Crying Baby Nightmares and Homeopathy – Cure Case

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Baby girl 3 years old, started to having sleeping problems when mother got pregnant. Together with sleeping disturbances she has hysterical states. Sleep: she is not able to fall asleep in account of restlessness and after 1-2 hours falls asleep and sleep continues until 1-2 AM and then again it takes 2 hours to get back to sleep. During the night she screams and don’t want to be touched by anyone except mother most probably on account of nightmares. Mother answered on my question that she is very sensitive to pain. She is very careful concerning herself and has a tremendous fear of doctors (3). She also have seborrhea and eczema but with no significant itching.

Follow-up one month after the remedy: Mother sent me an email: The state of my daughter is 100% better in all aspects. She does not have any temper tantrums, she is obedient and even likes to be kissed and fondled. In the night she sleeps very well without any nightmares. She is just perfect.

Let's see the treatment!

I gave Arnica and cured the child. Cina does not cover symmetrical eruptions and the child does not have any confirmatory symptoms of Cina like scratching, rubbing of nose, knee chest position, voracious appetite, grinding of teeth, etc....

Yes I can see it. I am using Synthesis and the addition of Arnica, Ign and Phos coming from George Vithoulkas. It is a big problem as the repertories are not complete or on the other hand there are a lot of remedies wrongly. The best way is not to put emphasis too much to repertory but study Materia medica. Without study of Materia medica one cannot take cases.

Case by: Dr Petra Zach


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