Homeopathic Remedy Bergenia Ciliata Tincture Medicinal Uses

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Bergenia Ciliata mother tincture is a new remedy testing in India, giving very favorable results for the treatment of intestine and stomach chronic ulcers and renal calculi, beside it there is a wide range of its health benefits. Bergenia ciliata an evergreen ancient herb of Tibet and Nepal region belongs to the family Saxifragaceae species such as Bergenia stracheyi and Bergenia ligulata. In recent studies and research made by western scientists on this amazing plant brings a lot of interesting facts, even some experiments on rats prove it a miraculous herb. Bergenia ciliata mother tincture also added in homeopathic pharmacy in recent years and now it is widely used worldwide for its medicinal uses.

What are the medicinal uses Bergenia ciliata?

Medicinal importance of Bergenia ciliata is well recognized by various herbalists and scholars.  Here is a comprehensive list of this herb for various medicinal uses, though it is already proved an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-scorbutic, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic plant.

What are the common names of Bergenia ciliata?

Zakham-e-Hayat, Bud Mawa, Kodiya, Pashanbheda, cordifolia, Haw are the local names of Bergenia in India and Pakistan regions.

In what health conditions Bergenia ciliata is useful?

  1. It is very useful for all types of stomach and intestine ulcers like duodenal and peptic ulcers.
  2. It is the best natural treatment for Helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) infections.
  3. Haw roots tea is very beneficial for treating kidney infections and kidney stones.
  4. In Chronic kidney disease, its alcohol-free fresh extract of the whole plant gives the promising treatment.
  5. It has a significant effect on blood platelets, in low platelets, it could be used as a first aid remedy. Locally use to treat dengue fever in remote areas.
  6. Its blood cleansing properties detox the body from various toxic effects, hence it is a proven remedy to treat acne and pimples in young girls and guys.
  7. Various experiments on rats proved it a great aid for diabetes rheumatoid arthritis cases.
  8. This wonder plant is a natural way to cure Lichen Planus permanently.
  9. Enlarged spleen comes in a normal size if it is caused by malarial fevers or some digestive issues.
  10. Its antioxidant properties stand this herb in the line of first-grade anticancer herbal remedies.
  11. In Nepal, mountain people used Bergenia tea to treat ear and throat infections.

What are the Habit and Habitat of Bergenia?

Usually, its plant is up to 40 to 50 cm tall, it is found in moderate, cold, sub-alpine and alpine earth zones.
What are the taxonomic features of Bergenia plant?
You can only discover this herb on rocky soil; it refuses to grow on plain soil. Its leaves are bit flabby and hairy, red spots sometimes visible on dark green leave. Seeds are found in brown color, flowers giving a pink and white shade under sunlight.

What part of this plant used in medicines?
The whole plant is very useful for treating various diseases; the root is used for kidney issues, leaves, flower, and stem for serious gastric disease and cancers.

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Best Homeopathy Treatment to Cure Cancer

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Do you know homeopathy is saving hundreds of cancer patient all around the world with a promising cure? Everyone is so intent on killing cancer when that is not the correct philosophy. There are many things that can kill cancer cells but no one; I mean NOONE is addressing why did the body allow cancer to manifest in the first place? Going after cancer with cannabis, apricot seeds B17, baking soda etc, might rid the body of it but it still does not cure it because there is an underlying cause that still needs to be addressed. A classical homeopath actually can cure cancer because he fixes the underlying cause at the deepest levels so cancer will not return. It’s actually rather simple to fix depending on what stage the patient is in. Homeopathy has reversed cancer in people that had less than 30 days to live with just one remedy that fixes the immune system. If the body allowed cancer, then you have to fix why the body allowed it so it can reverse it. Don't discount the intelligence of the human body once it has the correct fuel to operate at peak performance.
Homeopathy cancer treatment

Homeopathy is the Best Cancer Cure

Being acidic is a symptom of the underlying cause. It has to do with the electrical system and polarity of the body that causes it. When we get stressed out it disconnects us from the magnetic of the universe and fries our nervous system which in turn makes the immune system attack itself. Fix the magnetic polarity of the body and it will fix cancer on its own. If you look at the simplicity of it, we are all magnetic beings that are what connects us to everything. If our magnetic is off, we are prone to disease. I've seen people use Reiki and other healing modalities to fix polarity but the treatments only last a couple hours before the polarity goes back to reverse. One has to use high electrically unprocessed herbs to charge the body back up and fix this issue. It has to be done at the level of our DNA spiral. In homeopathy, we do not diagnose a patient with a cancer of colon, lungs, intestine, breast, kidney, liver or blood cancer but we look at the patient as a whole.

Once cancer is metastasized into our body it cannot be cured by medical science. That is why in medical world the survival rate is given of five years. They never say that patient will be cancer free in metastatic condition.
Only IN SITU (Cancer at one place) cancers can be cured & that is also due to skillful surgery and not due to chemo & radiation.

If cancer is spread, never allow surgery Doctors do trails and experiments on our body to learn & earn. They think that this patient is not going to live more then why not take trial?

The patient without chemo/radiation and stay on natural therapy live 4 times longer than the patient on chemo/radiation. I have proofs for my statement. These patients live their life in comforts and with minimum pains. But the patients of chemo live their life like an ill person always with a lot of health issues.

Natural therapy and homeopathic remedies can cure cancer. There are thousands of example of being cancer free with natural diet & supplements.

Food is Medicine. We must learn How to use food as medicine.
The diet plays a vital role in cancer treatment. Believe it or not, my patients who were given few days to live are doing good even after 5 months, some even after 11 months. So decide what to do. In recent days I have received examples   ( I cannot declare their names ) of feeling repentance for giving their beloved ones a chemo treatment.

In metastatic condition, Chemo is a memo of death.

If anybody agrees with me, they can have best diet plan given below. If patients follow this diet plan he can fight cancer very strongly without chemo.

Patients who take chemo will face minimum side effects ( bad effects ) if they follow this plan.


Dear patients, in earlier diet plans I used to give timings of diet to be taken. But now I am avoiding it as many get confused with it & another reason is everybody’s timing of daily routine is different.
Now I will give diet plan which will be easier to understand. I leave timings of diet to be taken, on you.

1) Morning Drink = (After Brush)  To grind 10 leaves each of Basil, Coriander, Mint & Curry with pinch of black pepper, pinch of Cinnamon , juice of ½ lime, 1 spoon of organic honey, ¼ spoon Turmeric Powder 2-3 cloves of Garlic, 1 spoon of Ginger Juice, ¼ teaspoon of turmeric. Add this ground mixture to a glass of drinkable hot water & drink it in empty stomach. Please chew all leaves & eat.

2) Breakfast = Choose as per your choice from  Organic eggs one to two, Fruits, Indian Dosa, Indian Idly, whole grains and variety of salad. Fruits will do.

3) Tea = Dandelion Tea/ Green Tea/ Essiac Tea. Always mix 1 inch Ginger & juice of ¼ lime while preparing tea. Tea must be without sugar. Dark Brown color Jaggery will do in place of sugar.

4) Lunch = Bread of millets & Brown Rice, lentils, curd, buttermilk.
All type of green leafy vegetables & vegetables like Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, green pepper/Red pepper (capsicum), asparagus, Tomato, Sweet Potato, Moringa leaves & Moringa sticks.
Dressing of Boiled sprouts of grains mixed with grated carrot, beets, leaves of Coriander & Mint, Himalayan salt, lime, Ginger, Garlic, pomegranate, apple, oranges/sweet lemon

5) Afternoon tea = Dandelion Tea/ Green Tea/ Essiac Tea. Always mix 1 inch Ginger & juice of ¼ lime while preparing tea. Tea must be without sugar. Dark Brown color Jaggery will do in place of sugar.

6) Evening snacks = Any Fruit, Dry fruits = Black resins, Avocado, figs, apricots

7)  Dinner = As per lunch but in lesser Qty.

What are the best fruits to eat and to drink juices?

All citrus fruits like oranges, sweet lemons, grapefruits. Apples, soursop,  sweet sugar apple ( custard apple), pomegranates, pineapples, papayas, mangoes, Grapes, all type berries.

What are the best Juices Vegetable?
 Carrots, beets, radish & spinach with other green leafy all vegetables are best for cancer patients.

What is the best oil?
Unrefined Coconut oil suits to all cancer patients.

What are the best Fishes, nonvegan food?
All oily fishes, organic chicken, chicken soup, crabs, and eggs are suitable for cancer patients.

What are the best seeds for cancer patients?
 Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, Bitter apricot kernel (20 to 30 to eat in a day. i.e. 5 pieces after every 1.5 hrs.)

What are the best supplements?
Curcumin capsule, flax seed oil capsule, spirulina capsule, basil drops, Aloe Vera juice, wheatgrass juice, baking soda with lemon/maple syrup/honey, gooseberry juice, soursop juice, moringa powder/juice of leaves.

100% cure is cannabis oil. It is legal in Canada, Austria, Australia, Denmark, and Mexico. Cannabis sativa is legal in India too but it should be genuine. I suggest using only 10 ml for one month as a trail & if we get a good result we must follow that for three months. I got it and my friend is benefited a lot in 12 days.

Always use best organic honey.

Sugar has glucose which feeds cancer and also harms our body. But fruits have fructose which never feeds cancer & never harm our body, even to a diabetic patient.

What are the best daily minimum juices to be taken?
Raw carrot juices 4 glasses. Beets & apple can be added to the 4th glass. One glass of sweet lemon/orange must. One glass of pomegranate or pineapple or apple must. Spinach juice thrice in a week to boost hemoglobin as it has 21% iron.

What foods must be quiet?
Red Meat, Dairy products, bakery products, refined oil, fried and spicy food, sugar & sugary products, processed food and all junk food are so dangerous for cancer patients.

A Cure Case of Cancer with Homeopathy!

A lady, the mother-in-law of a fourth stage cancer patient, came to me asking medicine for cancer. When I asked her to bring the patient she said that he wouldn’t come. I asked her to tell me verbatim what he had said. She replied, “He does not say anything.’’

At this stage, I asked her whether she did not care to go and see her son-in-law who is said to be in fourth stage cancer. She replied:

“My daughter wrote me a letter stating that doctors have said that he would live for another six months only, and he is not afraid of death, but he wants to live with his family in the same quarter in which he had been living all along and said that he does not want anyone (be it friends or relatives) to visit him.’’

(Sometimes, we do get valuable symptom from the report of messengers).
Let us now see how to work out this case.

  • Does not want anyone to visit him
  • Aversion to company
  • Till death wants to live with family in the same
  • Quarters where he had been living all these years
  • Homesick

KENT’S REPERTORY was consulted:
Company, aversion to (several remedies)
Homesickness: (several remedies)
Remedies common to these two rubrics and scoring more points are Aur.-4, Carb-an.-6, Ign.-5, Nat-m.-5
To confirm one out of the above four remedies, they were studied in homeopathic therapeutics under the chapter “Carcinoma.’’ Under Carb-an. we find the words “cachexia full developed”.
Again, in the chapter ‘Melancholia’ under the remedy Carb-an. we find the following words: “desire for solitude.”
Carb-an.-10M, a single dose was prescribed.

By Dr: Dhanesh Jayasimhan