How Homeopathic Remedies Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder

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So many people from different parts of the world including America are consulting classical Indian homeopaths for alternative treatments for autism spectrum disorder. In India, naturopaths are using homeopathic remedies along with herbal Ayurvedic remedies, Bach flower remedies, and a bunch of Yoga techniques. In modern medication system still there is no treatment available for autism disorder. Now there is no doubt that the behavioral therapies and natural homeopathic remedies for autism spectrum disorders are the only hope for poor children facing Autistic disorder, Asperger's syndrome or PDD-NOS.

An exploration of homeopaths experiences worldwide treating autism, methodologies, and remedies. We will also look at some remedies and rubrics. In this post, I will give some detailed information about new techniques used in homeopathy, where the bowel nosodes and matrimonial remedies were almost unknown. There are several homeopathic remedies for autism in children and young adults.
Homeopathy is an amazingly flexible system. Hence, there is no end of methodologies and anecdotes. Sure you have heard stories of the harm caused by isopathic and tautopathic remedies in the 90s but not so much recently. So yes you may also have heard from a few people of vaccines in potency causing aggravations and messing up a case. I never saw any of this myself though but saw plenty of detox and healing through the use of vaccines in potency. On the other hand, we have several studies giving solid evidence that modern vaccinations are a big cause of autism and various other autoimmune disorders. I still think that just being a healing homeopath who listens and connects with the patient is more important than methodologies. I think a healing homeopath just gets drawn to the right remedies. I treated an autistic spectrum child a long time ago. His autism would always be worse when he was constipated and vice versa. Lac-humanum and Lac-maternum where indicated for him, and mom was great in measuring his progress with constipation too.

If you find the right remedy it can be miraculous. So many people tried it and never did find the right one but it was worth trying. Homeopathic remedies don't have any side effects. If you don't get the right one, it means they just don't work.
How does homeopathy work for autism

Some early signs of an autistic toddler!
Not all the autistic babies show the same signs of this disorder, here I posted most common grouped symptoms may visible in an autistic baby.

1) Kid do not respond to his name, not making eye contact, pressing around ears, seeking deep pressure, spinning, echolalia, side to side head shaking, sensory seeking behavior.
2) The child doesn't like to be touched, hugs, or kisses on the cheek, he may have little communication. When he got excited or frustrated he would swing his arms around really fast. He wouldn't like to play with toys how they are supposed to be played with he would line them up.
3) Baby make no eye contact, unaware of surroundings, not responding to his name, running around the house without a purpose, does not play with toys properly, has problems eating certain solid foods, spinning, no pointing, does not talk.
4) Fear of water, head banging, no speech, lack of interest in TV, and toys, don't like clothes, fear of people, cried at the slightest sounds.

There are several obstacles to cure autism and Down syndrome patients:

1. When there are many age-inappropriate treatments, situations and circumstances and others' age-inappropriate behaviors towards the child with autism. The child's defense mechanisms around the autism become more entrenched. Hiding, concealing their lack of understanding from others, and becoming expert at mimicry of social conventions without cognitive understanding. When challenged too frequently they can bump to out of body, flight-taking, withdrawal response which has to be prescribed upon again to continue learning and progress.

2. I have found it near difficult (in my own personal experience) to engage the parents in understanding this especially if they have a very static view of a condition as being set in stone with no chance of progress because that all problems come from the 'disease' itself and their search for cure does not incorporate the understanding that these kids once 'healed' will still need a full childhood of development to occur no matter what age they are.

3. I find that most major changes can cause regression and that intensive case management and perceptions around these shifts can be limited by practicalities. It is incredible work and hugely challenging and it would be wonderful for more heads and hearts amongst homeopaths to come together to discuss this and how much more could be achieved with more clarity as to these observations and experiences. I have also found that some major polychrests has incredible impacts in ways which I could never have anticipated bit which later made sense to me: Phosphorus, Nat-Mur, Zincum, Thuja, Phos, Lycopodium, Silicea, Med, Syphilinum and although I have incredible respect for CEASE , I do feel that the scope of old Materia Medica fundamentals can be rather underestimated. I also think that overemphasis on controlling external toxin factors verges on allopathic, materialist approaches to disease.

I suppose one point I meant to articulate is that people frequently see through the lens of 'illness' , bypass perceiving and really seeing the 'individual person' and being observant of where the person is at and thus miss so many opportunities to be of help and service. After all we all know about the clichés around elderly people behaving like big children, or a 50 year old guy who is still stuck in his teens trying to live out those years, or an older woman competing with her own daughter in regards to relationships or a 12 year old who is babyish or late-launching Silica type of who is in his/her thirties and takes a while to get a life that his/her peers had way back already in their 20's etc, this is exactly the same thing. If we really delve into it, we are all on a spectrum of development at different stages at different ages. It would be lovely to be 'real' and just acknowledge it and use it for powerful appropriate prescribing to foster true personal and bodily growth and development. I always loved Hahnemann's exhortation to observe and perceive. Utterly fundamental to healing and love of each individual human being and understanding the need of the dynamics. In my observations of kids with severe autism, or Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s the recovery symptom pictures seem to move in reverse order of the autism spectrum itself, so from the severe end diagnostically, all the way through Asperger's at the less severe end, into ADHD and ADD before completely balancing out. So as school re-evaluations get gradually and continually revised, the diagnosis move in progressive order right through the spectrum, without skipping any stages!

Given what we know about the importance of Early Intervention for enabling children to reach optimal outcomes, it is a Social Justice problem as well as an educational and medical one. As professionals, we must do more to provide access to services and resources for young children of color with autism and their families! Every child deserves the best chance to learn, grow, and enjoy life. Every family deserves the support of people who understand and care.

I met many people with a wide range of disabilities and they were intelligent, well-spoken people, who for some reason struggled in the world of college, usually because they were trying to fit their beautiful unique brain into the square hole required for a day in, day out college life. What they had been what now referred as Autism Spectrum Disorder, albeit on the more neurotypical side.

We are surrounded by good people, who were smart and kind and thoughtful, and occasionally capable of causing immense harm to their fellow students because of fear, because they were afraid. And they lashed out, sometimes at those who wished only to help them. But here’s the secret: We’re all afraid. Some of us don’t look like it, but they are. We fear loneliness, rejection, failure, and most of all, one another. Some people say that’s the way people are, that we are mere apes given sentience. I don’t want to believe that. I want to believe that people, every day you and me people, are capable of great things when we work together. But in order to do that, we must not turn a blind eye. We have to solve the little injustices and the big ones. The school bullies and the corporate bullies must fall. If they yell, we must yell louder. We all just want to keep our heads down and hope that someone else will deal with societies problems, but if we all hope that, who will be the one to fight for what’s right?

Homeopathic Remedies for Autism Spectrum Disorder!

Mercurius Solubilis: Many autistic children are mercury poisoned as I understand it; their elimination pathways for mercury are impaired. It’s one of the reasons not to take folic acid in pregnancy, in case the maternal and foetal genetics are such that the folic acid is not converted to folate and blocks receptor sites for folate so that the methylation is hampered.

Saccharum Officinale: A great natural remedy to make a well understanding relation between autistic baby and his family, classmates and teachers. This remedy never fails if the autistic child failed to understand someone feelings.

Tarentula Hispanica: This is a nosode remedy made up from a spider serum; extreme excitement from music is the pet symptom of this remedy. If an autistic baby cannot hold his emotion on listening music, a single dose of Tarentula Hispanica may bring a complete cure.

Hydrogenium: A wonderful remedy, it’s also called the remedy for a beautiful mind. Split personality is one of the most important symptoms of this great remedy. You may read several autism recovery stories under this remedy.

Agaricus Muscarius: Wonderful mushrooms full of health benefits for children who are not responding to learn talk and walk at early ages. Agaricus children are mostly fearless; they can pick dangerous things like insects, electric items without any fear. They live their own wonderland, they used to muttering unusual things and don’t pay attention to their surroundings.

D.N.A: It’s a rare homeopathic remedy but it’s very useful remedy, it must be used in all types of Hyperactivity. This remedy helps to restore the original DNA functionality.

Hyoscyamus Niger: Best suitable remedy for hallucination combined with eating and drinking dysfunction.

Thuja occidentalis: This is the best homeopathic remedy to antidote side effects of any vaccination. In autism, the kid thinks his soul is out of his body and he is getting commands from some superior forces.

Helium: This is recently proved homeopathic remedy and you may don’t get it easily from your local homeopathic stores but, it needs a worth try in such cases where patient lives in an outer world. So many homeopaths claim, they get a 100% success from this remedy in schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders.

Homeopathic treatment shows 100% success rate in autism children, in young adults success rate is not 100% but it bring major improvements. Autism is so common these days it's an epidemic, raising awareness shouldn't be an issue. It's the parents who have to deal with the comments at the same time as they are coming to terms with a life-changing diagnosis and caring for their child with additional needs. I really empathize with them, as practitioner's we need to be the model of the unprejudiced observer and keep our knee jerk comfort phrases to ourselves.

During successful recovery from a severe autism picture, a child's behavior will not be age-appropriate for that child's current age. It will be closer to age-appropriate for that child at the time of the onset of his autism condition, such as 3 years old. So in recovery, the child's healing signs will include the resumption of classical developmental progression, but from that earlier stage where it was previously arrested. This presents unique challenges to our remedy selection process, and for determining which symptoms in the picture are already recovering versus not yet responding and needing additional treatment.


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