Homeopathic Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Let’s discover best homeopathic and holistic home remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There are several natural homeopathic remedies and rapid therapies for irritable bowel syndrome treatment but there is not any specific remedy for this disorder. Many people believe, IBS is same to Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis but, in fact, it’s not as much complicated, even some people successfully treated their IBS with Naturopathic, acupuncture and other alternative medicines too. In homeopathy simply by following pet symptoms of an individual you could easily get a permanent cure for this irritating disease. Well, it very much depends on the symptoms as IBS is a syndrome with a great variety. My belief striving for and having great health is a top priority. Yes being healthy is important for your own quality of life but it also affects how you show up and impact those around you. Being healthy is beyond you and actually makes the world a better place because you are a better version of yourself. When you are willing to improve yourself, the world changes! It starts with you but it’s not all about you. It’s about how you can positively impact the world around you. Who do you want to be better for?

How to diagnose IBS?

There are no tests for IBS. It is diagnosed by a GP or GI doctor using the ROME protocol which involves a history and persistence of symptoms. There may a stool test for IBD and a blood test to rule out Celiac disease may be done. And a colonoscopy if over the age of 55 years or if there are some red flag symptoms. All blood, skin and hair analysis are essentially scam techniques proven to be able to diagnose anything related to IBS including such things as the York blood test for food intolerances. Therefore, your whole digestive system goes into severe distress. Things that you could eat you can't anymore.

Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome is curable by homeopathy therapy?

Yes IBS is 100% curable by homeopathic treatment. The homeopaths chief concern is the vital force. I may give an idea of this vital force from the example of an egg. Inside the egg, there is a semi-fluid substance which too many serves no other purpose than food. But give that egg some time and a little warmth, and from that undifferentiated mass of substance comes out a bird with a full structural organization the bones, the beak, the kidney, the liver, the veins and the arteries. Surely somewhere your test tube or any instrument cannot find out where--lay embedded a vital principle (or spark) which beat out that chaotic substance into a complete live animal, active and intelligent, with power to transmit the urge of procreation.

Homeopathy is a natural and dynamic system of health care that looks at each person as a whole, unique individual, and aims to treat an individual’s experience of symptoms by fostering well-being from within. This is done by administering a homeopathic remedy, which aims to stimulate your healing systems based on the principle that ‘like can treat like’. Homeopathy is a form of medicine that uses natural substances to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself. Then I usually tell the cutting onions story and that homeopathic onion is used to treat those same symptoms which may appear as irritable bowel syndrome also.
Home remedies for treatment

Natural Home Remedies for IBS!

Most important thing for IBS-D is to avoid red meat, fats, dairy (milk, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, butter or margarine), egg yolk (egg whites only), red meat (sick to organic white meat of chicken, turkey), seafood is fine (unless you have allergies), pasta, rice, flour tortilla wraps, mangoes, bananas, papayas, mushrooms, potatoes, good white bread no crap wonder bread but French/Italian/sourdough (no whole wheat or grains), stay away from nuts and peanut butter (cashews are good), squash and pumpkins, quinoa, carrots, beets, applesauce, oatmeal, and stay away from pastries, caffeine, and processed foods. Organic is best. Salad dressings are no good, juices (sugar and added preservatives), sodas, alcohol, smoking, chocolate and stress, anxiety and depression are the main cause of IBS attacks so try to start (if you are not already) meditation, yoga, or Tai Chi. Exercise is the best thing you can do and if you have IBS you will have to exercise every day probably for the rest of your life but that isn't bad because it only benefits people in the best ways. Make sure you drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated. If having pain and spasms, chew on peppermint leaves, try to start a food journal and keep track of what you eat and how often and how it made you feel. This way you can eliminate the foods that are triggers for you. Like I said, everyone has different triggers so what is a trigger for me may not be one for you but keeping a food journal will get you on your way of learning what should eliminate from your diet.

Flaxseed oil: Flaxseed oil is not known to have any particular benefits for IBS and like any oil it can be a trigger. Flaxseed has been clinically shown to be beneficial for individuals with IBS-C.

Peppermint: A mixture of honey and peppermint helps with the spasms.

Acacia Fiber: It is a great soluble fiber supplement that helps control both diarrhea and constipation. It also is prebiotic which means it works with probiotics to create good gut flora and aid in digestion which will help the gas and bloat.

Golden linseeds: Grind them and store them in an air-tight container so they don't spoil. Take a tablespoon a day.

Fennel Seeds: Heathers fennel tea takes the bloating right away, you can also chew some fennel seeds, and I have found the turmeric capsules work great for IBS. Also, fennel tea is great for gas and bloating. Make sure you are getting a tea with the whole fennel seed, and nothing that is ground. Grinding the seed makes the seed loose it medicinal purpose and it will not work as well.

Most Common Causes Of IBS

  • Unnatural lifestyle
  • Overburden of mental or physical work
  • Unbalanced diet and too much use of dairy products, fizzy drinks, fried foods, fast food
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Addiction to drugs
  • Unwanted or too much use of allopathic medicines
  • Gastric infections or ulcer in stomach

The process of man's creation is not otherwise. A homeopath especially a beginner, should very often ponder over this fundamental aspect of human life including that of himself and of other men; and only through repeated meditations, he can be sure of his ground as a homeopath, and what more he can have a glimpse into the deeper aspects of the connecting link between the creation and the Creator.

Most Common Symptoms of IBS

  • Bloating by eating gassy foods or even by eating fried meals
  • Muscular cramps in uppers and lower limbs
  • Get nausea after meal or drinking water, milk, juices, etc
  • Al alternating condition of constipation and diarrhea
  • Copy and mucous stools
  • Heavy belching or incomplete sensation of belching
  • Sudden or rapid weight loss
  • Running or crawling sensation in stomach

Homeopathic Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There are no confirmatory etiologies why IBS occur, but the recent studies show that few factors may cause the IBS. Those are the following.

Alteration gastrointestinal motility: The alteration gastrointestinal motility is caused by the abnormal motor activity of GI tract. The abnormal motor activity of gut is caused by the hyper stressful condition; pressure-packed lifestyle, chronic anxiety state, frustration like psychological trigger factors that develop IBS. In this regards the homeopathy drugs like Nux Vomica, Lycopodium, and Aurum met, and acid Phos.

Visceral hypersensitivity and hormone: The visceral hypersensitivity is directly proportional to the repetitive stimulation of gastrointestinal receptors. The several gut hormones like gastrin, secretin, cholecystokinin's, motilin, vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) stimulate the gut receptors . It is found that the concentrations of those hormones are increased in IBS patient. Similarly the stress hormone adrenalin, female sex hormone estrogen and progesterone also responsible for stimulation of gut receptors. The repetitive stimulation of receptors causes visceral hypersensitivity. The root cause of more secretion of hormones may be the faulty food habits, faulty lifestyles, stressful atmosphere, the rise of pollution, etc.
So as per the symptoms basis the homeopathic medicines like Pulsatilla, sepia, Natrum Mur, Nux Vomica, sulphur are helpful to reduce the hormone level and help to manage the IBS trigger factors thus provide a long term cure.

Alteration of bacterial flora: Alteration of bacterial flora may result from intestinal infection and inflammation. The bowel nosodes in homeopathy can help a lot in this aspect like proteus, morgan-g, sycotico etc.

Genetic disposition: The genetic disposition is also responsible to some extent for IBS. The homeopathic constitutional medicines like Lycopodium, sulphur, Carcinosin, Thuja, Tuberculinum can help in this regards.

Cina: Best homeopathic remedy for IBS treatments in children who mostly sleep on their belly, itching their nose with fingers and do not comfort by anything, kids are quarrelsome and do not share their toys with other kids. The hunger of Cina kids is not always the same, sometimes they start eating too much food and sometimes they lose their appetite. There may also stomach parasites as well in Cina kids.

Lycopodium Clavatum: This is an herbal remedy made from ground pine extract, frequently used for IBS treatment. Lycopodium patient craves for sweet things and cannot tolerate gassy foods due to weak digestion. There feels a pressure or heaviness with pain in lower abdomen under the navel. Hard stools, diarrhea, lack of confidence, bloating and increase or decrease of appetite are other common symptoms of this remedy.

Gelsemium Sempervirens: Do not forget this important remedy when IBS problems aggravated by anxiety or depression, doesn’t matter it’s constipation or diarrhea or bloating. Where there is an anxiety there must be a cure in Gelsemium.

Argentum Nitricum: A noisy and loud fart is one of the most common symptoms of this remedy. Argentum patients mostly come with symptoms of Acrophobia, hurry in every matter, a strong desire for sweets, nervousness, bloating and blood sugar problems.

Sulphur: A good remedy for those IBS patients who do not care about dressing and cleanliness, actually such people do not care about bathing or wearing a clean dress. They cannot stand for a long time, they always need a support while standing or sitting.

Antimonium Crudum: This is the beast remedy if diarrhea and constipation occur alternatively, such patients got a white coated tongue and they cannot stay long under sun light. Craving for apple is a prominent symptom of this remedy.

Natrum Phosphoricum: There comes a cracking sound from all joints, patient desires for every kind of foods but mostly food disagree. For example, an IBS patient may crave for yogurt or fried eggs but on eating these food there may starts a cramps or vomiting or diarrhea.

Nux Vomica: If someone IBS caused by eating too much junk and spicy foods the definite remedy will be the Nux Vomica. Nux patient got angry on little issues and they like to eat meat, they desire for a stool but during pooping their stool reverse back. It’s most suitable remedy for the men who give priority to their business or job to their family.

Pulsatilla Nigricans: It is also called the women remedy and best suitable for shy type women who like pastries, cakes, ice cream and baked items. They got very little or no thirst at all and start crying over little fights or issues.

Bowel nosodes for IBS: You will still need to know the similimum or the fundamental to choose the bowel nosode correctly and I have found in cases where the gut is not functioning that the bowel nosodes is needed once a week. Even after the millennium the primary source of information regarding bowel nosodes was from the 1951 presentation by Elizabeth Paterson summarizing the 20 years research with thousands of cases that she and her husband John assembled following Bach’s departure to Wales. One needs to take into consideration the context of the era and the nature of many of the patients that Thomas Maugham was consciously attracting not only as a homeopath but also as Chosen Chief of the Druid Order. In the 1970’s he was attracting many hippies as both a spiritual teacher as well as for treatment. They came cluttered with the pathological consequences of recreational drug use masking their more deeply needed miasmatic and constitutional symptoms that are essential for effective homeopathic healing. Morgan 200 followed by Sulphur 10M was prescribed many times for this purpose as a way of cutting through the pathology to allow the symptoms for really deep prescribing for the person to emerge. Even Hahnemann under the influence of Melanie began to start some cases with sulphur. Compton Burnett likewise with initial organopathic treatment to get through to essential person. It needs to be kept in mind that Thomas’s use of bowel nosodes was appropriate to the circumstances of 40-45 years ago for the patients he vibration ally attracted and the prescribing system that he followed. The toxic load of drugs both recreational and legal, Wi-Fi, vaccination, GMO, and etc. has worsened dramatically since the post Thalidomide era of his time. This means that homeopaths need to experiment on patients that are willing to experiment and carry forward the work of Elizabeth and John Paterson, Thomas, etc. not only with bowel nosodes but the emerging range of traditionally and meditatively proved remedies that have been coming on stream during the past 20 years. Meanwhile we have Monsanto and glyphosates destroying the flora and fauna of the digestive tracts of a significant majority of the world’s population. Now the adaptive use, relevant to present circumstances, of remedies such as bowel nosodes are more needed now than ever.

You cannot recover from irritable bowel syndrome either using homeopathic or any other remedies if you do not believe that you can. Then you have to keep trying.  Imagine that your disease or whatever you want to call it is like fighting a war. The outcome is always different in the beginning and the middle and the end of a war. Sometimes you start out winning and you lose and sometimes you start out losing and you win. You already know what will happen if you don't put up a fight, but you have more of a chance by standing up to your disease.

Those who are suffering from IBS they have to find the right solution to cure the disease whether it gets from Ayurveda or from homeopathic remedies. Making useless comments does not help. Better understanding the disease will help for sure and modern medicine has no cure. But better understanding the disease and healthy lifestyle and quality of food and homeopathic remedies help with breathing exercise 100% get better.

Homeopathic Remedy Syphilinum Personality

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In this post, you will get a detailed overview of homeo remedy Syphilinum personality. I was discussing this remedy with some classes some while ago. When I asked the students which Nosodes they had prescribed, most said they had prescribed Carcinosin, Medorrhinum, and Tuberculinum fairly often, Psorinum less often, but about 90% of them had never prescribed this remedy. Never even considered prescribing it!

When I asked why the answer was partly because they had never really understood it, and partly because they had an over-dramatized picture of it. In other words, unless an ugly deformed person with six fingers and drool running down their chin, they were not going to prescribe it. This is a fantastic remedy and if you are not prescribing it regularly you will not be getting as many people well as you could be.

Here are some common personality features of Syphilinum!

  1. Obsessive Disorder!
  2. This may present in a number of ways and with varying severity.
  3. Anyone who will not walk under a ladder due to superstition has a touch of this, but for many it can come to limit his or her life.
  4. People who compulsively hand wash, people who compulsively check whether they have shut the door or turned the gas off might need this nosode.

Syphilinum homeopathy personality

I recently treated an adolescent boy with compulsive hand washing. He washed his hands around 30 times a day. it seemed to start when he had caught impetigo and his mum had to remind him to wash his hands frequently to prevent the spread of germs. The hand washing continued long after the Impetigo was a thing of the past. It developed into a time consuming ritual and he could not dry his hands after washing them because he worried about germs on the towel. As a consequence, his hands were red, sore and raw. He had been to another Homoeopath and had been given Carcinosin 200, then 1m. This was changed to Arsenicum Album 1m and 10m but after 6 months nothing had changed. I prescribed Syphilinum 200 once a week for three weeks and within 6 weeks he had entirely stopped (he retained a mild addiction to sanitizing hand gels for a few months but this too gradually disappeared.)

Two out of ten people suffer from OCD which can at times be crippling and can prevent the sufferer from leaving their house. At best it can take hours of the OCD sufferer’s time to complete the complex rituals they develop to deal with their anxiety. This is a complaint I treat a lot of, especially in children and adolescents.

Any strong desire to control the environment usually signals a feeling of loss of control internally and is a cardinal sign for Syphilinum. There is often a strong fear of germs and infection. A superstition is a mild form of OCD, A lot of people might avoid walking under a ladder if there was an easy alternative, someone who go home and miss out on something they had intended to do because it would have meant walking under a ladder, and they need Syphilinum.

I have a patient with a very large leg ulcer, an elderly lady, when I asked her whether she had managed to avoid the Flu this season she said , “ Oh yes, touch wood” whereupon she produced a small log from her handbag to touch. Superstition, as we have already mentioned, is a mild form of OCD and needless to say this lady got Conium and also Syphilinum with good effect.

The destructive personality of Syphilinum!

The destructive force is strong in a person needing Syphilinum, it may be an outward destructiveness, setting things on fire for example, but most often it will be a self-destructive tendency. We might see this in the family history with Alcoholism or drug addiction or in our patient themselves. Gambling is also an obsessive and destructive habit. Here might be a family history of suicide. The self-destructive tendency can be seen in any situation where the patient constantly sabotages their own efforts. An obese person who always breaks their diet, a person who is always late for job interviews, it could be seen in very many situations.

If you see a patient who has had many accidents injuries or broken bones this may be part of the destructive energy of Syphilinum. I had a patient with very severe migraines who in his case history had suffered from three broken legs ( well he only had two legs but he had broken one of them three times!) a broken wrist, a broken collar bone, a fractured skull from a fall, a broken vertebra from a car crash. A serious eye injury from a firework and a dislocated jaw and the loss of two teeth in another accident! He was 22 years old. He got Syphilinum 1m once a week for a month He never had another migraine.

Another who was constitutionally Ledum, but with a very pronounced Syphilitic Miasm which required several doses of this nosode who told me his history, he was very amusing and really made me laugh although his tale was really anything but funny. He related that as a boy of 10 he had fallen out of a window and impaled himself on railings, he was trapped by the thigh and had to be cut free. He was in a wheelchair for a while and his sister was pushing him down an incline when a wasp flew down her top and stung her. She let go of the wheelchair and it sailed down the hill, straight up a path and through a plate glass door. He broke both arms and suffered multiple lacerations. Later in life, he managed to get himself stabbed twice, once in the arm with a Stanley knife in a dispute over a bag of chips and once during a mugging. He had also had an industrial accident where he had been stapled to a wooden bench with a nail gun, ( you could not make it up). His presenting complaint was cluster migraines which were agonizing. He was bordering on Alcoholic. I think you can see where the Ledum and the Syphilinum come in.

Creative personality of Syphilinum!

In remedies, we often see the idea of polarities, remedies that are in the rubric ‘low sense of self-esteem’ for instance might also be in the rubric for Haughtiness. The opposite polarity to Destructiveness is Creativity, and so we see a lot of creativity in people with a strong syphilitic Miasm. Often drawn to drama, music, or painting they may combine the ability to create beautiful art with a major tendency to self-destruct. In the history of Art, Literature and Entertainment we can see huge numbers of people who have died early either from violence ( accidental or deliberate) or suicide. In this century, we could cite Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Michael Hutchence, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Marvin Gaye, James Dean, Marylyn Monroe, Judy Garland, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Jayne Mansfield, Sylvia Plath. The list is endless. In previous centuries, we could cite, VincentVan Gogh, Edouard Manet, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert, Gustave Flaubert, Guy de Maupassant, Oscar Wilde. It is said by some that in the 18th Century some artists actually tried to contract Syphilis as they believed it would bring, along with the many terrible symptoms, a Muse who would enhance their creativity.

In her book ‘POX –Genius, Madness and Mysteries of Syphilis’ (Basic Books 2003) Deborah Hayden tells us that, ‘right before the madness, the Syphilitic was often rewarded, in a kind of Faustian bargain for enduring the pain and despair, by episodes of creative euphoria, joyous energy when grandiosity led to new vision’

The ugly personality of Syphilinum!

This is the impression we get from the old books, Deformed, Stunted, Smelly and obscene. We might expect to see Hutchinson peg teeth, a flabby bag for a nose. Yet look at the list we have made, including Marylyn Monroe and Judy Garland Vivien Leigh and Jayne Mansfield Most of these troubled stars of stage and screen were exceptionally beautiful. Princess Diana is another example of this. She was certainly beautiful, with a history of depression. A history of forming unsuitable relationships of being obsessive (100 calls in one day to Oliver Hoare) She had a history of Anorexia and Bulimia and died tragically in a car crash at the age of 36. We can recognize this external beauty with internal destruction as the hidden phase of Syphilis. After the primary lesion, the disease goes inside, leaving no external sign of the havoc it is wreaking.

Depression and Syphilinum!

Many Syphilinum patients present with depression. They have darkness around them. They are unavailable to get in touch with any joy in their life. There may be many shades of self-destruction in someone with depression from self-harming to suicide , the ultimate expression of self-destruction. One of my very depressed patients who had been given Syphilinum told me when he returned for his next visit that is felt as if he had taken a heavy black cloak he had been wearing for a long time.

The isolated personality of Syphilinum!

This may be part of the depression but it can be seen in someone without depression. They are often people who feel outside of the crowd. They feel like they don’t belong. I have seen many patients who require this nosode who feel that there is a glass wall between them and others, a symptom which can also be found in the remedies Anacardium and Thuja.

Syphilinum is a remedy for the Heart Chakra and as such we can see them having difficulty in forming open and trusting relationships with others. They can feel unwanted, unloved and suspicious of the love that others might try to show them. At the extreme end of the scale this could make them misanthropic loners, but more often we can see that they never feel fully connected to another person and this can make them feel very lonely.

The secretive personality of Syphilinum!

Syphilis hides itself. After the first stages of contagion, it disguises itself and up until the development of the Wasserman diagnostic test it was very difficult to diagnose. It also hides by being accompanied by a sense of shame. You might ask your patient his or her family history and learn that there was Heart disease and Cancer; they might possibly know that an uncle had TB, but most people will be blissfully unaware that Granddad had Syphilis as the fact of the disease has been hidden. Researchers of Syphilis were hampered by both of these facts. The patient requiring Syphilinum as a nosode might also be secretive, partly due to their lack of trust in others, partly due to a feeling, like Thuja, that if you knew what they were really like you would despise them. The self-loathing of Syphilinum can lead them to hide their innermost thoughts and feelings from others so that in consultation they come across as very closed and secretive and very guarded.


Most of the problems that beset this remedy are worse in the hours of darkness between sleeping and waking. It may be pain that wakes them in the night. It may be an inability to sleep. It can sometimes be an aggravation in the mental state where the patient is very anxious or depressed. Any problems that are significantly worse in the night should make you think of this remedy.


Here are a few things, either currently or in the history that would make me consider a dose of Syphilinum.


Recurring tonsillitis is a pointer towards this nosode, anyone with a history of severe throat problem, and possibly a resulting tonsillectomy might be helped by it. Especially if there has been a Quinsy or tonsil abscess. I have even treated acute tonsillitis with Syphilinum. My friend who is a Homoeopath had a sick teenage daughter, She had been unwell for a week and was getting worse. Her throat was so painful and swollen she could not even swallow her own saliva let alone food or drink.
Her breath was absolutely foul and she was dribbling all over her pillows and waking herself at night. Her mum had given her Mercury in various different strengths and even tried Merc Iodatum rubrum. Then she went onto Hepar sulphur and then offered her daughter antibiotics. The Daughter said no to the antibiotics and they called me. When I entered, the smell in her room was absolutely foul and after taking the case I could not see why Merc Sol was not working. I prescribed Syphilinum 200 once every four hours and suggested they repeat the mercury the following day. They called me around 11 the following morning to report those 24 hours after starting the Syphilinum. She was so much better that they felt they could just leave it to work and she got better within a day or two.


There is not a lot written about the skin complaints of this remedy apart from ulceration and fissures both of which are certain pointers to this remedy but I also made a discovery about this nosode and Eczema. I had a patient, a little boy of three with very severe eczema I had given him a lot of remedies and he was only slightly better. I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. He was very severely aggravated at night, so his parents were getting no sleep. It was all over his body and his face was so severe he looked like a burns victim. I decided on the severity of the nightly aggravation, to give a dose of Syphilinum. I repertoire and in doing so I looked up Eczema in the skin chapter, Syphilinum was not included in the general Eczema rubric. I was desperate so I gave it anyway while I worked some more on the case. When he came back to see me a month later, I could not believe it was the same boy. His parents reported a huge improvement within days of taking the remedy. The improvement was all over but had started with his face. I was delighted of course, but it was somewhat unexpected. I looked up Eczema in the face chapter and there it was, Syphilinum in italics- who knew? Certainly not me! Since then I cannot tell you how many severe eczema cases I have helped with this nosode. (Well I can- about 20). They have all been longstanding cases, affecting the whole body with a particular aggravation on the face.

They have all been reported as “tearing’ or ‘raking’ at their skin in a desperate and destructive fashion. There is a significant nightly aggravation and their sheets are usually covered in blood in the morning. As well as Eczema remember that Syphilinum skin may present with Ulcers (anywhere), Fissures, Fistula and rectal or genital Warts.

Herpetic lesions anybody who suffers from cold sores anywhere on the body will get a dose of Syphilinum from me at some point in their treatment. I think the herpetic ulcer is a representation of the original Chancre.

Discharges Which Are Blood Streaked

Bloody discharges would alert me to the presence of this nosode. This could be a chronic discharge, such as a bleeding ulcer, or Psoriasis which bleeds easily, or it could be an acute discharge. An ear infection with a bland discharge might need Pulsatilla amongst others, but if the discharge becomes streaked with blood were looking at the Syphilitic miasm and associated remedies such as Mercury or Hepar Sulph. Whilst on the subject of ear infections it can be a remedy where the ear infection has become chronic and when this happens the ossicles can get destroyed by the infection.

Auto Immune Problems

I think it stands to reason that if our problems are self-destructive this could manifest in our Body destroying its own tissues, which is what is happening when our system makes antibodies against our own tissues or secretions.

Guttate psoriasis: This is an acute form of Psoriasis which usually follows a severe streptococcal infection of the throat. The Guttate (which means droplet) psoriasis develops mainly on the trunk in tiny patches. It will typically last for three to six months and then spontaneously resolve. I believe this is an attempt by the body to throw off or weaken the Syphilitic miasm. Syphilinum may useful for any psoriasis.

By:  Hilery Dorrian

How Homeopathic Remedies Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder

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So many people from different parts of the world including America are consulting classical Indian homeopaths for alternative treatments for autism spectrum disorder. In India, naturopaths are using homeopathic remedies along with herbal Ayurvedic remedies, Bach flower remedies, and a bunch of Yoga techniques. In modern medication system still there is no treatment available for autism disorder. Now there is no doubt that the behavioral therapies and natural homeopathic remedies for autism spectrum disorders are the only hope for poor children facing Autistic disorder, Asperger's syndrome or PDD-NOS.

An exploration of homeopaths experiences worldwide treating autism, methodologies, and remedies. We will also look at some remedies and rubrics. In this post, I will give some detailed information about new techniques used in homeopathy, where the bowel nosodes and matrimonial remedies were almost unknown. There are several homeopathic remedies for autism in children and young adults.
Homeopathy is an amazingly flexible system. Hence, there is no end of methodologies and anecdotes. Sure you have heard stories of the harm caused by isopathic and tautopathic remedies in the 90s but not so much recently. So yes you may also have heard from a few people of vaccines in potency causing aggravations and messing up a case. I never saw any of this myself though but saw plenty of detox and healing through the use of vaccines in potency. On the other hand, we have several studies giving solid evidence that modern vaccinations are a big cause of autism and various other autoimmune disorders. I still think that just being a healing homeopath who listens and connects with the patient is more important than methodologies. I think a healing homeopath just gets drawn to the right remedies. I treated an autistic spectrum child a long time ago. His autism would always be worse when he was constipated and vice versa. Lac-humanum and Lac-maternum where indicated for him, and mom was great in measuring his progress with constipation too.

If you find the right remedy it can be miraculous. So many people tried it and never did find the right one but it was worth trying. Homeopathic remedies don't have any side effects. If you don't get the right one, it means they just don't work.
How does homeopathy work for autism

Some early signs of an autistic toddler!
Not all the autistic babies show the same signs of this disorder, here I posted most common grouped symptoms may visible in an autistic baby.

1) Kid do not respond to his name, not making eye contact, pressing around ears, seeking deep pressure, spinning, echolalia, side to side head shaking, sensory seeking behavior.
2) The child doesn't like to be touched, hugs, or kisses on the cheek, he may have little communication. When he got excited or frustrated he would swing his arms around really fast. He wouldn't like to play with toys how they are supposed to be played with he would line them up.
3) Baby make no eye contact, unaware of surroundings, not responding to his name, running around the house without a purpose, does not play with toys properly, has problems eating certain solid foods, spinning, no pointing, does not talk.
4) Fear of water, head banging, no speech, lack of interest in TV, and toys, don't like clothes, fear of people, cried at the slightest sounds.

There are several obstacles to cure autism and Down syndrome patients:

1. When there are many age-inappropriate treatments, situations and circumstances and others' age-inappropriate behaviors towards the child with autism. The child's defense mechanisms around the autism become more entrenched. Hiding, concealing their lack of understanding from others, and becoming expert at mimicry of social conventions without cognitive understanding. When challenged too frequently they can bump to out of body, flight-taking, withdrawal response which has to be prescribed upon again to continue learning and progress.

2. I have found it near difficult (in my own personal experience) to engage the parents in understanding this especially if they have a very static view of a condition as being set in stone with no chance of progress because that all problems come from the 'disease' itself and their search for cure does not incorporate the understanding that these kids once 'healed' will still need a full childhood of development to occur no matter what age they are.

3. I find that most major changes can cause regression and that intensive case management and perceptions around these shifts can be limited by practicalities. It is incredible work and hugely challenging and it would be wonderful for more heads and hearts amongst homeopaths to come together to discuss this and how much more could be achieved with more clarity as to these observations and experiences. I have also found that some major polychrests has incredible impacts in ways which I could never have anticipated bit which later made sense to me: Phosphorus, Nat-Mur, Zincum, Thuja, Phos, Lycopodium, Silicea, Med, Syphilinum and although I have incredible respect for CEASE , I do feel that the scope of old Materia Medica fundamentals can be rather underestimated. I also think that overemphasis on controlling external toxin factors verges on allopathic, materialist approaches to disease.

I suppose one point I meant to articulate is that people frequently see through the lens of 'illness' , bypass perceiving and really seeing the 'individual person' and being observant of where the person is at and thus miss so many opportunities to be of help and service. After all we all know about the clichés around elderly people behaving like big children, or a 50 year old guy who is still stuck in his teens trying to live out those years, or an older woman competing with her own daughter in regards to relationships or a 12 year old who is babyish or late-launching Silica type of who is in his/her thirties and takes a while to get a life that his/her peers had way back already in their 20's etc, this is exactly the same thing. If we really delve into it, we are all on a spectrum of development at different stages at different ages. It would be lovely to be 'real' and just acknowledge it and use it for powerful appropriate prescribing to foster true personal and bodily growth and development. I always loved Hahnemann's exhortation to observe and perceive. Utterly fundamental to healing and love of each individual human being and understanding the need of the dynamics. In my observations of kids with severe autism, or Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s the recovery symptom pictures seem to move in reverse order of the autism spectrum itself, so from the severe end diagnostically, all the way through Asperger's at the less severe end, into ADHD and ADD before completely balancing out. So as school re-evaluations get gradually and continually revised, the diagnosis move in progressive order right through the spectrum, without skipping any stages!

Given what we know about the importance of Early Intervention for enabling children to reach optimal outcomes, it is a Social Justice problem as well as an educational and medical one. As professionals, we must do more to provide access to services and resources for young children of color with autism and their families! Every child deserves the best chance to learn, grow, and enjoy life. Every family deserves the support of people who understand and care.

I met many people with a wide range of disabilities and they were intelligent, well-spoken people, who for some reason struggled in the world of college, usually because they were trying to fit their beautiful unique brain into the square hole required for a day in, day out college life. What they had been what now referred as Autism Spectrum Disorder, albeit on the more neurotypical side.

We are surrounded by good people, who were smart and kind and thoughtful, and occasionally capable of causing immense harm to their fellow students because of fear, because they were afraid. And they lashed out, sometimes at those who wished only to help them. But here’s the secret: We’re all afraid. Some of us don’t look like it, but they are. We fear loneliness, rejection, failure, and most of all, one another. Some people say that’s the way people are, that we are mere apes given sentience. I don’t want to believe that. I want to believe that people, every day you and me people, are capable of great things when we work together. But in order to do that, we must not turn a blind eye. We have to solve the little injustices and the big ones. The school bullies and the corporate bullies must fall. If they yell, we must yell louder. We all just want to keep our heads down and hope that someone else will deal with societies problems, but if we all hope that, who will be the one to fight for what’s right?

Homeopathic Remedies for Autism Spectrum Disorder!

Mercurius Solubilis: Many autistic children are mercury poisoned as I understand it; their elimination pathways for mercury are impaired. It’s one of the reasons not to take folic acid in pregnancy, in case the maternal and foetal genetics are such that the folic acid is not converted to folate and blocks receptor sites for folate so that the methylation is hampered.

Saccharum Officinale: A great natural remedy to make a well understanding relation between autistic baby and his family, classmates and teachers. This remedy never fails if the autistic child failed to understand someone feelings.

Tarentula Hispanica: This is a nosode remedy made up from a spider serum; extreme excitement from music is the pet symptom of this remedy. If an autistic baby cannot hold his emotion on listening music, a single dose of Tarentula Hispanica may bring a complete cure.

Hydrogenium: A wonderful remedy, it’s also called the remedy for a beautiful mind. Split personality is one of the most important symptoms of this great remedy. You may read several autism recovery stories under this remedy.

Agaricus Muscarius: Wonderful mushrooms full of health benefits for children who are not responding to learn talk and walk at early ages. Agaricus children are mostly fearless; they can pick dangerous things like insects, electric items without any fear. They live their own wonderland, they used to muttering unusual things and don’t pay attention to their surroundings.

D.N.A: It’s a rare homeopathic remedy but it’s very useful remedy, it must be used in all types of Hyperactivity. This remedy helps to restore the original DNA functionality.

Hyoscyamus Niger: Best suitable remedy for hallucination combined with eating and drinking dysfunction.

Thuja occidentalis: This is the best homeopathic remedy to antidote side effects of any vaccination. In autism, the kid thinks his soul is out of his body and he is getting commands from some superior forces.

Helium: This is recently proved homeopathic remedy and you may don’t get it easily from your local homeopathic stores but, it needs a worth try in such cases where patient lives in an outer world. So many homeopaths claim, they get a 100% success from this remedy in schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders.

Homeopathic treatment shows 100% success rate in autism children, in young adults success rate is not 100% but it bring major improvements. Autism is so common these days it's an epidemic, raising awareness shouldn't be an issue. It's the parents who have to deal with the comments at the same time as they are coming to terms with a life-changing diagnosis and caring for their child with additional needs. I really empathize with them, as practitioner's we need to be the model of the unprejudiced observer and keep our knee jerk comfort phrases to ourselves.

During successful recovery from a severe autism picture, a child's behavior will not be age-appropriate for that child's current age. It will be closer to age-appropriate for that child at the time of the onset of his autism condition, such as 3 years old. So in recovery, the child's healing signs will include the resumption of classical developmental progression, but from that earlier stage where it was previously arrested. This presents unique challenges to our remedy selection process, and for determining which symptoms in the picture are already recovering versus not yet responding and needing additional treatment.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Bovine Colostrum for Humans

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Bovine Colostrum got amazing benefits for human health. Colostrum is the first milk any mammal including human, cow, goat, horse produces after giving birth. It is full of antibodies and a lower grade protein that is more easily digested by the newly birthed creature. You need to feed it to them the first 24 hours. You may bring a colostrum product that was supposed to be healthy and natural, to help you with your chronic fatigue or autoimmune disorders. You can try to get a couple ounces to start, now some will take more just depends on, and then every 3 to 4 hours you can feed again. Each time they are stronger and take more. You may keep colostrum a year in the freezer. Just like freezing food, the more care you take with collecting and packaging, the better it will keep. So clean hands or latex gloves on a clean udder, clean bucket or cup or bottle for collection, and clean storage container. A package rated for freezing and tightly sealed against air exchange is a must.

Nowadays if you live in a chaotic lifestyle and want to keep a good health and immunity, it is a quite a difficult task. It is common to suffer in allergies, asthma, depression, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers in such an artificial lifestyle. If you want to avoid these troubles, you need to facilities yourself to seek assistance in nature. One can get rid of these problems by adding a regular exercise, organic foods and natural supplements in your daily life.
Bovine Colostrum Health Benefits 

Top 10 Health Benefits of Bovine colostrum!

Immunoglobulins: This is so essential for proper metabolism functionality; this is an antibody plays an important role against a variety of disorders, including cancer cells.

Lactoferrin: The presence of Lactoferrin in cow colostrum helps to keep red blood cells healthy for long in the body; it also prevents the growth of bacteria and has important antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Lactoferrin plays an important role in all kind of infections, diseases, allergies, cancer, and tumors, suppresses burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Anti-aging properties of cow colostrum make your skin glow and bring an attractive charm in your overall personality.

It provides a regeneration power to stem cells that’s the reason it helps healing wounds so rapidly. Bovine colostrum contains good vitamins for hair health, it also used in various cosmetic products. A regular use of colostrum powder makes your skin healthy and your hair shiny.

Bovine colostrum benefits include rapid muscle development during bodybuilding, in Australia it’s the top ranking and most favorite natural food supplement for all athletes. You may already read several stories and testimonials about colostrum by Australian sportspersons in various newspapers. 

PRP molecules: Cow colostrum contains a group of molecules called PRP: it is a powerful regulator of the immune system.

It boosts up the functionality of pituitary gland, also a useful natural remedy for a powerful memory.

Slowing aging: Natural growth factors are very important for the growth of a child and for general tissue regeneration and wound healing, and the presence of these factors in colostrum are very useful for slowing aging.

Minerals and vitamins: Bovine colostrum is rich in multivitamins and essential minerals and it make the colostrum even more important and health-promoting substances for energy seekers. Vitamin C, B, D, folic acid,  essential minerals such as selenium, sulfur, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and many other makes the colostrum a powerful natural supplement.

The colostrum is available as a dietary supplement in the form of tablets or powder. Naturopaths recommended it mainly for immune support, so it is suitable in cases of frequent bacterial and viral diseases, or if you have any disease which is linked with a weaken immune system. Colostrum is a very valuable natural remedy to provide strength and energy during recuperation or any mental and physical exertion. The use of colostrum is also useful for prevention of gastric ulcers, cancers, tumors, toenail fungus, candida die-off, cardiovascular diseases, chronic infections and troubles of the digestive tract.

Interesting facts about  Bovine Colostrum:
  1. When cows give birth, their first milk is extracted and pasteurized into milk powder for human consumption.
  2. Cow colostrum is 20 times stronger than human colostrum in term of the immune system.
  3. There's so many companies marketing colostrum and claiming to be beneficial. In actual fact, it doesn't do much at all. Though it contains higher antibodies but the antibodies don’t seem to be very active in human bodies.
  4. There is some truth in building immunity with cow's colostrum. Under certain conditions certain children might need it, so let’s not intimidate this life-saving gift of nature. But if your child is healthy why to go for it. In Australia its practitioner only supplements.
  5. Mother Nature perfected human Breast Milk for a human baby, which is also the same reason why formula milk is harder for babies to digest because they are meant for a calf.

Does cow colostrum is good for infants!

Cow colostrum has 15 years history in china market and last year September government just makes a call to ban cow colostrum in infant formula. China used to be the world largest bovine colostrum consumer, what do you think the ministry of health making such a prohibition? Mother's milk is the most natural and nutritious food for baby. Babies fed with breast milk have shown to have a better immune system why need to supplement the baby if a baby is growing well? Human relies too much on technologies and apparently they have forgotten their roots and sadly they not confident in their bodies. But breast milk for sure is the best for your baby as it's not processed. Those milk powder, canned milk or pasteurized milk already processed. Why would we feed our baby processed food at such young age? I don't think a mother's diet will be worse than any processed food out there.

Why would we give human baby a goat's milk? Shouldn't it be human for human? I know your MIL meant well, but sometimes we must take charge, and put your foot down. Be firm and believe in your own principle. This is your baby, and you're the mother. I’m sure you read enough, asked enough and know enough about breastfeeding. To me, colostrum is also milk. It comes from the same tap doesn't it? Difference is, colostrum is the beginning of liquids packed with nutrients designed especially for newborns and the matured milk will come eventually as the baby grows older. That's the basic concept. Well, if you want to read more on that, No goat, cows milk even water or honey back to basic. Mother own milk is the best option for her baby. You give into your milk, or stand firm, it’s your choice, and it’s your baby. Stay strong and happy breastfeeding mom. Hence there are not proven evidence of colostrum supplement side effects yet but still many doubts it cause candida die off.

I am bottle feeding two lambs now. They are 3 weeks old. I go outfeed every 6 hours but getting ready to reduce to 3 feedings. They are eating creep feed and eating hay. They are eating about 12 ounces each feeding. I buy a lamb milk replacer for these feelings. I only use a lamb replacer. There are multi-species replacers available but it is best to stick to lamb only. It is so critical to get the good stuff in them that first 24 hours. They do make powder colostrum too. I also hand milk a few high producing gentle beef cows each calving season and freeze them colostrum to use for any calf too weak to nurse their mother. It's important to make sure each calf receives, at least, a quart of this liquid gold within 12 hours of birth. I have used very old colostrum (2 years) but I make sure the calf also gets a pint or two of fresh even if I have to go to the neighbor's dairy or mug a cow of my own to get it.

We used to rely heavily upon heat lamps and towels to get wet newborns dry, but have since switched to these blankets. The blanket retains the lamb's body heat so that it stays actively looking for the teat instead of just hunched up shivering under a heat lamp. And any shepherd will tell, colostrum is life to a newborn lamb, especially when temperatures dip below freezing. We have found that covering the lambs is less work and more effective for getting lambs through those first critical hours than towel drying and heat lamps, plus safer too. Every year I hear of barn fires caused by heat lamps. Besides that, who wouldn't think a lamb I plaid coat is adorable to boot.

In homeopathy there are several remedies made from animal’s milk including Lion’s milk, Wolf’s milk, Horse’s milk, Lac felinum, Lac caninum, lac defloratum. These are very useful remedies and give great results in several ailments. Hahnemann writes about the importance of good nutrition in healing so I see good nutrition as part of homeopathy. Good nutrition offers the right building blocks for the job. Unfortunately, it's often poor diet and unhealthy thought patterns which create the problem to begin with, so it goes without saying that this is what must change (in addition to using homeopathy) in order to not recreate the original situation. I think what many people fail to understand about Homeopathy is that its capacity to heal cannot always be pinned down or explained logically. It very often just fills and minds all those nebulous gaps and cracks that fall In between various other established methods of cure.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Treatment in Homeopathy

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Are homeopathic remedies effective for PCOS? Yes chocolate, bilateral and polycystic ovarian syndrome can be cured by homeopathy and the cure is permanent without any surgery or side effects like unwanted hair, hair loss, weight gain, menstruation problems, infertility, thyroid problems, delay in pregnancy, etc. Homeopathy is a purely natural treatment having no chemical formulations, by following a simple diet plan with homeopathic remedies any women, married or unmarried could easily get rid of PCOS permanently. A good homeopathic doctor can easily collect the particular symptoms of a remedy during case taking and can be prescribed the right remedy. It is case to case need individuality. Homeopathy is the only system that looks at the whole person and not just at the individual parts of the body.

If you don't know what PCOS is read into it? It can be painful at times and cause lots of problems. It's a hormone imbalance so yes your hair might be darker. The more you weigh the worst it can be and it's hard to lose weight when you have it. PCOS or PCOD is a complex condition, involving thyroid dysfunction, which affects ovarian function, insulin production, weight regulation and more.

In most cases of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), etiology is unclear etiology, and there is still not an obvious perceptive about its any link to the genetic background. Approximately half of the women with PCOS are failed to get insulin resistance and this is not included in the diagnostic criteria. Now researchers are trying to improve PCOS diagnosis and treatment methods to cover greater risks of infertility, endometrial cancer, disorders of sugar metabolism and cardiovascular diseases.

Today the term polycystic ovary syndrome is based on the description given by Stein and Leventhal, who first declared that women with polycystic ovaries are usually facing cycle disorders, bearded chin, infertility, hyperandrogenism, and obesity.

Various concepts of the pathogenesis of PCOS    
  • Mostly neuroendocrine disorder causing to increased the pulse rate and high amplitude frequency of LH are also noticed.
  •  Huge chances of failure of ovarian androgen biosynthesis.
  • Boost up the activity of the opioid system and reduced the production of SHBG.
  • Failure of insulin secretion leading to insulin resistance and hyperinsulinism.    
  • It may bring a change in cortisol metabolism leading to increased adrenal androgen production.

Pregnant women with PCOS are usually facing the following risks.
  • More frequent spontaneous abortion (the risk is higher by 30 - 50%).
  • High blood pressure in pregnancy
  • Frequent abdominal pains with dizziness
  • Preeclampsia (high blood pressure and protein loss in the urine)
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Appetite loss or increased hunger is also noticed in several cases.
  • There may need of neonatal intensive care unit after the birth.

PCOD or PCOS treatment also include the control of the metabolism of diet and exercise. Reduction in body weight in overweight women is the chief healing measures. Metformin is a substance used for decreasing insulin resistance and its high levels. Metformin recovers the ovarian function and improves the effects of other drugs that are used to stimulate ovulation. In PCOS women, unwanted body hair is removed by ordinary cosmetic hair removal methods. It is also a proficient use of hormonal contraceptives, which both decreases the objectionable consequence of male hormones and help in regulates the menstrual cycle. If the traditional treatment does not make the grades, it is possible to use surgical methods.

Symptoms and sign of PCOS!
Some major symptoms during or before noticed in PCOS cases are listed below. If you got few of them at the same time, it’s an alarming situation. Contact your general physician or the best homeopath in your area.
  1. No ovulation
  2. Oligomenorrhea, it’s an extending in periods cycle
  3. Amenorrhea, it’s a condition of missing cycle
  4. Hirsutism, especially on the face, chest, back, abdomen and inches on the hands and feet
  5. Insulin resistance, or to type 2 diabetes
  6. Oily face skin, acne on face, dandruff, thinning hair, balding start from front head
  7. Obesity with rapid weight gain
  8. Cardiovascular disease associated with atherosclerosis, heart attack and sleep apnea
  9. Steatosis, a condition of fatty liver
  10. Miscarriage or abortion during every third or 7tth month of pregnancy
  11. Autoimmune thyroiditis with constipation and other stomach issues
  12. Anxiety attacks with depression and scary thoughts
  13. High blood pressure and increased cholesterol level

PCOS - what is the treatment used in Homeopathy, how does it work, and is the condition curable or only able to be controlled?

The treatment used in homeopathy is based on a whole consideration of the patient. So for e.g. in PCOS which is a polycystic ovary, all the symptoms of the patient will be taken into consideration before deciding the remedy. This may include mental and emotional condition of the patient, also details about the Appetite,(food desires, aversions) Sleep, eliminations(motion, urine, sweat etc), aversion symptoms, etc. whether the person is warm or chilly, all the symptoms of the disease also will be taken into consideration. Hence, you see there is no ready-made remedy for every condition but every case is a new challenge. The medicine works on a well demonstrated but very little known law of nature called the "The Law of similar". The medicine works by stimulating the innate immune mechanisms of the ill person. Yes, PCOS is curable by good quality homeopathy. I have treated many, and many with PCOS. I get them to go on a Gluten Free, Dairy free diet; it is essential it’s GF as the Gluten mimics the antibodies and continues to attack the thyroid gland. I give Thyroxine in potency 6c usually. I also use New Vista Thyroid liquescence and a good Omega in the evening at bedtime and a very low GI diet. Patrick Holford has a great book on PCOS and how to treat it diet and nutritionally. I use Ginseng and Turmeric and pro-Green powder or chlorocaps something along with homeopathic remedies to help the inflammation.

Homeopathic remedies for PCOS!

Folliculinum: This is the best remedy and gives absolute results when there is a history of birth control pills found in the patient. These contraceptive pills bring disgusting abnormalities in female hormones level and in results they are facing problems like rapid weight gain, hirsutism and ovaries cysts.

Pituitary Gland: This is a nosode remedy, it works awesome when we find a major disturbance in pituitary gland along with PCOD, and you may also use this remedy in 30c along with other remedies as a complementary remedy.

Thallium Metallicum: PCOS problems along with thyroid dysfunction, myelitis, and adrenal fatigue are calling for Thallium. In this remedy, the patient got unbearable pains like an electric shock.

Natrum Muriaticum: Natrum Mur is a suitable remedy for loyal women, who like long baths of fresh water, do not like sympathy and eagerly eat salty foods.

Thuja occidentalis: Chances of getting pregnant with PCOS is always low especially when there is a history of bad effects of any vaccination. Thuja is our best homeopathic remedy to eliminate all type of vaccination side effects and give a hope of pregnancy to PCOS women.

Aurum Metallicum: The Polycystic ovarian syndrome with a great depression and anxiety, the patient got suicidal thoughts all the time, she loses interest in living. She got a relief by putting warm objects like iron on belly during cyst pains.

Apis Mellifica: Women of this remedy cannot tolerate to heat, working in the kitchen is always very difficult to them. Their complaints got aggravated by heat and they feel relax in cold. Normally patient tongue is bright red without thirst and got pains like bee stings.

Pulsatilla Nigricans: Another commonly used remedy for the ovarian syndrome, Pulsatilla women are easy to recognize. These women are a bit flirty type, like sympathy, like fried foods and baked items, normally having no thirst, start crying over little matters, moveable pains, pains starts slowly but goes suddenly, like fresh air and cannot tolerate heating.

Thyroidinum: PCOS associated with hyperthyroidism and thyroid nodules come under this remedy. This is also a nosode remedy so do not repeat it frequently.

Lachesis, Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Sepia, Adrenalinum, Thallium Met, Lilium tigrinum, Collinsonia Canadensis, Ashoka, and Sabina or also remarkable homeopathic remedies used for PCOS treatment.

Ayurvedic home remedies for PCOS

Natural and Ayurvedic herbal remedies offer useful prospects to improve the health condition of women suffering polycystic ovarian syndrome. Also, keep in mind that all the home remedies are given on this page are supporting remedies and most of them may already available in your home kitchen. These herbal remedies are may not fully cure your disorder but by adding these natural foods in your daily diet will surely give you a lot of health benefits and improve your immunity as well.
Indian gooseberry, spearmint tea, bitter gourd, holy basil, flax seeds, apple cider vinegar, honey, cinnamon, fenugreek, saw palmetto, chaste berry, turmeric powder is the most important home remedies useful for PCOS. It is important not to exceed the dose and take these herbs only when needed. Overdose or frequent doses of these herbs can cause side effects such as mood swings, stomach upset, nausea, vertigo, and depression.

An early diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome in women minimizes the treatment and further issues related to this disease. The aim of homeopathic treatment is not only to regulate the menstrual cycle, ovulation, and pregnancy implementation but it compensation for other serious health disorders that go together with this disease.

For patients with polycystic ovaries who are looking for a homeopathic assistance, it is imperative to know that a fully developed picture of the syndrome prevents natural pregnancy without former hormonal stimulation of the ovaries. It is important that the homeopathic treatment for PCOD started timely and follow all the instruction given by your physician in a correct manner or your disease can lead to serious tricky situations, including everlasting infertility. In homeopathy each patient is required an individual approach because there is no specific remedy for any disease, a remedy is always chosen according to the symptom, and it is very important to build a  good therapeutic relationship between physician and the patient. Desired goals that are expected from homeopathic treatment could be gain from a good cooperation. If you ever applied homeopathy for PCOS, kindly share your reviews about the treatment.