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  1. I'm a 34 year old male with ITP, diagnosed in 2005 after a regular blood analysis. Conventional therapy didn't do anything, except for making me really sick, whereas I was just fine before all the poison. They put me on 90mg of cortisone 3 times a day and I nearly killed myself because of the horrible effects.

    I then made the mistake od just quitting it, without tapering off. That's been years now, and my platelet count stabilized using chinese medicine, but still isn't where it should be.

    ever since the prednisone, I've got a red tomato face, hot flahes, constant anxiety, extreme daytime sweating (winter, summer: all the same), bald patches on my head, IBS and severe exhaustion. It took me years to realize that these complaints are actually the same as cortisone side-effects.

    I would like to get rid of all that and then read cortisone is actually used in homeopathy for exactly that.

    What can you good people suggest that I do/take?

  2. Recent studies show that specific areas of brain are activated or deactivated when specific traditional Chinese acupuncture points are needled. The acupuncture-mississauga effect is highly predictable.

  3. any contact no or email address??
    My mother is sufferring from chronic ITP. Plz help!!

  4. dear doctor, one patient is having thrombosis in left wrist. please suggest medicine for that patient

  5. dear doctor, one patient is having thrombosis in left wrist. please suggest medicine for that patient

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  7. Hello,

    I am 33yrs old Male. From last one year i am suffering from TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) on the left side of my face. But from last 5-6 weeks, its bothering me allot. Some time the pain is so unbearable that only a strong pain killer is the only help. My physician has prescribed me to eat healthy, do exercise and use painkiller if the pain worsen. Looks like there is no proper cure for TMJ. Went to dentist, ENT and Eye doctor - no issues.

    Problem - Left side, pain start from the jaw joint and goes all the way down to back of the neck. Constant pain. Pain near eyes and head. Pain and sensitivity in left tooth's. If i eat from the left side of mouth, pain worsens.

    Other issues - Restless sleep, stress on little issues, lack of concentration in office work. Anger of little issues, tiredness, lower back pain on the left side.

    Please suggest me some homeopathic medicine which can cure the problem completely. Email me at

  8. Hi sir am from chennai, tamilnadu, am 35yr old female with ITP, undergoing treatment for past 2yrs it's diagnosed in my pregnancy 2015. Dr. Prescribed me wyslone tab then he stopped and given other tablet now am having dapsone tablet with folivite and neurobion fort tablet's.
    There is any treatment in homeopathy if there kindly suggest me. Am totally feed up in allopathic medicine I can't take medicine in life long.

    Please guide and suggest me.

    My mail I'd:


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