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Homeopathic Remedy Bergenia Ciliata Tincture Medicinal Uses

Bergenia Ciliata mother tincture is a new remedy testing in India, giving very favorable results for the treatment of intestine and stomach chronic ulcers and renal calculi, beside it there is a wide range of its health benefits. Bergenia ciliata an evergreen ancient herb of Tibet and Nepal region belongs to the family Saxifragaceae species such as Bergenia stracheyi and Bergenia ligulata. In recent studies and research made by western scientists on this amazing plant brings a lot of interesting facts, even some experiments on rats prove it a miraculous herb. Bergenia ciliata mother tincture also added in homeopathic pharmacy in recent years and now it is widely used worldwide for its medicinal uses.
What are the medicinal uses Bergenia ciliata? Medicinal importance of Bergenia ciliata is well recognized by various herbalists and scholars.  Here is a comprehensive list of this herb for various medicinal uses, though it is already proved an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-scorbu…

Best Homeopathy Treatment to Cure Cancer

Do you know homeopathy is saving hundreds of cancer patient all around the world with a promising cure? Everyone is so intent on killing cancer when that is not the correct philosophy. There are many things that can kill cancer cells but no one; I mean NOONE is addressing why did the body allow cancer to manifest in the first place? Going after cancer with cannabis, apricot seeds B17, baking soda etc, might rid the body of it but it still does not cure it because there is an underlying cause that still needs to be addressed. A classical homeopath actually can cure cancer because he fixes the underlying cause at the deepest levels so cancer will not return. It’s actually rather simple to fix depending on what stage the patient is in. Homeopathy has reversed cancer in people that had less than 30 days to live with just one remedy that fixes the immune system. If the body allowed cancer, then you have to fix why the body allowed it so it can reverse it. Don't discount the intelligen…