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Arsenic Album Benefits and Side Effects

Arsenic Album 30 is the most commonly used remedy in homeopathy. It is so famous in treating common fever to anxiety and cancer patients. This article which appeared in the “Homeopathic Recorder” by W.Lees Templeton is an example of his excellent, clear description of homeopathic facts. When I was beginning to try out homeopathy in the simple regular cases which come to the clinic, the acutest like the common cold, it was Templeton’s small booklet on the homeopathic treatment of Influenza that gave me the inspiration and confidence to sit in the clinic. Paying a tribute to this great homeopath and writer-Dr Wales’ Templeton.
"If there ever was a drug which one might consider suitable for demonstrating the truth of the fundamental laws of homeopathy, then surely ARSENICUM ALBUM is that drug. It is known to the medical world for its uses in ruder, than uses, to the criminologist for its illegal use in murder, than which there is no more popular poison, and to the laity for the pub…