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Homeopathic Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Let’s discover best homeopathic and holistic home remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There are several natural homeopathic remedies and rapid therapies for irritable bowel syndrome treatment but there is not any specific remedy for this disorder. Many people believe, IBS is same to Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis but, in fact, it’s not as much complicated, even some people successfully treated their IBS with Naturopathic, acupuncture and other alternative medicines too. In homeopathy simply by following pet symptoms of an individual you could easily get a permanent cure for this irritating disease. Well, it very much depends on the symptoms as IBS is a syndrome with a great variety. My belief striving for and having great health is a top priority. Yes being healthy is important for your own quality of life but it also affects how you show up and impact those around you. Being healthy is beyond you and actually makes the world a better place because you are a better ver…

Homeopathic Remedy Syphilinum Personality

In this post, you will get a detailed overview of homeo remedy Syphilinum personality. I was discussing this remedy with some classes some while ago. When I asked the students which Nosodes they had prescribed, most said they had prescribed Carcinosin, Medorrhinum, and Tuberculinum fairly often, Psorinum less often, but about 90% of them had never prescribed this remedy. Never even considered prescribing it!
When I asked why the answer was partly because they had never really understood it, and partly because they had an over-dramatized picture of it. In other words, unless an ugly deformed person with six fingers and drool running down their chin, they were not going to prescribe it. This is a fantastic remedy and if you are not prescribing it regularly you will not be getting as many people well as you could be.
Here are some common personality features of Syphilinum! Obsessive Disorder!This may present in a number of ways and with varying severity.Anyone who will not walk under a la…

How Homeopathic Remedies Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder

So many people from different parts of the world including America are consulting classical Indian homeopaths for alternative treatments for autism spectrum disorder. In India, naturopaths are using homeopathic remedies along with herbal Ayurvedic remedies, Bach flower remedies, and a bunch of Yoga techniques. In modern medication system still there is no treatment available for autism disorder. Now there is no doubt that the behavioral therapies and natural homeopathic remedies for autism spectrum disorders are the only hope for poor children facing Autistic disorder, Asperger's syndrome or PDD-NOS.
An exploration of homeopaths experiences worldwide treating autism, methodologies, and remedies. We will also look at some remedies and rubrics. In this post, I will give some detailed information about new techniques used in homeopathy, where the bowel nosodes and matrimonial remedies were almost unknown. There are several homeopathic remedies for autism in children and young adults…

Top 10 Health Benefits of Bovine Colostrum for Humans

Bovine Colostrum got amazing benefits for human health. Colostrum is the first milk any mammal including human, cow, goat, horse produces after giving birth. It is full of antibodies and a lower grade protein that is more easily digested by the newly birthed creature. You need to feed it to them the first 24 hours. You may bring a colostrum product that was supposed to be healthy and natural, to help you with your chronic fatigue or autoimmune disorders. You can try to get a couple ounces to start, now some will take more just depends on, and then every 3 to 4 hours you can feed again. Each time they are stronger and take more. You may keep colostrum a year in the freezer. Just like freezing food, the more care you take with collecting and packaging, the better it will keep. So clean hands or latex gloves on a clean udder, clean bucket or cup or bottle for collection, and clean storage container. A package rated for freezing and tightly sealed against air exchange is a must.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Treatment in Homeopathy

Are homeopathic remedies effective for PCOS? Yes chocolate, bilateral and polycystic ovarian syndrome can be cured by homeopathy and the cure is permanent without any surgery or side effects like unwanted hair, hair loss, weight gain, menstruation problems, infertility, thyroid problems, delay in pregnancy, etc. Homeopathy is a purely natural treatment having no chemical formulations, by following a simple diet plan with homeopathic remedies any women, married or unmarried could easily get rid of PCOS permanently. A good homeopathic doctor can easily collect the particular symptoms of a remedy during case taking and can be prescribed the right remedy. It is case to case need individuality. Homeopathy is the only system that looks at the whole person and not just at the individual parts of the body.
If you don't know what PCOS is read into it? It can be painful at times and cause lots of problems. It's a hormone imbalance so yes your hair might be darker. The more you weigh th…