What is Suppression and Cure in Homeopathy

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There is a widespread opinion that while the use of creams with corticosteroids to control the symptoms of eczema has the negative effect on the human organism leading to its further deterioration that can manifest as serious internal disorders like asthma, epilepsy or whatever, the same use of creams that are "from nature" like cannabis cream, zinc ointments, etc has no side effects and there is no risk of development of serious chronic diseases. In the same way, a lot of people understand easily that the removing of chronic warts can lead to more serious problems but they think at the same time that the elimination of warts of infectious origin, the child can "catch" in the swimming pool is alright and it is not real suppression. Similar phenomena we can see in acute diseases and its "treatment" with antibiotics, that a very few people consider as a suppression having a strong negative effect on the human´s health as the antibiotics are widely accepted as a treatment focused on cause of such disease which are bacteria’s Or they don’t?

What is the meaning of suppression?
We can define suppression as an elimination of symptoms which the organism (its defense mechanism) manifests as a result of an internal disorder. Suppression happens always when we succeed in such effort of elimination of local symptoms without treatment of whole person, no matter whether we use chemical or natural drugs (e.g. cannabis cream for "cure" of eczema). In such a case the patient get a substance that does not allow the organism to continue with the same symptomatology that has produced so far and which it needs to produce to keep its best level of balance. We have to realize that these symptoms are not disease but rather final manifestation of the internal disturbance.

This internal disturbance not only stays there untouched after any kind of suppression but the defense mechanism loses the possibility to keep the homeostasis in the same way (e.g. eczema) and is forced to find another way, which is deeper (e.g. asthma). It is obvious that this kind of practice has nothing to do with the real cure although it is called "a cure" in the conventional practice. We can say that the previous disorder is remaining in the organism without any change but its manifestation has been modified by the strong chemical agents and becomes more serious. The "new disease" is not new but the different manifestation of the old one. This new manifestation is more serious and has stronger impact on the life of the person, giving him more limitation for creation, happiness and physical comfort. The life of such patient is more limited and more "in danger". Now it is clear that any substance (even from nature), if it is able to suppress the symptoms of particular person, only modify the disease without any real cure and on the other hand it makes it more serious. The fact whether the substance has an ability to suppress the symptoms of particular person or not depends on the strength of his defense mechanism. The stronger the defense mechanism is, the stronger substance must be used to be able to suppress the symptoms to great extent and vice versa. In weak organisms we can witness very mild substances (natural ones) to be "strong enough" to suppress the defense mechanism and lead the patient to further degeneration.

Bacteria’s and viruses - the cause or the result of the diseases?
One of the most frequently asked questions concerning the suppression are the use of the antibiotics. This "treatment" is widely considered not only as the right one but as one of the best possible treatments which is available now by modern medicine. The idea behind the concept of antibiotics is that the antibiotics are strictly focused on the treatment of cause of infectious diseases - bacteria’s. The conventional concept is: "killing the bacteria’s means the cure of the disease". This concept represents one of the main differences between homeopathy and allopathy. While the modern medicine considers the bacteria and viruses as a cause of infectious diseases (Dr. L. Pasteur´s theory), homeopathy considers the bacteria’s and viruses to be a result of an internal disturbance which always preceded the emergence of such microorganisms (Dr. A. Bechamp´s theory).
When the organism is disordered, there are stress related hormones which are responsible for producing toxic substances and creating so a "suitable ground" for many microorganisms which get a chance now to multiply themselves to a significant extent, no matter if these microorganisms are endogenous ones, living in the body for a long period of time in certain extent and now getting a chance to multiplying or those which now can enter the organism from the outside due to suitable ground inside.

This suitable ground is the necessary condition giving the organism the ability to be infected. When this happens and the quantity of such microorganisms reach a critical point, the defense mechanism activates the immune system which launch the defense reaction with only one purpose - to restore health and balance. This process is called an inflammation.

This restoration has to be understood as a complex process which is going much far beyond the killing of bacteria’s only but also detoxifying the organism as a whole. The mission of the acute disease with high fever is a complex restoration of health including elimination of bacteria and viruses. If the acute disease is treated properly and the symptoms are not suppressed, the person feels rejuvenated after such treatment as the correct treatment will support the organism to finish its mission of restoration of health. If we give an antibiotic in such a case, the inflammation which is needed for organism to be completed in order to restore health is now suppressed by the strong drugs and at the same time the organism is poisoned. The purpose of overall restoration could not be accomplished by the defense mechanism as the inflammation has been suppressed and although the bacteria’s are killed, the suitable ground in the organism remains untouched and immune system is strongly weakened due to suppression. Because this first acute has not been cured properly and was suppressed, organism could not complete its original purpose and soon we will see another similar acute, giving us the information that the organism is trying again to accomplish the original mission.
We will see again and again the re-occurrence of the same or similar acute diseases as soon as the organism get a necessary power to "try it again" with the purpose of restoring health. When another antibiotic is given, the whole process is repeating until the amount of antibiotics will prostrate the organism to such degree, that the defense mechanism is not able to produce acute inflammation with high fever anymore and that is the time when we see the occurrence of serious chronic disturbances. The exact type of disease is highly dependent on genetic predispositions of the particular person. At this time the parents and physicians will consider the child "more healthy" due to disappearance of acute inflammations giving the false idea of "good immune system" and new chronic complaints will be defined as not related to a present treatment.

This "new chronic disease" is actually nothing new, but chronic continuation of original inflammation that has never been really cured. If this child is treated homeopathically for this chronic problems correctly, as soon as the organism reach a better level of health, it will manifest as a reappearance of original acute inflammation while the chronic complaints will keep subsiding. That is why the reappearance of high fever due to the course of homeopathic treatment is so important.

Allopathic principles from homeopathic point of view!
The father of homeopathy Dr. S. Hahnemann in his Organon (§35-38) gives us an explanation how two dissimilar diseases effect on each other in the human organism. This is an exact way how the conventional medicine is working. Hahnemann says that if somebody is suffer from certain disease and get another one which is stronger and dissimilar in its symptoms to previous one, this new stronger disease will suppress the original disease, which appears again as soon as the new, stronger disease is gone. Does it sound difficult? Let us give a few examples which are known to all of us.  Let us imagine a person who suffers from hay fever, an allergic coryza. We can define this coryza as a swelling of nasal mucous due to allergic response to allergen which result in reduction of air passages, prevent the person to breathe freely by the nose. What is the cure in medicine? Nasal drops causing the opposite state (dissimilar artificial disease) namely contraction of vessels in nasal mucosa causing insufficient blood supply of the nasal mucosa causing its thinning. The "cure" will be "successful" as long as the dose of the drops will be stronger then original disease but as soon as the effect of the drops (and the artificial disease caused by it) will be gone, the original allergic coryza will come back again but worse than it was as it was not cured but only suppressed. Same is true with laxative causing diarrhea, anti hypertensive drugs causing hypertension, antibiotics, corticosteroids, etc.

We can treat uppermost layer that is formed by intense local symptoms and this remedy does not affect mental and emotional level but this is not a partial prescription. This is prescription of similimum (remedy exactly matches with uppermost layer) but means that:
1) Patient is healthy in mental or emotional level.
2) Patient belongs to lower levels and need more than one remedy to be prescribed for a cure to be completed including mental or emotional level.
3) Mental or emotional level is going to be better later as the organism needs more time to general improvement.

One of the most important homeopaths of all times Dr. J. T. Kent wrote in his Materia medica that internal diseases must be treated internally and local ones has to be treated locally. But local ones are not the ones that are manifested locally but which have a local cause like bruises, broken bones, etc. In such troubles the local treatment is not only needed but often most effective. Of course it does not mean that we cannot treat the organism with internal medicines especially if the local problems has an overall effect on the organism but it means that local treatment in such cases is beneficial and having no side effect. In all other diseases it is necessary to take the whole state of the person including mental and emotional in order to treat him properly and the classical homeopathy is the method which is most effective way how to reach this goal.

By: Petr Zacharias


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