Homeopathic Remedy Syphilinum Personality

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In this post, you will get a detailed overview of homeopathic remedy Syphilinum personality. I was discussing this remedy with some classes some while ago. When I asked the students which Nosodes they had prescribed, most said they had prescribed Carcinosin, Medorrhinum, and Tuberculinum fairly often, Psorinum less often, but about 90% of them had never prescribed this remedy. Never even considered prescribing it!

When I asked why the answer was partly because they had never really understood it, and partly because they had an over-dramatized picture of it. In other words, unless an ugly deformed person with six fingers and drool running down their chin, they were not going to prescribe it. This is a fantastic remedy and if you are not prescribing it regularly you will not be getting as many people well as you could be.

Here are some common personality features of Syphilinum!

  1. Obsessive Disorder!
  2. This may present in a number of ways and with varying severity.
  3. Anyone who will not walk under a ladder due to superstition has a touch of this, but for many, it can come to limit his or her life.
  4. People who compulsively hand wash, people who compulsively check whether they have shut the door or turned the gas off might need this nosode.

Syphilinum homeopathy personality

I recently treated an adolescent boy with compulsive hand washing. He washed his hands around 30 times a day. it seemed to start when he had caught impetigo and his mum had to remind him to wash his hands frequently to prevent the spread of germs. The handwashing continued long after the Impetigo was a thing of the past. It developed into a time-consuming ritual and he could not dry his hands after washing them because he worried about germs on the towel. As a consequence, his hands were red, sore, and raw. He had been to another Homoeopath and had been given Carcinosin 200, then 1m. This was changed to Arsenicum Album 1m and 10m but after 6 months nothing had changed. I prescribed Syphilinum 200 once a week for three weeks and within 6 weeks he had entirely stopped (he retained a mild addiction to sanitizing hand gels for a few months but this too gradually disappeared.)

Two out of ten people suffer from OCD which can at times be crippling and can prevent the sufferer from leaving their house. At best it can take hours of the OCD sufferer’s time to complete the complex rituals they develop to deal with their anxiety. This is a complaint I treat a lot of, especially in children and adolescents.

Any strong desire to control the environment usually signals a feeling of loss of control internally and is a cardinal sign for Syphilinum. There is often a strong fear of germs and infection. A superstition is a mild form of OCD, A lot of people might avoid walking under a ladder if there was an easy alternative, someone who goes home and miss out on something they had intended to do because it would have meant walking under a ladder, and they need Syphilinum.

I have a patient with a very large leg ulcer, an elderly lady, when I asked her whether she had managed to avoid the Flu this season she said, “ Oh yes, touch wood” whereupon she produced a small log from her handbag to touch. Superstition, as we have already mentioned, is a mild form of OCD, and needless to say, this lady got Conium and also Syphilinum with good effect.

The destructive personalty of Syphilinum!

The destructive force is strong in a person needing Syphilinum, it may be an outward destructiveness, setting things on fire for example, but most often it will be a self-destructive tendency. We might see this in the family history with Alcoholism or drug addiction or in our patients themselves. Gambling is also an obsessive and destructive habit. Here might be a family history of suicide. The self-destructive tendency can be seen in any situation where the patient constantly sabotages their own efforts. An obese person who always breaks their diet, a person who is always late for job interviews, it could be seen in very many situations.

If you see a patient who has had many accident injuries or broken bones this may be part of the destructive energy of Syphilinum. I had a patient with very severe migraines who in his case history had suffered from three broken legs ( well he only had two legs but he had broken one of them three times!) a broken wrist, a broken collar bone, a fractured skull from a fall, a broken vertebra from a car crash. A serious eye injury from a firework and a dislocated jaw and the loss of two teeth in another accident! He was 22 years old. He got Syphilinum 1m once a week for a month He never had another migraine.

Another who was constitutionally Ledum, but with a very pronounced Syphilitic Miasm which required several doses of this nosode who told me his history, he was very amusing and really made me laugh although his tale was really anything but funny. He related that as a boy of 10 he had fallen out of a window and impaled himself on railings, he was trapped by the thigh and had to be cut free. He was in a wheelchair for a while and his sister was pushing him down an incline when a wasp flew down her top and stung her. She let go of the wheelchair and it sailed down the hill, straight up a path and through a plate glass door. He broke both arms and suffered multiple lacerations. Later in life, he managed to get himself stabbed twice, once in the arm with a Stanley knife in a dispute over a bag of chips and once during a mugging. He had also had an industrial accident where he had been stapled to a wooden bench with a nail gun, ( you could not make it up). His presenting complaint was cluster migraines which were agonizing. He was bordering on Alcoholic. I think you can see where the Ledum and the Syphilinum come in.

Creative personality of Syphilinum!

In remedies, we often see the idea of polarities, remedies that are in the rubric ‘low sense of self-esteem’ for instance might also be in the rubric for Haughtiness. The opposite polarity to Destructiveness is Creativity, and so we see a lot of creativity in people with strong syphilitic Miasm. Often drawn to drama, music, or painting they may combine the ability to create beautiful art with a major tendency to self-destruct. In the history of Art, Literature, and Entertainment we can see huge numbers of people who have died early either from violence ( accidental or deliberate) or suicide. In this century, we could cite Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Michael Hutchence, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Marvin Gaye, James Dean, Marylyn Monroe, Judy Garland, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Jayne Mansfield, Sylvia Plath. The list is endless. In previous centuries, we could cite, VincentVan Gogh, Edouard Manet, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert, Gustave Flaubert, Guy de Maupassant, Oscar Wilde. It is said by some that in the 18th Century some artists actually tried to contract Syphilis as they believed it would bring, along with the many terrible symptoms, a Muse who would enhance their creativity.

In her book ‘POX –Genius, Madness, and Mysteries of Syphilis’ (Basic Books 2003) Deborah Hayden tells us that, ‘right before the madness, the Syphilitic was often rewarded, in a kind of Faustian bargain for enduring the pain and despair, by episodes of creative euphoria, joyous energy when grandiosity led to new vision’

The ugly personality of Syphilinum!

This is the impression we get from the old books, Deformed, Stunted, Smelly, and obscene. We might expect to see Hutchinson peg teeth, a flabby bag for a nose. Yet look at the list we have made, including Marylyn Monroe and Judy Garland Vivien Leigh and Jayne Mansfield Most of these troubled stars of stage and screen were exceptionally beautiful. Princess Diana is another example of this. She was certainly beautiful, with a history of depression. History of forming unsuitable relationships of being obsessive (100 calls in one day to Oliver Hoare) She had a history of Anorexia and Bulimia and died tragically in a car crash at the age of 36. We can recognize this external beauty with internal destruction as the hidden phase of Syphilis. After the primary lesion, the disease goes inside, leaving no external sign of the havoc it is wreaking.

Depression and Syphilinum!

Many Syphilinum patients present with depression. They have darkness around them. They are unavailable to get in touch with any joy in their life. There may be many shades of self-destruction in someone with depression from self-harming to suicide, the ultimate expression of self-destruction. One of my very depressed patients who had been given Syphilinum told me when he returned for his next visit that is felt as if he had taken a heavy black cloak he had been wearing for a long time.

The isolated personality of Syphilinum!

This may be part of the depression but it can be seen in someone without depression. They are often people who feel outside of the crowd. They feel like they don’t belong. I have seen many patients who require this nosode who feel that there is a glass wall between them and others, a symptom which can also be found in the remedies Anacardium and Thuja.

Syphilinum is a remedy for the Heart Chakra and as such we can see them having difficulty in forming open and trusting relationships with others. They can feel unwanted, unloved, and suspicious of the love that others might try to show them. At the extreme end of the scale, this could make them misanthropic loners, but more often we can see that they never feel fully connected to another person and this can make them feel very lonely.

The secretive personality of Syphilinum!

Syphilis hides. After the first stages of contagion, it disguises itself and up until the development of the Wasserman diagnostic test, it was very difficult to diagnose. It also hides by being accompanied by a sense of shame. You might ask your patient his or her family history and learn that there was Heart disease and Cancer; they might possibly know that an uncle had TB, but most people will be blissfully unaware that Granddad had Syphilis as the fact of the disease has been hidden. Researchers of Syphilis were hampered by both of these facts. The patient requiring Syphilinum is a nosode might also be secretive, partly due to their lack of trust in others, partly due to a feeling, like Thuja, that if you knew what they were really like you would despise them. The self-loathing of Syphilinum can lead them to hide their innermost thoughts and feelings from others so that in consultation they come across as very closed and secretive and very guarded.


Most of the problems that beset this remedy are worse in the hours of darkness between sleeping and waking. It may be pain that wakes them in the night. It may be an inability to sleep. It can sometimes be an aggravation in the mental state where the patient is very anxious or depressed. Any problems that are significantly worse in the night should make you think of this remedy.


Here are a few things, either currently or in the history that would make me consider a dose of Syphilinum.


Recurring tonsillitis is a pointer towards this nosode, anyone with a history of severe throat problem, and possibly a resulting tonsillectomy might be helped by it. Especially if there has been a Quinsy or tonsil abscess. I have even treated acute tonsillitis with Syphilinum. My friend who is a Homoeopath had a sick teenage daughter, She had been unwell for a week and was getting worse. Her throat was so painful and swollen she could not even swallow her own saliva let alone food or drink.
Her breath was absolutely foul and she was dribbling all over her pillows and waking herself at night. Her mum had given her Mercury in various different strengths and even tried Merc Iodatum rubrum. Then she went onto Hepar sulphur and then offered her daughter antibiotics. The Daughter said no to the antibiotics and they called me. When I entered, the smell in her room was absolutely foul and after taking the case I could not see why Merc Sol was not working. I prescribed Syphilinum 200 once every four hours and suggested they repeat the mercury the following day. They called me around 11 the following morning to report those 24 hours after starting the Syphilinum. She was so much better than they felt they could just leave it to work and she got better within a day or two.


There is not a lot written about the skin complaints of this remedy apart from ulceration and fissures both of which are certain pointers to this remedy but I also made a discovery about this nosode and Eczema. I had a patient, a little boy of three with very severe eczema I had given him a lot of remedies and he was only slightly better. I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. He was very severely aggravated at night, so his parents were getting no sleep. It was all over his body and his face was so severe he looked like a burn victim. I decided on the severity of the nightly aggravation, to give a dose of Syphilinum. I repertoire and in doing so I looked up Eczema in the skin chapter, Syphilinum was not included in the general Eczema rubric. I was desperate so I gave it anyway while I worked some more on the case. When he came back to see me a month later, I could not believe it was the same boy. His parents reported a huge improvement within days of taking the remedy. The improvement was all over but had started with his face. I was delighted of course, but it was somewhat unexpected. I looked up Eczema in the face chapter and there it was, Syphilinum in italics- who knew? Certainly not me! Since then I cannot tell you how many severe eczema cases I have helped with this nosode. (Well I can- about 20). They have all been longstanding cases, affecting the whole body with a particular aggravation on the face.

They have all been reported as “tearing’ or ‘raking’ at their skin in a desperate and destructive fashion. There is a significant nightly aggravation and their sheets are usually covered in blood in the morning. As well as Eczema remember that Syphilinum skin may present with Ulcers (anywhere), Fissures, Fistula, and rectal or Genital Warts.

Herpetic lesions anybody who suffers from cold sores anywhere on the body will get a dose of Syphilinum from me at some point in their treatment. I think the herpetic ulcer is a representation of the original Chancre.

Discharges Which Are Blood Streaked

Bloody discharges would alert me to the presence of this nosode. This could be a chronic discharge, such as a bleeding ulcer, or Psoriasis which bleeds easily, or it could be an acute discharge. An ear infection with a bland discharge might need Pulsatilla amongst others, but if the discharge becomes streaked with blood were looking at the Syphilitic miasm and associated remedies such as Mercury or Hepar Sulph. Whilst on the subject of ear infections it can be a remedy where the ear infection has become chronic and when this happens the ossicles can get destroyed by the infection.

Auto-Immune Problems

I think it stands to reason that if our problems are self-destructive this could manifest in our Body destroying its own tissues, which is what is happening when our system makes antibodies against our own tissues or secretions.

Guttate psoriasis: This is an acute form of Psoriasis which usually follows a severe streptococcal infection of the throat. The Guttate (which means droplet) psoriasis develops mainly on the trunk in tiny patches. It will typically last for three to six months and then spontaneously resolve. I believe this is an attempt by the body to throw off or weaken the Syphilitic miasm. Syphilinum may use for any psoriasis.

Regards:  Hilery Dorrian


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