Schizophrenia Treatment with Homeopathic Remedies

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Are you interested in schizophrenia treatment natural remedies? Homeopathic treatment can be used for a wide range of physical and mental illnesses and are often used as an alternative to modern psychiatric techniques and expensive medication. In homeopathic treatment, homeopaths consider the patient as a whole person and take a full family background history of certain disorders or constitution into account in determining the causes. Patients with a diagnosis of mental illness may seek homeopathic treatment to trim down the addiction of allopathic medication and abolish the uninvited side effects of prescription drugs.

Homeopathic remedies can be very useful to treat various symptoms of schizophrenia. Stramonium, aconite, belladonna and Helleborus are recommended for feelings of acute mind catastrophe. Depression and suicidal tendencies can be treated with Natrum Sulph, Arsenic Album, Staphysagria, Calc carb, Aurum Mur and Aurum met. In patients with flat affect, a homeopath can prescribe Pulsatilla, sepia or Anacardium. Hyoscyamus Niger is a homeopathic remedy which is highly suggested for hallucinations and hearing strange voices. Let’s take a look at some useful alternative medication for schizophrenic patients.
homeopathic remedies schizophrenia

Symptoms of schizophrenia!
Confused thinking and speech
Forgetful mind
Disordered thinking
Catatonic behavior
Mood swing
Suicidal attempts

Natural home based treatment for schizophrenia!
Vitamins and minerals:
Another alternative treatment of schizophrenia disorder is to take targeted vitamins and minerals, a pathological test could show the deficiency of required vitamins and minerals in your body. These vitamins are available in most healthy food stores. Vitamins B3, B6, B12, C, iron, folic acid, calcium, and omega 3 fatty acids are highly suggested for the treatment of a variety of symptoms of schizophrenia. Homeopathic remedies used for mineral deficiency include selenium, manganese, Silicea, Ferrum Met, zinc, and dolomite.

Herbs and flower remedies
Herbal remedies can also be found in health food stores and Ayurvedic herbal stores and are used as vitamins and minerals. Fagonia Arabica, St. John's wort, hydrocotyle, ginseng, pennyworth and ginkgo Biloba are just some of the commonly used herbal alternative in the treatment of schizophrenia. Flowers and leaves such as cherry or plum, white chestnut, Spearmint and rosemary, chestnut, mint, rock rose and apple can also be used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Acupuncture is a great and scientifically proved medication method used by Chinese over centuries, these traditional techniques could heal general disabilities, pains generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks, so schizophrenia.

Some homeopaths may also recommend the use of aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of schizophrenia, particularly anxiety and depression. The massage of essential oils, e.g. basil, sage, chia seeds, geranium, tea tree oil, olive oil, lavender, coconut, chamomile, and rose, can be very useful for patient's body.

The shift from drugs:
Homeopathic treatment usually requires patients to switch from the use of standard drugs for the treatment of schizophrenia, so patients moving toward homeopathic alternatives should reduce the medication dose slowly but surely. Patients may also get benefit from psychiatric therapy and psycho- education classes, in which they and their families can learn how to develop an encouraging atmosphere for patient to relieve the symptoms of schizophrenia.

What are the causes of schizophrenia?
Still scientists and researchers are unable to find out core causes of schizophrenia, they just only able to identify a first gene which could cause this disorder, but a hard working homeopath could identify the causes of any disorder including schizophrenia. Like a woman could be a schizophrenic patient if she got sexually abused in her childhood.

Homeopathic treatment is very helpful in a variety of chronic disorders, i.e. long-lasting disease. Using homeopathy can act as both symptomatically, i.e. particularly against assured symptoms of the syndrome, and analyzing the whole body according to constitutional medicine. Homeopathy helps in infectious diseases of various kinds of pain, such as headaches, kidney infection, problems with your neck, toothache, muscular pains, flu, high fever, joint pains. With homeopathy, one can also successfully treat certain types of schizophrenia, mental irritability, anxiety disorders and various phobias.

Homeopathic therapy is definitely is our future medication system not only for humans but for animals too. Many experts believe that it will be one of the cheapest and effective therapies for the twenty-first century. We have been trained so far from the hundreds of good homeopathic doctors. We must realize and admit that homeopathy is the only elixir of life and a cure for everything. On the other hand, it also has its contraindications, for example, untreated various genetic diseases such as mongolism, various severe congenital heart diseases, by birth-blindness, advanced metastatic cancer, total exhaustion, and obviously death. It does not cure a broken leg but help after surgery. It could not do a root canal but heal decay teeth, so it is important for a patient to follows homeopathic medicines prescribed by his doctor.

Many experts believe that schizophrenia is not a disease. Those who know something about cerulean crystal children or angels, ghost attacks, devil salvation, those who know about human consciousness, frequencies, and planets, they know that live in the current society is not easy, especially for those sensitive individuals. Such people are strong enough to fight with the outside world and maintain a clear view on the border between two worlds, the world of the inner and outer world. Due to many factors, these are not according to current science, so we have schizophrenia. 

Homeopathic remedies for schizophrenia!
There are a lot of remedies may use in homeopathy to cure a schizophrenic patient because in homeopathy we do not look at a disease but we analyzing the whole patient and all medicines are prescribed according to his symptoms, but we always give preference to mental symptoms. I am going to disclose some important remedies that are showing very favorable results for schizophrenic patients.

Cocculus Indicus: Disposition to take everything in bad part and to be angry.

Aconite Napellus: Fearful anticipation of approaching death; predicts the day he is to die. Fear of specters and dark.

Veratrum Album: Tired of life, but fear of dying. Strong tendency to be frightened and timidity. Insanity with singing, whistling, laughing, the inclination to run from places to place. Thinks herself pregnant, or that she will be delivered soon. Swallowing his own excrement.

Cannabis Indica: Delirium tremendous, trembling, hallucinations, tendency to become furious, nausea. Thinks himself to be Christ or emperor.

Platinum Metallicum: Thinks she stands alone in the world. The delusion of the senses, feeling as of being too large and on the contrary, all other things and persons seem to be too small and too low.

Hyoscyamus: Delirium without consciousness does not know anybody. Delirium tremendous sees ghosts, demons, etc. impulse to kill her own child, her husband on seeing a knife. Fear of being betrayed or poisoned.

Stramonium: Furious loquacious delirium. The boy seems to see black people, black clouds and grasps at air. Saw people coming out all corners, feel that he is in his own grave.

Thuja: As if a strange person were at his side as if the soul were separated from the body; as if the body especially the limbs were of glass and would break easily, as if a living animal were in the abdomen. Getting orders from dead souls, think someone controlling his mind.

Mental disorders have many shapes and forms, such as various phobias, anxiety, mood swings , low self-esteem , fearfulness , dual personality, sadness of disappointed love or grief, anger , fear of death, hallucination, rage , aggressive behavior , childish behavior, attention deficit behavior in children , tantrums and anger or crying and self-deprecation, manic depression , suicidal self-injury , multiple personality , schizophrenia.

The causes of these mental illnesses are very different and unknown sometimes. Undoubtedly hereditary tendency and family history play an important role, as well and the environment in which the person lives, his lifestyle, family background, profession, society, etc.

There are so many successfully cured cases of schizophrenia treated homeopathic-ally. Homeopathy makes it possible to treat severe psychiatric disorders, but it requires a very experienced homeopath and often a good partnership between doctor and patient. Finally, I would like to encourage all those who suffer from fear, anxiety, depression, or another form of psychological problems, there is no need to hesitate, and fix an appointment with a well-reputed homeopath. When the soul hurts, it does not see, but it is much worse than when it hurts the body and homeopathy first cure the painful soul. The world is beautiful and worth living without fear.


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