3 Days Military Diet Plan Does It Work

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A lot of people are conscious about how 3 days military diet plan works and does it really works or not. People are always talking about losing weight, meaning when we try dieting or exercising we weigh ourselves. I personally don't believe this is the most accurate way to measure our success! If you lost a pound of entirely fat, that is a huge success! But it's possible you are also losing muscle as well. A pound of muscle occupies less space on the body than a pound of fat. So the answer of most wanted question does the 3-day military diet work long term is yes.

There is water weight to lose, which would change from day to day. You could be lighter or heavier based on if you weigh yourself before or after a bowel movement, or menstrual cycle can influence weight by up to ten pounds. What I’m saying is there are so many variables with the weight that I think it can be easy to get discouraged. I would highly recommend taking before and after photos, and doing measurements of your neck, upper arm, bust, waist, hips, and thighs to compare your size lost.

I talked to a certified nutrition educator about the Military Diet Plan and this was her input: Such low calories intake is not something to worry about. 800 calories a day is fine since it’s just for ONE day. It seems like a lot of the foods decrease bloating. It's important to stay hydrated because you could lose mostly water weight. She recommended doing the measurements to really see the difference.
I feel amazing and people have already told me I look smaller after just three days! But what if that was a lot of bloating and I actually only lost 2 pounds? That would be very discouraging, and probably wouldn't make me want to do the diet again. I would share this info to convince more of you to do photos measurements rather than weight. I hated taking that first-day photo, but I am already proud to look at it and say that's not what I look like anymore.
3 Days Military Diet Plan 

Common misconceptions about military diet plan!

Doest military diet plan really works?

Answer: Regardless of anyone's individual weight loss or gains it solely depends on you and YOUR personal goals. You can say the same for any "diet". The ultimate goal is to learn what works for you and how you can keep it off for yourself. This is a great way for motivation so let’s all keep positive before we all end up eating fat burgers.

Question: I don't see anyone losing and maintaining their weight loss on this diet and I have not seen anyone to actually reach their goal weight, it looks like most people are losing then gaining then losing on another round and then gaining again. My question is, is anyone experiencing large weight loss totals after several rounds? Is anyone getting anywhere with this diet after the 1st round?

Answer: I am losing on the rounds and keeping off on my days off. That being said I do have to watch very closely what I eat on my days off if I go over my calories I will gain back!! You have to exercise. I am a runner. I notice if I skip a day running or not doing my exercises on the days I don't run my weight loss does not move.

Question: What you want but watching calories than I've seen from people following this diet?

Answer: I put the app called Fat Secret on my phone to count my calories. I weigh my food to make sure the amount is right. I buy Breyers no sugar added ice cream and eat it every night.

Question: What are the rounds in military diet plan?

Answer: My first 4 rounds I lost 22 lbs. I took a couple weeks off and only gained 2 lbs back. I just completed R5 and lost another 8 lbs. I stay positive every day, and I keep my focus on my goals. I have started a workout program with R5 so I am now hoping to see inches just melt away. People have started noticing that I am losing weight, which really makes me feel really good about all my hard work. I do make sure I have at least 1 "cheat day" every week. But, I don't go overboard with it. I drink 108-130 ounces of water every day and keep my calories from 1300-1400. Sometimes that is a good idea. I used to weigh every other day. Now I just weigh on D1 and D4. I did notice in the beginning though that when I didn't drink enough water, my weight loss seemed to be less. So, now I am very diligent about drinking my water. I am not always good about entering in into my apps during the day but I save each lid off of the bottles I drink until it's bedtime, that way I can be sure I drank enough during the day.

Question: I'm on day 3 and already ate my breakfast lunch and dinner I was starving. Is it OK?

Answer: Are you going to try again? It’s better to know where you stand. Sometimes you just need to look at the scale and take it as a wake-up call. I think I gained weight too I ended up eating a lot more today we'll see in the morning. There's always next round.

Question: I can't do broccoli. I've tried. I can’t do asparagus or whatever the other thing is on the sub list. I can do green beans. Can we sub the broccoli for green beans and has anyone done this and been equally successful?

Answer: You can substitute a cup of cauliflower, or a cup of beets, or a cup of Brussels sprouts for the broccoli.

Question: I want to know how you keep the weight off without having to stay on the diet. I know people that have done the diet and they gained the weight back?

Answer: You have to burn more than you eat. You can't stop and start eating whatever you want; you'll obviously gain weight that way... So count calories and exercise.

Question: Does military diet plan is safe for a breastfeeding mother?

Answer: I just did the three days while breastfeeding! I figured since it is short-term it would be fine. Just remember that water also turns into the milk so drink a lot.

Question: Does it matter if your ice cream is regular or sugar-free?

Answer: According to militarydiet.com you should avoid all fake sugars except Stevia.

Question: I started my military diet today, and I already finished my full day 1 meal I feel still hungry, is it good?

Answer: You’re going to feel like you’re literally starving just being realistic. Drink a cup of water and occupy yourself until bedtime. That's the best advice.

Question: I'm 5ft 1' and I'm 136 lbs. Goal weight 120 as well. Does anyone know if they lost more weight after taking a break from the diet and starting again? I want to lose the full 10 when I do. Has anyone lost the full 10 the first time back?

Answer: I lost weight at first. Then I stopped losing weight. Went off it for a few months and tried again and lost nothing. I don't believe this diet is for people who only need to lose a few pounds. Reducing your calorie intake below 1000 makes your body goes into starvation mode and it holds onto everything instead. This diet if for a person who have a lot of weight to lose, that’s why it is very similar to the cardiac diet doctors put some heart patients on before surgery.

Question: it’s my Day 1 and trying to come up with dinner idea for the family and me to both eat. I have shrimp but not sure how many is 3oz and I don't know what to do with it. Do you have any other creative ideas with spices or hot sauce, etc? You'd use?

Answer: Sriracha sauce is my savior. A drop is all I need to make something taste edible or you need 300 calories of shrimp.

Question: Why vanilla ice cream is necessary for military diet? Isn't it high calorie and fattening?

Answer: I think we would all freak out without a little treat. You need fat and dairy in the diet as it's nutritionally not that great. I'm assuming it's for sanity, though.

Question: It was my day 3 today and I did took two toast and two hard boiled eggs for lunch as I was too damn hungry because I'm a nursing mom, would it affect my diet?

Answer: I'm not sure that doing this diet is a good idea if you are nursing. The calories are way too low for producing proper milk supplies. I would say it probably shouldn't have too much effect then. You did the workout to offset it so I'm sure you'll be fine.

Question: Does anyone know the science behind the diet? What chemicals are doing what? And fat loss vs. water loss?

Answer: it’s the metabolism, the diet boost your metabolism as in makes it moves faster.

Question: Hi all, I've done this diet for the last 2 weeks and have found it very good. I have battled weight all my life and I was doing the 5:2 diets some months back. I didn't lose 20-30lbs like many of you. I exercise 2-3x a week and have a 2-year-old to run after. So I would class myself as light to moderately active. So far after weighing myself on the fourth day I've found I've lost no more than 4lbs, I am not looking to do this as a quick weight loss scheme only to put it all back. I am hoping to practice this as a lifestyle. My question is, what do all you eat on the days you aren't on the diet?

Answer: we just completed R8 and down 20 lbs; my husband is down 30! Using the guidelines (1500 calories and no starch after lunch) we eat whatever we want which is why after going out to celebrate my birthday we ate what we wanted and even disregarded the no starch and 1500 calories limit. Tuesday we will start R9 and we will both reach our goals. This Diet has taught us healthier responsible eating.

Question: I was thinking that the order of the food didn't matter as long as you consumed it all in the day. But now after reading more it sounds like the way the foods are grouped together DOES make a difference. For instance, the grapefruit and the coffee work together. And there was something about tuna with something else I think too. I have lost 19 lbs with 3 rounds but am wondering if I would have better results if I were stricter and went with the exact order. Also, I did have a few substitutes as well (mainly tuna and cottage cheese) so I am debating no substitutes as well this next round, Although the thought of that makes me cringe. I have a few more days off before my next round which I will start Wednesday but I just wanted to get some input from anyone with more experience or if you have done it both ways.

Answer: I think 19 lbs in 3 rounds is fabulous. I would stick with what you have been doing if I were you. Great job! I've finally lost 8 lbs in 2 rounds. I substitute for the tuna, but other than that I eat everything as it is listed and in that order/grouping. I thought I read somewhere on the diet website that it doesn't matter, though. Like, you can save items and eat them with a different meal and whatnot. I have seen that people save bananas or peanut butter and have it mixed into their ice cream.

Question: My mom wants to lose 30-35 lbs in 2 months; she's 5'3 and weighs 150-155 lbs currently. She said she wanted to do the Military Diet combined with 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of abs exercises. She wanted me to ask if any of you had similar starting stats to her and lost 30-35 lbs in 2 months. I think she said since she's only 20 lbs overweight it might be harder to lose 30-35 lbs in 2 months?

Answer: She can do it if she believes in herself and has the motivation it's not always about what you. Door how you do it it's more the motivation if she has it and you have it with her help each other out I'm sure she can succeed or better or maybe a little less then what she wants but if she believes she can then she can

Question: Can you substitute the grapefruit for an orange? I have done some research and I have seen some say you can and some say you can't.

Answer: It's got something to do with adjusting your PH balance. Something grapefruit and baking soda have and orange can't do. There's a list of substitutions in. grapefruit kickstarts the liver into fat burning mode alongside the coffee which helps to raise your metabolism these two things help your weight loss goals hit the ground running. So as much as it's not to everyone’s taste it’s helping in a big way. I've just made sure my grapefruit is very cold and after a while, it’s not so bad. You are not supposed to substitute oranges. You can, however, drink a glass of water with 1/2 of a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in.

Question: I am back on day one but I add a little milk in my coffee does it make a difference?

Answer: A little is relative. If you are having a hard time weaning off dairy, try original unsweetened almond milk; it has 30 calories per cup. Or, better yet stay on the diet and try some of the vanilla ice cream from your evening meal in your morning coffee.

A comprehensive 3-day military diet review!

Throw away the scale for sure. It is how you feel and how clothes fit. Everybody is different for sure. Large bone structures, medium and small all hold it differently. I started drinking fresh juices and I'm losing weight but I feel so much energy and that says to me, I'm going to get healthy. Health is the goal. We are what we consume, really. Not many of us really pay attention what we eat and consume. First thing for more quality life is a healthy diet, most people of us, do not pay attention a lot, we take what we get, we eat what is tasty we drink what gets us high and such but eventually it has consequences and the older you get the harder it gets the more illnesses will reveal out. Think of your body as a temple of wellness.

I have found there will always be a person or people that tend to put your dreams down. But moving past their negativity is what has made me even more motivated to help more people in my own personal journey. By hearing their hateful comments it has pushed me to find answers to their questions or uncertainties which only make me more informed. So to all the haters thank you for pushing me further. The one thing that has always motivated me is most is telling me "You can't!" I only want to push harder to show that I can.

Clean nutrition has been linked to losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, and helping with the overall mood. I know this because I have been overweight and I was constantly beating myself up about it. I felt like I ate healthily but when I looked at my overall daily intake I just wasn't getting enough of the suggested veggies and fruits in a day and too many high sugar high carb foods. The healthy stuff just wasn't what I was craving...I wanted to the sugar and carbs. It wasn't until I decided to make a change in my diet and fitness. And over the next 60 days, I saw my body, mind, and overall outlook change and I became happy with my results. I added military diet plan every day to ensure I was getting the nutrients that my body craved and needed. I added 30 minutes of exercise every day and learned that I didn't have to be at the gym every day for 2 hours to get amazing results. 30 minutes per day was all I needed. What mattered was my nutrition, and that, of course, is the hard part! But with the help of my nutrition guide that came with my fitness program, support of my challenge group, and military diet I lost 12 lbs in 60 days and I felt on top of the world. I now feel amazing in my skin and appreciate what my body needs daily.

Doest 3 Days Military diet plan is compatible with Homeopathic treatment?

Well, it depends on the immunity and overall condition of a person, as you know there isn’t any specific remedy for any disorder including obesity, so if someone is on a military diet plan and using homeopathic remedies a supportive aid, it could give much better results. On the other hand, if someone is suffering in a kidney or cardiac issues, it is advised to stay away from any diet plan unless your homeopath physician recommends a suitable weight loss diet plan for you.


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