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Nanoparticles in Homeopathic Drugs

Do you know that our biochemical processes do not require identifying an element by its name? For example: In the biochemical process of Thyroid Hormone synthesis, it requires electrons to form T3 and T4. We call it as Tri-iodo-thyronine and tetra-iodo-thyronine. But the body chooses to get its electrons from Iodine, which is the weaker element in the Halogen group - Fl-Cl-Br-I-At. Astatine is a rare radioactive element and is similar to Iodine in its properties.
Due to the heavy contamination of our food, water and air with the halogens group, there occurs more readily available electrons in abundance from Fluorine, Bromine and Chlorine, which overtakes the electron affinity of Iodine with thyronine molecule to take part in the T3 and T4 formation. The T3 and T4 molecules formed from highly reactive electrons of Fl and Br etc wont be biologically available in further Vital reactions. That is the reason why even though we are supplying Iodine in abundance, the body cannot take up it …

What is Suppression and Cure in Homeopathy

There is a widespread opinion that while the use of creams with corticosteroids to control the symptoms of eczema has the negative effect on the human organism leading to its further deterioration that can manifest as serious internal disorders like asthma, epilepsy or whatever, the same use of creams that are "from nature" like cannabis cream, zinc ointments, etc has no side effects and there is no risk of development of serious chronic diseases. In the same way, a lot of people understand easily that the removing of chronic warts can lead to more serious problems but they think at the same time that the elimination of warts of infectious origin, the child can "catch" in the swimming pool is alright and it is not real suppression. Similar phenomena we can see in acute diseases and its "treatment" with antibiotics, that a very few people consider as a suppression having a strong negative effect on the human´s health as the antibiotics are widely accepted…