Natural Homeopathic Remedies for TMJ Treatment

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You are going to discover most effective natural homeopathy remedies for TMJ treatment, have a look at best-applying  homeopathic natural home remedies for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders.
TMJD treatment is on the lowest tier of medical expertise. There is no consensus of opinion. Nearly all treatment is private and the results are not in the public domain. The information about the results of treatments is not pooled as it should be and we have to rely all too often on anecdotal accounts of 'successes'. The result is that there are many unnecessary casualties of treatments and the same mistakes are repeated and allowed to be repeated. The diagnosis of the asymmetry and imbalance of the two joints should be confirmed. Which joint is lower or at a different position from the other? The asymmetry of the right and left arches be confirmed and the symptoms are correlated. Accordingly, the full arch splint is fabricated with 24 by 7 uses. If pain increases, splint needs to correctly adjust. Splint addresses the hard structure of the skull and jaw. If it is correctly addressed, the soft tissues, muscles, and nerves get balanced, otherwise, it cause more imbalance and more pain. This is the science of future in the medical field.

All joints need to work with the parts in a proper relationship in harmony with muscles. The difference with the TMJ for other joints in the body is that is affected by the position it is forced to be in by how the teeth fit together, So centric relation is an important starting point to bring the jaw joint components into the right position when to start evaluating and treat teeth or no teeth. Centric relation is reference position and this Reference position can be physiologic or deranged reference position. In TMD patients most of the times its deranged reference position!
pressure points for TMJ relief

Causes of TMJ!

  1. Head or Jaw injury
  2. Inflammation of bones or arthritis
  3. Calcium and mineral deficiency
  4. Bad sitting positions
  5. Head or jaw tumor
  6. Internal or external trauma
  7. Chewing hard things for a long time
  8. Chronic sinus problems
  9. Chronic inflammation of ear
  10. Improper teeth treatment

A doctor always starts every case with a Dental and medical history taking Then an extended examinations, impressions of both jaws. Face bow registration and Centric Relation okklusal index and protrusive index. This allows him to cast study models and mount this in an instrument called an articulator in the same. This can copy the patients jaw movements. He also takes x-rays of the TMJ in function and a series OG clinical Photos. All this gathered information is the analyzed. Then one arrives at one or several diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis gather tests may be warranted like MRI. The finding treatment options are discussed with the patient in a separate consultation and the treatment plan is presented. Often this may involve interdisciplinary treatment with chiropractors and physiotherapy. Mostly doctors always start with a reversible type of treatment which usually includes a bite appliance. It is a must to start with a reversible type of treatment. It is pointless to go to an irreversible type of treatment if you cannot treat the patients and get them symptom-free or much-reduced symptoms on a bite appliance. Surgery options bring hope in the patient to get better.

Symptoms of TMJ!

  1. Cannot open the mouth at full.
  2. Unbearable pain in lower or upper jaws
  3. Pain may move to ear canal
  4. Moving pain in eyes, neck, head or shoulders
  5. Cannot chew food easily
  6. Tearing pain may cause numbness in head
  7. TMJ pain is sometimes highly connected with sinus pain, so TMJ in a sinusitis patient is always worst.

There was a relatively recent post expressing concern with the use of the Mini Mitek anchor for disc re-positioning surgery and causing condylysis. The technique is well described by Dr. Wolford and if done correctly on the appropriate case the result is predictable and rewarding. The anchor is not put into the joint compartment and stabilizes the meniscus very efficiently. It is important there is no observable breakdown of the disc or the adjacent articular surfaces as seen on MRI or CT scan. Once this occurs a more radical clean out is required which still usually does well. Identification of other issues including muscle dysfunction is essential and requires treatment as mentioned by the above people. Issues such as sensitivities and breathing problems are clearly not in any way connected to surgery in the TMJ or any other joint in the body. The onset of these problems can occur in people with or without TMJ surgery. I suspect the anchor cases which showed progressive osteolysis had a high inflammatory component and would have deteriorated with or without the surgery. If you have bone loss in your joints I guarantee you you're going to have breathing issues. If you stick a piece of metal in someone's joint, you can't say that "clearly" they are not going to have some kind of reaction to it. To say that the reason that so many Mitek patients are going on to have TJR is because they would have needed TJR anyway is just irresponsible.

Some people out there that have very bad TMJ pain usually in masseter muscles and cheek area, normally they used to get Botox injections into both masseter muscles in the jaw and it seems to help the pain but it left them with large indentations in their cheeks because the Botox caused atrophy to their muscles.

Homeopathic remedies for TMJ treatment!

Rhus toxicodendron: Cracking sensation of joints and there produce a crack sound when chewing something. There feels a betterment when moving jaws.

Granatum: Painful cracking of jaw joint, pain on chewing in last molar, the sensation of dryness in the head.
Magnesia phosphorous: Cold water or cold air always aggravate the pain, rubbing the painful area and heat therapy always give a relief.

Spigelia: Mostly used in left sided Trigeminal neuralgia when there is a pain in the left temple, ear, cheek, eyes, and head.

Arum Triphyllum: Pain in the jaw joint on swallowing.

Cuprum Metallicum: There must be a cramping in face muscles.

Pulsatilla: It is the best remedy for people who like sympathy, its pain start slowly, change positions and it goes suddenly. In most cases of Pulsatilla, there is very little or no thirst.

Plantigo Major: Another great remedy for TMJ, its pain started from upper or lower jaws and spread towards ear and temple, there could be a boring pain tooth as well.

Arnica Montana: If pain after a head or jaws injury, do not forget to use Arnica.

Ruta Graveolens: Ruta is the most important homeopathic remedy for TMJ, if jaws left their position or patient feeling pain in chewing food and unable to open his mouth fully, it could be cured with few doses of Ruta 200.

The hard faced fact is that there is a massive lacking of evidence to support these claims between posture and occlusion. There may well be truth to connections between occlusion and posture, in fact, I'm certain there are interactions. So for the sake of arguments let’s just assume there is a causal link. This leads to asking why the evidence is lacking. The answer is quite simply the complexity makes it very difficult to investigate. Now take any complex disorder in medicine you will find a difficultly to investigate which translates as a difficulty to clinically manage. Our only hope lies in the progress of knowledge in these fields. How much attention do you think is being applied to this field? The unfortunate truth is that it is at such low levels it is wide open to charlatans making ridiculous claims with the selective anecdotal evidence to boot. The reality is we are decades plus away from having a good enough understanding of even the basic science so practitioners in this field need to develop some humbleness if you want to have some credibility. There is absolutely no way that anyone has a predictable protocol so the risk of doing damage with irreversible therapies is high.

One thing that I am certain about homeopathy is the great success rate. This is the reason why the people who believe it the most always got highest success rates. You could audit homeopathy Temporomandibular Joint Disorders treatment results and you will see the amazing trend of success is so high with-centric therapy. So this is actually a positive thing.

Be aware of a doctors and dentists that PROMISE anything. What should be given: Informed consent, with risks, benefits, pros/cons, because ANY medical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical ailment is multi-factorial, and hence, to guarantee or promise something is impossible in Allopathic treatment or surgery because they observe the whole organ not  the whole patient but in homeopathy we deal with the whole patient including his feelings, personality, and disorders. What our patients need is our "promise" of ethical and genuine care, to the best of our abilities, as we are not created equal in our skills or knowledge or experience. Honesty is the best policy and in homeopathy we can offer our patients HOPE.


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