Homeopathic Remedies for Typhoid Fever

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Symptoms of typhoid fever are different in different persons, so in homeopathic treatment we choose a unique remedy for each person who got typhus fevers or any fever and off course we can use a homeopathic medicine for prevention of typhoid. I do not know how many of us are confidently able to treat the cases of typhoid, malaria and other latest varieties of fever in homoeopathy. But, when I was a homoeopathic student, I remember that my fellow homoeopathic students used to get admitted in allopathic wards for their typhoid or malarial fevers and no one was ever embarrassed themselves for such an inability of homoeopathists. If it continues in any homoeopathic college still, then we should admit either the inability of our homoeopathic system or lack of knowledge and courage of the homoeopathists themselves.
Homeopathic Remedies for Typhoid Fever

However, such an idea of allopathic treatment for homoeopathic students ruins the confidence of the beginners and makes them dubious about the efficiency of homoeopathic medicines. What they learned from their teachers this kind will be followed by their students in future, which subsequently spoil the good name of homoeopathy among the general public.

I have cured a typhoid case within 4 days and another one within a week. Usually I cure fever cases within 2 days at the maximum. If the time exceeds and the prognosis is bad, then I send them to get lab reports and the case must be cured within a week; No matter even if we name it typhoid or malaria, because, we prescribe based on characteristic symptoms; not with the name of the disease. Why then, do we need lab reports?

It is merely to keep evidences and to prove the efficiency of homoeopathic medicines on typhoid fever. We could cure typhoid fever even at very beginning or prodromal stage if similimum was given in right potency. On the other hand, you may know how other system of medicines complicate the enteric fever cases and make them bed-ridden for several weeks. Finally, I must say that there are great many homoeopathists deeply studied our Materia medica but lacks the courage to deal the complicated cases and from where to learn this courage? According to my little knowledge, I can say that some stalwarts can give us this courage from their writings. But, Nothing can replace as good as Dr.E.B.Nash's writings.

Of course, Young homoeopathists need practical experiences under the guidance of successful homoeopathic practitioners. Some are lucky to have such experiences and most of the others do not get such opportunities. For such young practitioners, Dr.E.B.Nash's writings will be the greatest gift and it gives confidence to the physicians who lack self-grit. Dr.E.B.Nash's Unique way of explaining his cases and asserting the reliable symptoms of each remedy brings courage to the young physicians especially when they deal complicated cases.

I got my copy of “Leaders in typhoid fever" few weeks back and completely read them in my free time. His book gave me enthusiasm to write these issues in this forum. Homoeopaths, who already read most of the remedies from Nash’s homoeopathic therapeutics, eventually will enjoy reading his little book on typhoid fever and it must be a good opportunity to re-validate ourselves in the path of treating fever cases and to check how classically we do our daily practice in our clinic. Although he named his book “Typhoid fever", he gives primary importance to the symptomatology and not a least importance to the name of the fever or disease. Yet, He explains how to cure the typhoid fever at beginning in prodromal stage, and when prognosis goes bad , then he details the list of remedies and its reliable indications for pneumonia-typhus, cerebral-typhus, Hemorrhagic typhus, liver and abdominal complications in typhoid .

He explains in this little book how he cured the complicated cases of typhoid fever such as epistaxis in typhoid, stupor in typhoid, Jaundice in typhoid, etc., most of his complicated typhoid cases explained in his book was previously mal-treated by other physicians and handed over to him lately.
So, you must be lucky if you completely read the book "Leaders in typhoid fever" and I can say that Reading this little book is more valuable than attending 100 homoeopathic seminars.
I write down below the symptoms of the most frequently used homoeopathic remedies in cases of fever which are confirmed as most reliable by Dr.E.B.Nash's 40 years of practical experiences and also from my private practice. I give it in Gist, but Reading it from the book “Leaders in Typhoid fever" will be much interesting and mind-boggling.

Homeopathic remedies for typhoid fever!

Aconite: Hectic, dry heat, Increased thirst, No sweat, A/f: Fear (My experience : A/f fear, With this symptom, I have cured every case of fever this kind, with in 2 hrs to within a day; preferably 200 or 1M. Other symptoms are mere accompanied symptoms)

Belladonna: Head heat and palm and foot cold (Arnica, opium) , thirst less, red tongue, Hectic fever, sweat on covered parts.(I have cured almost all of this kind with belladonna; invariably I use to feel the palm and head in order to verify this symptom of bell and I must give high potency for the rapid cure especially if the case comes from allopathist's hand. However, I never gave above 10 m in cases of fever)

Bell: In Delirium or stupor accompanied with fever, sleepy but cannot sleep, or jumping or starts from sleep when awakening or falling into sleep ( with above mentioned belladonna symptoms)

Baptisia: Brownish tongue, offensive smell from the mouth, Dark and offensive urine, Fever with stupor, answers partially to the question at stupor, delusion his limbs are speaking to each other, Restless mind with lifeless body, Bed feels hard and the part rested upon feel sore and bruised (Arnica) (However, Nash in his leaders in typhoid fever details to give it in initial stage of typhoid if symptoms suits)

Rhustox: Body pain amel. By movement, Thirst: Increased, Red tip tongue, A/f getting wet.
Bryonia: Dry tongue with increased thirst for large quantity of water, Head ache with stitching pain amel by pressure. Constipation, Dry, Hard, painful stool after much strain, body pain for a least movement;

Arnica: Bed feels hard and the part rested upon feel sore and bruised, head hot and body cold. Stupor, answers completely before falling into sleep. Sometimes with symptoms of unnoticed urine and stool!

Gelsemium: Trembling while walking or moving; Thirst less during chills; Low graded fever; prostration; weakness; A/f bad news or shock.
Apis Mellifica: Thirst less during fever, whining and trembling, Stupor, apathy interrupted by sharp screams due to pain.

Helleborus: Stupor, with foolish staring; wide opened eyes; apathy, dilated pupils, Insensitive to light

Zinc-met: Trembling of the whole body which shakes the bed. With fever or stupor or jerks during complete unconsciousness of mind.

Pulsatilla Nigricans: Even warm room feels cold, chilly, dry tongue with thirstlessness, Offensive smell in the mouth, body pain amel, By motion, Yellowish or greenish, profuse nasal discharge or expectoration.

Nux Vomica: Main indication, verified in my experience, is that patient comes to clinic with covering, Hence wants to be covered, cannot bear least uncovering; seemingly quite common in cases of fever, though cures the patient quickly when prescribing Nux-v with this indication. In my short experience, Hepar Sulphuris worsen the case if prescribed based on this hyper-sensitivity. Besides, Dirty tongue, bitter taste in the mouth and constipation confirms the remedy.

Arsenic album: May not be used often in cases of fever from Nash’s point of view and from my own experience. (But used frequently by many physicians?) But nothing can full-fill its service when required.
Burning heat with thirst in sips, burning eyes, coryza with chills, sensation as if, hot water is running in vein, wants to be covered. Prostration and weakness; Inner heat with external cold (it’s opposite to Secale Cornutum)

Secale Cornutum: Chills, weakness, usually below normal temperature, hence the objective and subjective coldness will be predominant. Inner coldness with external burning sensation, hence patient feels both sensations together within himself. However, Chills, yet wants to be uncovered are the striking indication for the prescription. (Camphor)

Camphor: Sinking of vital force, scanty sweat, coldness of the body, wants to be uncovered during chills (sec-cor) usually unconscious of surroundings. It is one of the lives saving drug indeed.
Carbo Vegetabilis: Sinking of vital force, Coldness of whole body, with sweat, cyanosis, bluish discoloration of the face and lips, Air hunger. First remedy to think to save the life of dying patient; but symptoms should match to prescribe it.

Veratrum Album: Profuse sweat in the forehead and nose, pointed and cold nose, Ailments from lack of vital fluids, profuse diarrhea and vomiting, sinking vital force, cold sweat with coldness of the body. Violent mania, lascivious mania, Religious mania.

Stramonium: Singing, whining, screaming, praying, Religious mania, LOQUACIOUS, whistling, jerks the head from the bed during stupor, Delirium alternates with stupor like bell and Hyoscyamus Niger.

Hyoscyamus Niger: Deep stupor, with delusion of insects or stupor, speaking to the persons who are absent. Stupor more pronounced like opium.

Opium: Stupor, benumbed senses, No response to the external stimulus. Incontinence of urine and constipation, blackish stool, Says, Nothing ails him or he is fine during stupor; Delirium, wants to go home, profuse sweat, stertorous breathing. (My experience: cured a stupor patient; who was about to die)

Cina: Stiffened body while unconscious or in fits, A/f Reprimand, Head cold and palm and foot heat, frequently rubbing or picking the nose, circumscribed redness of the cheek (Sangunaria) (My experience: I have cured 2 unconscious children who were brought by their parents. They had history of epilepsy with prolonged allopathic medicinal abuse. They became conscious after few doses of Cina 200. I have used Cina more often than Chamomilla.)

Phosphoricum Acidum: stupor, apathy, indifference; unaware of the surroundings, using wrong words during stupor, A/f loss of vital fluids, Milky urine, Diarrhea. Nux-m: Stupor, sense of duality; sensation as if, he has two head or he is two person, DRY TONGUE, TONGUE STICKS TO THE PALATE, SENSATION AS IF, COTTON IN THE MOUTH, YET NO THIRST. (My experience: 80 year old man was cured from his stupor with this indication; His relatives lost the hope of his recovery; yet, Nux-m brought him back to life within a week)

Melilotus Alba: Fever with epistaxis; redness of the face. (Nash has cured a typhoid case with this indication)

Arum Triphyllum: Raw, red, even bloody lips and/or mouth, picking and boring the raw surfaces though painful and burning. (My experience: In such cases, we could see peeled off skin in the lips, raw and ulcerated lips; this could be cured by Arum Triphyllum 200 within a day if symptoms suit; Dr. Nash has cured a case of typhoid fever with this symptom alone).

Chelidonium majus: Yellow coated tongue like gold, yellowish eyes, Yellowish urine and stool, with pain in the right lower angle of scapula.

Leptandra virginica: Dark fetid tarry stools mixed with blood and mucus.

Mercurius: Increased thirst with increased salivation, Chills with profuse sweat. Sweat aggravates her complaints; aggravation at night;

Mur-acid: Moaning during fever, Thirst-less during heat (opp. gels), sliding down in bed from excessive weakness. Tongue dry, Leathery and shrunken, Stool involuntary while passing urine. (My experience: I have cured a case of typhoid with this indication; Moaning - This symptom appeared on 5th day of typhoid in this case. Mur-acid 200 was given on the same day. The little baby got cured completely on 7th day)

1. You can order this book through cash on delivery from flipkart or Amazon.
2. I recommend you to read from hard copy rather than reading through online. Hence, you will feel like reading sincerely.
3. Some peoples do not feel comfort in reading "Expanded works of E.B Nash" since it lacks original style and configuration of his writings. Hence, I recommend peoples to own his each work individually.

4. My suggestion: We should add Nash writings in our curriculum since he teaches Organon and Materia medica hand in hand.


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