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Does Homeopathy Take a Long Time to Work?

So many people are questioning and want to know about how long does it take to know if a homeopathic remedy is working, how long do homeopathic remedies last and how to ensure it really works or not?
Can We Simplify Classical Homeopathy? Is it possible to make a good homeopathic prescription without long interview with the patient and how long does homeopathy take to work? Is there a specific remedy for the specific problem or disease? My friend´s daughter or son is suffering from warts or skin eruption but their parent’s don´t have a time for long interview that is needed in order to find a "constitutional" remedy. Is it possible to make an exception and give "something" which will eliminate these warts or eczema? Acute illness can be either the best experience or the worst experience for the patient using homeopathy- treating acute illness is offer treatment under pressure - what tips can you suggest to the newly qualified homeopath facing a patient with a cough…