Arsenic Album Benefits and Side Effects

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Arsenic Album 30 is the most commonly used remedy in homeopathy. It is so famous in treating common fever to anxiety and cancer patients. This article which appeared in the “Homeopathic Recorder” by W.Lees Templeton is an example of his excellent, clear description of homeopathic facts. When I was beginning to try out homeopathy in the simple regular cases which come to the clinic, the acutest like the common cold, it was Templeton’s small booklet on the homeopathic treatment of Influenza that gave me the inspiration and confidence to sit in the clinic. Paying a tribute to this great homeopath and writer-Dr Wales’ Templeton.

"If there ever was a drug which one might consider suitable for demonstrating the truth of the fundamental laws of homeopathy, then surely ARSENICUM ALBUM is that drug. It is known to the medical world for its uses in ruder, than uses, to the criminologist for its illegal use in murder, than which there is no more popular poison, and to the laity for the publicity which crime has given it. There is indeed few today who do not know that weed killer and fly paper are the most common sources of this deadly but easily recognized poison. Arsenic Album is a poison in crude form with a lot of side effects but it's potency in homeopathy brings a lot of l.ife saving benefits for human beings.

Arsenic Album Homeopathic Remedy Personality

And yet how rarely, comparatively speaking is ARSENICUM used in orthodox medicine except in the so-called specifics against syphilis and in the “blunderbuss” tonics of the other school.
My first example will be taken from Marshall Hall’s famous cases and refers to the Sedona murder, the first case in British courts where chemical evidence of the nature and direction of poisoning were admitted as fact by the president judge. The description runs:

“Miss B was taken ill and the family physician who was called found her to be suffering from acute diarrhea and sickness.”Here we have our first symptom.

“As the days went by Miss B. got worse. Certain chemical fly-papers were used to destroy the flies which buzzed in large numbers round the bed of the invalid attracted by the pungent odor of the sick room.” Note the “pungent” odor of the sickroom and one might say of the patient.

“She was a troublesome patient and would not take her medicine” The prosecution did not see the significance of this symptom nor was it mentioned as being one of the symptoms of arsenical poisoning. But it is and reads, “ The patient feels so ill, is so sure that she is dying that it seems useless to take the medicine.” This is not the refusal of Hyoscyamus or Kali from. Where the patient refuses the medicine because he is suspicious that it has been poisoned!

So though these symptoms were not produced as evidence of arsenical poisoning they were indeed very good proving of the drug; vomiting, diarrhea, prostration, weakness, offensiveness, fear and anxiety.

The weakness of ARSENICUM is GENERAL, not like PHOSPHORUS and STANNUM in the chest, nor like SEPIA, IGNATIA, NUX, and SULPH, where it is often located in the stomach.
The following cases are described as examples of homeopathic prescribing in a wide and varied range of symptoms.

Case number 1: Pulmonary congestion
Mrs. E 30 Shivered yesterday. Very bad headache moving the eyes and WEAKNESS, No strength to sit up in bed, feels as if she has been ill for a week. A cough hard. Thirsty for sips of cold water often! Pain in the eyes is worse after sleep, on first opening the eye. The physical signs were those of decreased respiratory movement at the right base. Temperature 101, pulse 100.
When a patient with fever desires sips of water frequently one immediately thinks of ARSENICUM. It is as important a symptom in fever as the shirtlessness of GELSEMIUM and PULSATILLA.
The only other outstanding symptoms were those of the head and eyes.
Pain moving the eyes has Ars., Berb., Bry., Calc.s., Carb veg., chin.,cupr., Gels., Hep., Kali nit., spigLac .d., Mang., Nat m., sleep: Puls., RW spin, sulfur.
Pain opening the eyes sleep: Ars., Hydr., Led.
Arsenic Album 10 M was prescribed three-hourly and next day the temp was 99, pulse 88. All symptoms improving shortly! Recovery was uneventful. The chest signs cleared in a few days.
This case I look on as aborted pneumonia."

Case number 2: Pleurisy
Mrs. K., age 10 years, caught a cold. Now a bad cough and PAIN IN THE RIGHT CHEST, going through to the back about the level of the upper and middle lobes,, T.101.6 , back ,Pulse 120 THIRST FOR SMALL DRINKS OFTEN. Looks very flushed. BELLADONNA which also has a desire for small drinks oft was prescribed but without much effect.

It was then that one looked up the repertory for pain in the right lung and found that was a typical ARS pain and situation, particularly the direction of the pain tback,like KALI BICH.
ARS ALB was prescribed and next day the pain was very much improved, the temperature had dropped and recovery was speedy. The guiding symptoms here were the thirst and the site of the pain.
Case number 3: Exophthalmic ophthalmoplegia

Patient of age 62 for a year prominence of both eyes increasing. Began right and then left. Sight is failing. Edema of both sides, mostly the inner. Investigated at the London hospital W.R negative, X-ray negative for enlargement sella turcica. Papilloedema both discs. No tachycardia. No tremor. Various drugs were given without result. A more detailed record of symptoms was then taken:

Very fond of fat; very fond of vinegar and pickles.
HE WAS THE TYPICAL FASTIDIOUS ARSENICUM TYPE. I often find that this type is fond of fat and fond of pickles. The confirmation of a choice by what are perhaps trivial likes and dislikes is often very helpful.The desire for vinegar and pickles in SEPIA also one find useful. They are not the first choice symptoms but confirmatory.