Top 10 Health Benefits of Bovine Colostrum for Humans

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Bovine Colostrum got amazing benefits for human health. Colostrum is the first milk any mammal including human, cow, goat, horse produces after giving birth. It is full of antibodies and a lower grade protein that is more easily digested by the newly birthed creature. You need to feed it to them the first 24 hours. You may bring a colostrum product that was supposed to be healthy and natural, to help you with your chronic fatigue or autoimmune disorders. You can try to get a couple ounces to start, now some will take more just depends on, and then every 3 to 4 hours you can feed again. Each time they are stronger and take more. You may keep colostrum a year in the freezer. Just like freezing food, the more care you take with collecting and packaging, the better it will keep. So clean hands or latex gloves on a clean udder, clean bucket or cup or bottle for collection, and clean storage container. A package rated for freezing and tightly sealed against air exchange is a must.

Nowadays if you live in a chaotic lifestyle and want to keep a good health and immunity, it is a quite a difficult task. It is common to suffer in allergies, asthma, depression, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers in such an artificial lifestyle. If you want to avoid these troubles, you need to facilities yourself to seek assistance in nature. One can get rid of these problems by adding a regular exercise, organic foods and natural supplements in your daily life.
Bovine Colostrum Health Benefits 

Top 10 Health Benefits of Bovine colostrum!

Immunoglobulins: This is so essential for proper metabolism functionality; this is an antibody plays an important role against a variety of disorders, including cancer cells.

Lactoferrin: The presence of Lactoferrin in cow colostrum helps to keep red blood cells healthy for long in the body; it also prevents the growth of bacteria and has important antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Lactoferrin plays an important role in all kind of infections, diseases, allergies, cancer, and tumors, suppresses burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Anti-aging properties of cow colostrum make your skin glow and bring an attractive charm in your overall personality.

It provides a regeneration power to stem cells that’s the reason it helps healing wounds so rapidly. Bovine colostrum contains good vitamins for hair health, it also used in various cosmetic products. A regular use of colostrum powder makes your skin healthy and your hair shiny.

Bovine colostrum benefits include rapid muscle development during bodybuilding, in Australia it’s the top ranking and most favorite natural food supplement for all athletes. You may already read several stories and testimonials about colostrum by Australian sportspersons in various newspapers. 

PRP molecules: Cow colostrum contains a group of molecules called PRP: it is a powerful regulator of the immune system.

It boosts up the functionality of pituitary gland, also a useful natural remedy for a powerful memory.

Slowing aging: Natural growth factors are very important for the growth of a child and for general tissue regeneration and wound healing, and the presence of these factors in colostrum are very useful for slowing aging.

Minerals and vitamins: Bovine colostrum is rich in multivitamins and essential minerals and it make the colostrum even more important and health-promoting substances for energy seekers. Vitamin C, B, D, folic acid,  essential minerals such as selenium, sulfur, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and many other makes the colostrum a powerful natural supplement.

The colostrum is available as a dietary supplement in the form of tablets or powder. Naturopaths recommended it mainly for immune support, so it is suitable in cases of frequent bacterial and viral diseases, or if you have any disease which is linked with a weaken immune system. Colostrum is a very valuable natural remedy to provide strength and energy during recuperation or any mental and physical exertion. The use of colostrum is also useful for prevention of gastric ulcers, cancers, tumors, toenail fungus, candida die-off, cardiovascular diseases, chronic infections and troubles of the digestive tract.

Interesting facts about  Bovine Colostrum:
  1. When cows give birth, their first milk is extracted and pasteurized into milk powder for human consumption.
  2. Cow colostrum is 20 times stronger than human colostrum in term of the immune system.
  3. There's so many companies marketing colostrum and claiming to be beneficial. In actual fact, it doesn't do much at all. Though it contains higher antibodies but the antibodies don’t seem to be very active in human bodies.
  4. There is some truth in building immunity with cow's colostrum. Under certain conditions certain children might need it, so let’s not intimidate this life-saving gift of nature. But if your child is healthy why to go for it. In Australia its practitioner only supplements.
  5. Mother Nature perfected human Breast Milk for a human baby, which is also the same reason why formula milk is harder for babies to digest because they are meant for a calf.

Does cow colostrum is good for infants!

Cow colostrum has 15 years history in china market and last year September government just makes a call to ban cow colostrum in infant formula. China used to be the world largest bovine colostrum consumer, what do you think the ministry of health making such a prohibition? Mother's milk is the most natural and nutritious food for baby. Babies fed with breast milk have shown to have a better immune system why need to supplement the baby if a baby is growing well? Human relies too much on technologies and apparently they have forgotten their roots and sadly they not confident in their bodies. But breast milk for sure is the best for your baby as it's not processed. Those milk powder, canned milk or pasteurized milk already processed. Why would we feed our baby processed food at such young age? I don't think a mother's diet will be worse than any processed food out there.

Why would we give human baby a goat's milk? Shouldn't it be human for human? I know your MIL meant well, but sometimes we must take charge, and put your foot down. Be firm and believe in your own principle. This is your baby, and you're the mother. I’m sure you read enough, asked enough and know enough about breastfeeding. To me, colostrum is also milk. It comes from the same tap doesn't it? Difference is, colostrum is the beginning of liquids packed with nutrients designed especially for newborns and the matured milk will come eventually as the baby grows older. That's the basic concept. Well, if you want to read more on that, No goat, cows milk even water or honey back to basic. Mother own milk is the best option for her baby. You give into your milk, or stand firm, it’s your choice, and it’s your baby. Stay strong and happy breastfeeding mom. Hence there are not proven evidence of colostrum supplement side effects yet but still many doubts it cause candida die off.

I am bottle feeding two lambs now. They are 3 weeks old. I go outfeed every 6 hours but getting ready to reduce to 3 feedings. They are eating creep feed and eating hay. They are eating about 12 ounces each feeding. I buy a lamb milk replacer for these feelings. I only use a lamb replacer. There are multi-species replacers available but it is best to stick to lamb only. It is so critical to get the good stuff in them that first 24 hours. They do make powder colostrum too. I also hand milk a few high producing gentle beef cows each calving season and freeze them colostrum to use for any calf too weak to nurse their mother. It's important to make sure each calf receives, at least, a quart of this liquid gold within 12 hours of birth. I have used very old colostrum (2 years) but I make sure the calf also gets a pint or two of fresh even if I have to go to the neighbor's dairy or mug a cow of my own to get it.

We used to rely heavily upon heat lamps and towels to get wet newborns dry, but have since switched to these blankets. The blanket retains the lamb's body heat so that it stays actively looking for the teat instead of just hunched up shivering under a heat lamp. And any shepherd will tell, colostrum is life to a newborn lamb, especially when temperatures dip below freezing. We have found that covering the lambs is less work and more effective for getting lambs through those first critical hours than towel drying and heat lamps, plus safer too. Every year I hear of barn fires caused by heat lamps. Besides that, who wouldn't think a lamb I plaid coat is adorable to boot.

In homeopathy there are several remedies made from animal’s milk including Lion’s milk, Wolf’s milk, Horse’s milk, Lac felinum, Lac caninum, lac defloratum. These are very useful remedies and give great results in several ailments. Hahnemann writes about the importance of good nutrition in healing so I see good nutrition as part of homeopathy. Good nutrition offers the right building blocks for the job. Unfortunately, it's often poor diet and unhealthy thought patterns which create the problem to begin with, so it goes without saying that this is what must change (in addition to using homeopathy) in order to not recreate the original situation. I think what many people fail to understand about Homeopathy is that its capacity to heal cannot always be pinned down or explained logically. It very often just fills and minds all those nebulous gaps and cracks that fall In between various other established methods of cure.


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