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ABC of Classical Homeopathy

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an exact science of health, wherein by careful thinking and deliberation steps are taken to restore health, based on universal principles of healing. ABC of homeopathy is not only a site likes abchomeopathy but to understand classical homeopathy in true sense you must accept the fact that homeopathy really works even for cancer patients.

Overcoming the disease or removing the chief complaints are the pleasant side effects that result from a careful use of this homeopathic science of health. I admire the Indian homeopaths they have the ability to treat serious pathology, that which in the west we might see little of; and if they do it well then they deserve the credit, there is much to learn from their way to practice and study as well. We cannot evaluate the results they have just from the posts, but we give the benefit of the doubt that they do obtain results in the 'majority' of their cases. I believe that when you have a 'pathology' in front of you it requires immediate attention, and a remedy that can treat that pathology quickly should be appreciated....following then with constitutional prescribing to address the underlying susceptibility. What disturbs me though is the 'ego' that evolves with time when the homeopath after repeat successes and the receiving of praise by the patients , who themselves have tried allopathic doctors who might have been said to be the best MD's for their condition; fall upon the Homeopath who subsequently cures them. Let's not deny this is an ego boost, and it is what keeps us going. After all, Homeopathy is superior. Although, Homeopathy is superior it should not make us feel that WE are superior! it is not to our merit that we cure, it is through the merit of what Homeopathy is ! Because when you search of Similimi and not Similimum, it is not your works that are great but the greatness then is in homeopathy and the creation of the vital energy that is smart enough to help the body even when the similimum is not given. We have been privileged in discovering and studying one of the divine secrets to human cure, but we are far from knowing the whole truth of this secret; and when we decide that we have nothing left to learn, then we have only cheated ourselves from unveiling more of this truth and becoming better at what we do. We should not forget that 'the one who thinks he knows everything, actually knows nothing at all".

The Homeopathy is a method of treating through the stimulation of the immune system of the body. Homeopathic remedy has as its objective to strengthen the body, mobilizing the immune system that is activated whenever some factor disrupts homeostasis and the order of our body. And the immune system will try to restore the health compromised. Homeopathic treatment stems from a holistic philosophy that focuses on the symptoms in their total expression - physical, emotional, mental, and social - and not on the disease or the diseased organ. More people may have the same disease, but the peculiarities of their being human, emotional and spiritual, may require different treatment and different medications to cure them.

For this personalized approach and the fact that it focuses on improving the overall health of man, homeopathic treatment is often effective where other treatments have failed.

In fact, the treatment of the disease must have the goal of well-being on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and not focus on the attainment of health by removing just the symptoms.
The effective remedy brings a beneficial effect on all levels of the human body, because the patient's health means freedom from any disorder that involves the physical, mental and spiritual. The health status is expressed with the creative and the balance of the person himself, and positively influences the people around him because it is obvious that any intervention equilibrium effects will be beneficial to every organization and individual movement and collective.

This holistic view of man we can talk about 3 levels!

1. Physical disorder which creates pain and not functioning optimally.

2. Psychic level - emotional when it gets sick with anxiety can manifest itself , for example , fear , anger, sadness ,

3 - Mental level -the most sophisticated intellectual and characterized by three attributes - clarity, consistency and creativity. The disease leads to impaired memory, concentration, confusion and madness.

"Who are those who suffer? We cannot know but sometimes belong to us”

If classical is real homeopathy then why today homeopath neglect it?
A homeopath is not good in case taking, when they have to use many remedies at the same time. If your goal is quick fix, then It is OK, but you do not bring a person back to health.

It is the very good question and the answer was too much difficult and needs research and practical experiences to clear the concept. At first don’t forget everyone needs rapid restoration of health. Therefore diseases are divided as 1) acute 2) chronic (curable and incurable). Acute cases need immediate relief. So there is no time for repertorisation or cases taking you have to act instantly and here comes the importance of experience. In chronic cases you have enough time to find the similimum, and in my experience I have found that single medicines have miraculous effects on chronic cases as well as acute ones if selected properly. Now if you selected a medicine for your patient and suppose the patient was taking food which contains antidote of the medicine then how you will get the result of that well selected medicine that’s why we found the phrase "well selected remedies fail" now in research it was found that in acute cases combination of medicine relieves 90% cases and single medicine relieved somewhat from 30 to 70% then what’s wrong with combination ( but you may ask for change of name of the pathy) but take it in your mind that you are not controlling patients food habit and take a look at the dishes prepared from materials which have multiple medicinal ingredients so one way you are trying to give him/her a single remedy and actually he/she is taking multiple medicinal substances at a time and all of you are arguing for single medicine!! If you have the guts then regulate the food habit of the diseased individual which in turn pulls him/her from diseased condition. 

Classical is real homeopathy of course but you as a homeopath is liable for developing it and share your findings which will improve it. Practically if you are unable to remove diseases rapidly you will lose a patient which in turn forces you to leave homeopathy if you take it as your profession then your soul aim should be RAPID AND GENTLE RESTORATION OF HEALTH. Please inquire about the success rate in acute cases of the homeopath who practices classical and inform us it is definitely possible that he possesses high success rate with single medicine and have vast experiences. combinations of medicines are subject to research and those who uses it of course supported by some research .In conclusion as per my experiences I found both single as well as combination are effective combination are more effective in acute cases ( I never use combination in chronic cases ) and single medicines are uncountable in both acute and chronic cases now you people decide.


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