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Homeopathy Definition and Examples

Definition of homeopathy According to homeopathy, water has a memory in which it holds the medicinal effects of the actual substance and it transmits those effects into the patient's body when consumed. This is the mechanism of homeopathy (info taken from Wikipedia). There are several homeopathy definitions are circulated on the internet, every definition has it is on the theory of how it works. You will explore the full meanings of homeopathy in this article by reading certain useful examples; besides this page, you can discover hundreds of real homeopathic case examples on our site.
What does homeopathic mean? The homeopath's chief concern is the vital force. The meanings of homeopathy may give an idea of this vital force from the example of an egg. Inside the egg, there is a semi-fluid substance which too many serves no other purpose than food. But give that egg some time and a little warmth, and from that undifferentiated mass of substance comes out a bird with a full str…

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Does anger, anxiety and depression are curable with homeopathic remedies? Yes off course homeopathy naturally treat the person having depression and anxiety problems according to his symptoms. Homeopathy treatment for depression is much better than any naturopathic or holistic treatment because it is more close to nature than any other treatment in the world. Depression is characterized by a lack in one area (caused by personal actions, or the actions of others, or even other events and circumstances beyond control) and an excess in another area or areas. If you're depressed and play video games all day, quitting video games isn't the answer - You will still be depressed, just with fewer things to do. One other note - Putting one's self-worth in anything but accepting yourself as you are is a bad idea - One can put their self-worth in a belief, a hobby, a relationship (or relationships), their career, or a hobby, but ultimately, all of those things can go wrong, so your s…