bleeding, also tongue got hemorrhages in this remedy.

10 Proven Homemade Remedies for dengue fever!

The following home remedies are not fully scientifically proven cured remedies for Chikungunya or dengue fever but there is no doubt that these commonly found herbs and fruits are so good for dengue patients. These can also be use as supportive and dengue prevention home remedies.
1: Papaya leaves extract
2: Apple cedar
3: Goat milk
4: Apple juice with few drops of fresh lemon
5: Chewing fresh basil leaves
6: Barley grass shakes
7: Goldenseal
8: Orange juice
9: Margosa leaves extract

Why Homeopathy Is the Best Option for Dengue Treatments?

Endnote: Only symptoms that differentiate dengue from other viral and bacterial fevers are pain behind eyes. Thrombocytopenia also present in malaria and typhoid so on the base of decreased blood platelets we can’t differentiate dengue fever from others. Disprin and other non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are strongly contraindicated in dengue fever , if someone have any questions about dengue hemorrhagic fever then feel free to ask I will reply all queries because I have much clinical experience with this one due to previous out breaks in our country.


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