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10 Health Benefits of Eriobotrya Japonica - Loquat

Eriobotrya japonica which is also called Loquat is a spring delicious fruit that is popular in Asian countries especially in Pakistan, Japan, China, and India, in Japan it is called Japanese plum, its tree start giving fruit right after the end of autumn season and from Asian countries it supplied all over the world through high-speed couriers because its lifetime is only a few days. Due to it's medicinal and various health benefits, this fruit is so popular all over the world. Like all other fruits, nature gifted loquat with some extra features this is why this amazing juicy fruit could provide its own only one of its kind set of health benefits for the human fitness. In earlier 1900’s the ruling British government in subcontinent imported this fruit from Japan in India and since then it has been one of the most important fruits harvested across the Indo-Pak region as a most wanted summer fruit.
Loquat health benefits

Facts about Loquat!
*.The Eriobotrya japonica plant grows like a tree and it can grow as tall as an orange tree with thin branches. On average, loquat tree grows up to 8 to 14 feet.
*. In the mid of autumn loquat starts producing flowers and fruits grow in the start of spring, it produces food in the form of bunches same like grapes.
*.The fruit of the loquat is covered with a thin layer which light brown and inner fruit color is bright yellow.
Every loquat contains 3 or 4 big size seeds black in color.
*.It tastes sour at the start of the season, sweet and sour in the mid-season and sweet in end season.
*.It is a luscious pulpy fruit, which is also used as a salad as well.
*.Loquat put a cooling effect in your stomach and you could get the fresh juice of it.
*.It is grown in large quantities in the south Asia.
*.It is an evergreen plant.

History of Loquat!
Eriobotrya japonica belongs to the family of Chinese plum and it was first introduced in sub-continent by the British government. They planted it on experimental base in several parts of the subcontinent and they get favorable results from Punjab and Bengal soil. Now it’s a common summer fruit available at cheap prices in India and Pakistan fruit markets.

In traditional Chinese medicines, the loquat fruits, seeds, bark and the leaves of the loquat tree, have been used for various health issues and disorders. In Indian Ayurvedic medical system, the herbalist used its leaves tea to treat various stomach disorders and fruit as a natural stomach parasites killer. Although, like so many other local fruits its medicinal uses has not been confirmed through scientific research, but ancient Chinese herbalists believe strongly that loquat leaves tea can help fight against cancer cells. Let's have a look at it's medicinal uses in depth.

Health Benefits of Loquat!
Just like a lot of other fruits, loquat carries enormous worth with respect to its nutritional content. It is not only a fruit but you could use it as a medicine and it’s probably inexpensive and appetizing home remedy, you could easily discover in your fruit basket in the whole summer. It confirms to be favorable for the physical condition in a number of ways. Some of them are revealed below.

  1. Loquat naturally sucks extra heat from your body in the summer season and provides fresh feeling sensation in your body.
  2. It is a very effective remedy for minimizing the high thirst in hot days.
  3. It is a very useful fruit both for low blood pressure and high blood pressure patients, it equalize the blood flow.
  4. It is a great health tonic and you can use it as a tasty shake or its juice as an energy drink.
  5. Like other sour fruits, grapes, lemon and berries, the loquat is also full of antioxidant properties.
  6. Loquat is rich in Vitamin C and vitamin A.
  7. Loquat leaf is a great source of natural antioxidant; various studies proved that loquat leaves extract is mutually beneficial for diabetes, skin cancer, pancreas problems, and liver disorders and for removing parasites from the human body.
  8. It is very useful for skin problems, its regular consumption makes your skin silky and soft.
  9. It is a natural source of potassium, which is an effective mineral for blood flow and metabolism.
  10. Besides potassium, it’s also rich in other useful minerals like iron, zinc, manganese, calcium etc. 

Like watermelon, the loquat is also a good source of getting fresh energy in hot summer days. There are several types of Eriobotrya japonica are available in the market, but the sweetest type comes in medium size and dark yellow color. So forget all energy and fizzy drinks in this summer and bring a fresh coolness in your body by drinking fresh Eriobotrya japonica juice and shakes. In homeopathy, you could make your own mother tincture from loquat fruit or leaves and use it according to symptoms.


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