Schizophrenia Treatment with Homeopathic Remedies

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Are you interested in schizophrenia treatment natural remedies? Homeopathic treatment can be used for a wide range of physical and mental illnesses and are often used as an alternative to modern psychiatric techniques and expensive medication. In homeopathic treatment, homeopaths consider the patient as a whole person and take a full family background history of certain disorders or constitution into account in determining the causes. Patients with a diagnosis of mental illness may seek homeopathic treatment to trim down the addiction of allopathic medication and abolish the uninvited side effects of prescription drugs.

Homeopathic remedies can be very useful to treat various symptoms of schizophrenia. Stramonium, aconite, belladonna and Helleborus are recommended for feelings of acute mind catastrophe. Depression and suicidal tendencies can be treated with Natrum Sulph, Arsenic Album, Staphysagria, Calc carb, Aurum Mur and Aurum met. In patients with flat affect, a homeopath can prescribe Pulsatilla, sepia or Anacardium. Hyoscyamus Niger is a homeopathic remedy which is highly suggested for hallucinations and hearing strange voices. Let’s take a look at some useful alternative medication for schizophrenic patients.
homeopathic remedies schizophrenia

Symptoms of schizophrenia!
Confused thinking and speech
Forgetful mind
Disordered thinking
Catatonic behavior
Mood swing
Suicidal attempts

Natural home based treatment for schizophrenia!
Vitamins and minerals:
Another alternative treatment of schizophrenia disorder is to take targeted vitamins and minerals, a pathological test could show the deficiency of required vitamins and minerals in your body. These vitamins are available in most healthy food stores. Vitamins B3, B6, B12, C, iron, folic acid, calcium, and omega 3 fatty acids are highly suggested for the treatment of a variety of symptoms of schizophrenia. Homeopathic remedies used for mineral deficiency include selenium, manganese, Silicea, Ferrum Met, zinc, and dolomite.

Herbs and flower remedies
Herbal remedies can also be found in health food stores and Ayurvedic herbal stores and are used as vitamins and minerals. Fagonia Arabica, St. John's wort, hydrocotyle, ginseng, pennyworth and ginkgo Biloba are just some of the commonly used herbal alternative in the treatment of schizophrenia. Flowers and leaves such as cherry or plum, white chestnut, Spearmint and rosemary, chestnut, mint, rock rose and apple can also be used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Acupuncture is a great and scientifically proved medication method used by Chinese over centuries, these traditional techniques could heal general disabilities, pains generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks, so schizophrenia.

Some homeopaths may also recommend the use of aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of schizophrenia, particularly anxiety and depression. The massage of essential oils, e.g. basil, sage, chia seeds, geranium, tea tree oil, olive oil, lavender, coconut, chamomile, and rose, can be very useful for patient's body.

The shift from drugs:
Homeopathic treatment usually requires patients to switch from the use of standard drugs for the treatment of schizophrenia, so patients moving toward homeopathic alternatives should reduce the medication dose slowly but surely. Patients may also get benefit from psychiatric therapy and psycho- education classes, in which they and their families can learn how to develop an encouraging atmosphere for patient to relieve the symptoms of schizophrenia.

What are the causes of schizophrenia?
Still scientists and researchers are unable to find out core causes of schizophrenia, they just only able to identify a first gene which could cause this disorder, but a hard working homeopath could identify the causes of any disorder including schizophrenia. Like a woman could be a schizophrenic patient if she got sexually abused in her childhood.

Homeopathic treatment is very helpful in a variety of chronic disorders, i.e. long-lasting disease. Using homeopathy can act as both symptomatically, i.e. particularly against assured symptoms of the syndrome, and analyzing the whole body according to constitutional medicine. Homeopathy helps in infectious diseases of various kinds of pain, such as headaches, kidney infection, problems with your neck, toothache, muscular pains, flu, high fever, joint pains. With homeopathy, one can also successfully treat certain types of schizophrenia, mental irritability, anxiety disorders and various phobias.

Homeopathic therapy is definitely is our future medication system not only for humans but for animals too. Many experts believe that it will be one of the cheapest and effective therapies for the twenty-first century. We have been trained so far from the hundreds of good homeopathic doctors. We must realize and admit that homeopathy is the only elixir of life and a cure for everything. On the other hand, it also has its contraindications, for example, untreated various genetic diseases such as mongolism, various severe congenital heart diseases, by birth-blindness, advanced metastatic cancer, total exhaustion, and obviously death. It does not cure a broken leg but help after surgery. It could not do a root canal but heal decay teeth, so it is important for a patient to follows homeopathic medicines prescribed by his doctor.

Many experts believe that schizophrenia is not a disease. Those who know something about cerulean crystal children or angels, ghost attacks, devil salvation, those who know about human consciousness, frequencies, and planets, they know that live in the current society is not easy, especially for those sensitive individuals. Such people are strong enough to fight with the outside world and maintain a clear view on the border between two worlds, the world of the inner and outer world. Due to many factors, these are not according to current science, so we have schizophrenia. 

Homeopathic remedies for schizophrenia!
There are a lot of remedies may use in homeopathy to cure a schizophrenic patient because in homeopathy we do not look at a disease but we analyzing the whole patient and all medicines are prescribed according to his symptoms, but we always give preference to mental symptoms. I am going to disclose some important remedies that are showing very favorable results for schizophrenic patients.

Cocculus Indicus: Disposition to take everything in bad part and to be angry.

Aconite Napellus: Fearful anticipation of approaching death; predicts the day he is to die. Fear of specters and dark.

Veratrum Album: Tired of life, but fear of dying. Strong tendency to be frightened and timidity. Insanity with singing, whistling, laughing, the inclination to run from places to place. Thinks herself pregnant, or that she will be delivered soon. Swallowing his own excrement.

Cannabis Indica: Delirium tremendous, trembling, hallucinations, tendency to become furious, nausea. Thinks himself to be Christ or emperor.

Platinum Metallicum: Thinks she stands alone in the world. The delusion of the senses, feeling as of being too large and on the contrary, all other things and persons seem to be too small and too low.

Hyoscyamus: Delirium without consciousness does not know anybody. Delirium tremendous sees ghosts, demons, etc. impulse to kill her own child, her husband on seeing a knife. Fear of being betrayed or poisoned.

Stramonium: Furious loquacious delirium. The boy seems to see black people, black clouds and grasps at air. Saw people coming out all corners, feel that he is in his own grave.

Thuja: As if a strange person were at his side as if the soul were separated from the body; as if the body especially the limbs were of glass and would break easily, as if a living animal were in the abdomen. Getting orders from dead souls, think someone controlling his mind.

Mental disorders have many shapes and forms, such as various phobias, anxiety, mood swings , low self-esteem , fearfulness , dual personality, sadness of disappointed love or grief, anger , fear of death, hallucination, rage , aggressive behavior , childish behavior, attention deficit behavior in children , tantrums and anger or crying and self-deprecation, manic depression , suicidal self-injury , multiple personality , schizophrenia.

The causes of these mental illnesses are very different and unknown sometimes. Undoubtedly hereditary tendency and family history play an important role, as well and the environment in which the person lives, his lifestyle, family background, profession, society, etc.

There are so many successfully cured cases of schizophrenia treated homeopathic-ally. Homeopathy makes it possible to treat severe psychiatric disorders, but it requires a very experienced homeopath and often a good partnership between doctor and patient. Finally, I would like to encourage all those who suffer from fear, anxiety, depression, or another form of psychological problems, there is no need to hesitate, and fix an appointment with a well-reputed homeopath. When the soul hurts, it does not see, but it is much worse than when it hurts the body and homeopathy first cure the painful soul. The world is beautiful and worth living without fear.

Kwashiorkor Treatment in Homeopathy

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A case of Kwashiorkor treated by a nurse, not by me, a doctor, but I would like to share this case to show as an example what an insight to perceive a case is. According to naturopaths one good saying is 'if once stomach is good, diseases will be far away'. According to naturopathy science half of the diseases of mankind are because of the stomach. May I include this Kwashiorkor disease in this category? Why not, yes certainly studies have shown that in protein deprivations Kwashiorkor like disease may occur. It is because if no proper nutrition, no proper cell's size growth.

Less caloric diet means less caloric nutrition, in medical nomenclature which comes under the head – Problems due to malnutrition. Researcher says due to this when an individual receiving less amount of this essential factor the size of the cells of that individual is not going to grow as per to that in the natural way.

Simran (then 4yrs. old female child) had all these qualities; her head was the seat of all such germs which grow on such conditions where the self of a person cannot defend one's self from the other non self. Pathogens and all other bacteria and viruses are non selves. However the books of medicine may reveal why and when this mysterious disease or condition may occur, just because of the nutrition i.e. the feed of an individual or the kind of food which wood called as malnutrition.

The story of Simran is that she was the daughter of an flower selling mother who used to make flower garlands, was not having her own home, was residing on the platform of Mira Road railway station (a suburban area of Mumbai). Her daughter used to fell sick very off and on, was suffering from variety of chronic ailments, one such was the skin affection of her head. Whenever she fell into some acute problem her mother used to take her to nearby doctors of that locality and used to say that she in fact stopped eating after the first dose of polio vaccine which was given when the child was 8 months old. But no doctors believed her theory, and were treating her as per the clinical conditions and sufferings.
On one occasion the child developed serious respiratory complication and was gasping and for which was advice to take her to the government hospital (KEM of Mumbai). Her mother with no money and assistance to accompany her was crying on the platform of Mira Road Railway station. Margret Mendocino, a nurse who was working at the academy at that time spotted this woman who was crying with her child. The first thing which mother had told her was the same that 'my child stopped eating after receiving that particular vaccine. She told her that her daughter also stopped taking breast feed after that. This kind nurse with the zeal of service to humanity took her to the academy considering that some doctors attached to that would help her. But unfortunately or fortunately no doctor was there in the academy.

So she decided the remedy of herself. She gave the child Thuja 200 single dose considering and also believing the statement of her mother that the ailments of her child had started after receiving that vaccine so much so that she had also stopped taking her breast feed. A dose of Thuja stabilized the case, later I treated and she recovered fast. But I give the credit to that nurse Margret who was the part of Aarish Academy those days.

I would like to conclude a physician must have that brain and thinking to understand the language of the patient who wants to narrate their problems ex temporarily. A live vaccine which contains such pathogens which can invade genomes, the cells which carry genes which a human receive from another human! If will be tampered then the results will be in variety of forms and one which was that the mother this child was telling to doctors. So, listen carefully to your patients and not just react as per your knowledge.

By: Dr Mirza Anwer Baig

ABC of Classical Homeopathy

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What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an exact science of health, wherein by careful thinking and deliberation steps are taken to restore health, based on universal principles of healing. ABC of homeopathy is not only a site likes abchomeopathy but to understand classical homeopathy in true sense you must accept the fact that homeopathy really works even for cancer patients.

Overcoming the disease or removing the chief complaints are the pleasant side effects that result from a careful use of this homeopathic science of health. I admire the Indian homeopaths they have the ability to treat serious pathology, that which in the west we might see little of; and if they do it well then they deserve the credit, there is much to learn from their way to practice and study as well. We cannot evaluate the results they have just from the posts, but we give the benefit of the doubt that they do obtain results in the 'majority' of their cases. I believe that when you have a 'pathology' in front of you it requires immediate attention, and a remedy that can treat that pathology quickly should be appreciated....following then with constitutional prescribing to address the underlying susceptibility. What disturbs me though is the 'ego' that evolves with time when the homeopath after repeat successes and the receiving of praise by the patients , who themselves have tried allopathic doctors who might have been said to be the best MD's for their condition; fall upon the Homeopath who subsequently cures them. Let's not deny this is an ego boost, and it is what keeps us going. After all, Homeopathy is superior. Although, Homeopathy is superior it should not make us feel that WE are superior! it is not to our merit that we cure, it is through the merit of what Homeopathy is ! Because when you search of Similimi and not Similimum, it is not your works that are great but the greatness then is in homeopathy and the creation of the vital energy that is smart enough to help the body even when the similimum is not given. We have been privileged in discovering and studying one of the divine secrets to human cure, but we are far from knowing the whole truth of this secret; and when we decide that we have nothing left to learn, then we have only cheated ourselves from unveiling more of this truth and becoming better at what we do. We should not forget that 'the one who thinks he knows everything, actually knows nothing at all".

The Homeopathy is a method of treating through the stimulation of the immune system of the body. Homeopathic remedy has as its objective to strengthen the body, mobilizing the immune system that is activated whenever some factor disrupts homeostasis and the order of our body. And the immune system will try to restore the health compromised. Homeopathic treatment stems from a holistic philosophy that focuses on the symptoms in their total expression - physical, emotional, mental, and social - and not on the disease or the diseased organ. More people may have the same disease, but the peculiarities of their being human, emotional and spiritual, may require different treatment and different medications to cure them.

For this personalized approach and the fact that it focuses on improving the overall health of man, homeopathic treatment is often effective where other treatments have failed.

In fact, the treatment of the disease must have the goal of well-being on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and not focus on the attainment of health by removing just the symptoms.
The effective remedy brings a beneficial effect on all levels of the human body, because the patient's health means freedom from any disorder that involves the physical, mental and spiritual. The health status is expressed with the creative and the balance of the person himself, and positively influences the people around him because it is obvious that any intervention equilibrium effects will be beneficial to every organization and individual movement and collective.

This holistic view of man we can talk about 3 levels!

1. Physical disorder which creates pain and not functioning optimally.

2. Psychic level - emotional when it gets sick with anxiety can manifest itself , for example , fear , anger, sadness ,

3 - Mental level -the most sophisticated intellectual and characterized by three attributes - clarity, consistency and creativity. The disease leads to impaired memory, concentration, confusion and madness.

"Who are those who suffer? We cannot know but sometimes belong to us”

If classical is real homeopathy then why today homeopath neglect it?
A homeopath is not good in case taking, when they have to use many remedies at the same time. If your goal is quick fix, then It is OK, but you do not bring a person back to health.

It is the very good question and the answer was too much difficult and needs research and practical experiences to clear the concept. At first don’t forget everyone needs rapid restoration of health. Therefore diseases are divided as 1) acute 2) chronic (curable and incurable). Acute cases need immediate relief. So there is no time for repertorisation or cases taking you have to act instantly and here comes the importance of experience. In chronic cases you have enough time to find the similimum, and in my experience I have found that single medicines have miraculous effects on chronic cases as well as acute ones if selected properly. Now if you selected a medicine for your patient and suppose the patient was taking food which contains antidote of the medicine then how you will get the result of that well selected medicine that’s why we found the phrase "well selected remedies fail" now in research it was found that in acute cases combination of medicine relieves 90% cases and single medicine relieved somewhat from 30 to 70% then what’s wrong with combination ( but you may ask for change of name of the pathy) but take it in your mind that you are not controlling patients food habit and take a look at the dishes prepared from materials which have multiple medicinal ingredients so one way you are trying to give him/her a single remedy and actually he/she is taking multiple medicinal substances at a time and all of you are arguing for single medicine!! If you have the guts then regulate the food habit of the diseased individual which in turn pulls him/her from diseased condition. 

Classical is real homeopathy of course but you as a homeopath is liable for developing it and share your findings which will improve it. Practically if you are unable to remove diseases rapidly you will lose a patient which in turn forces you to leave homeopathy if you take it as your profession then your soul aim should be RAPID AND GENTLE RESTORATION OF HEALTH. Please inquire about the success rate in acute cases of the homeopath who practices classical and inform us it is definitely possible that he possesses high success rate with single medicine and have vast experiences. combinations of medicines are subject to research and those who uses it of course supported by some research .In conclusion as per my experiences I found both single as well as combination are effective combination are more effective in acute cases ( I never use combination in chronic cases ) and single medicines are uncountable in both acute and chronic cases now you people decide.

How to Deal Patients in Homeopathy

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For instance the very wide spread myth is that for the correct remedy to find, we can use a character of the person. Prof. Vithoulkas said many times with great emphasis to understanding of this matter why this is wrong. But when you have a person in uppermost levels of group A where every information from the patient lead to the correct remedy (including his character) and if we realize that in such good levels of health even close remedy (not similumum) can affect the cure (as the defense mechanism is very strong), one can come to the wrong conclusion that the same way of finding the remedy is applicable for all patients, which is of course not true. I believe that every theory must be based upon practice with a very big number of various people with various constitutions and various levels of health. In other case it leads to confusion which is most dangerous thing for homeopathy and its students. It is very important to stick with classical homeopathy in the treatment of chronic and cancer patients.

 If a young girl has black spots on her face, it would naturally cause her a lot of pain, would you expect her to be philosophical about it? So it is only a common symptom, in my opinion to feel repulsive or dirty etc. So this is not a valid or scientific way of symptom evaluation. Was there an aggravation, some tell tale sign of a real homeopathic response, a movement from above downwards for e.g.? When presenting such -totally different approaches it is our responsibility to present a full case with much more detail, for example, thermals, food desires and aversions, sleep, past history, etc. could this have been a placebo response? Are we mistaking a placebo response to be a homeopathic response? Let us assume that an actual healing response took place as a result of the lac caninum, in that case according to Herring's rule there should be amelioration of all the mental symptoms first and a at least transient worsening of the skin condition.

 Every young woman who suffers from anything that affects her face will have feelings that she is ugly and naturally will want the moles or lesions to be removed. In homeopathy we are looking for something rare, something that we cannot explain and that is exactly what individualize every case the most. I am very happy for her if she is better but it is very irresponsible to create system from it that is applicable for every case.

Delusion means something that does not exist in reality but person perceive it. If for instance patient tells: I have a feeling that somebody is staying behind me and when I turn around, there is always somebody - that is not delusion but merely sensitivity of the emotional level of the patient. But if the person says: I feel as somebody is staying behind me but when I turn around nobody is there - THAT IS DELUSION.

Our vitality (defense mechanism), depending upon it's state manifests itself differently and in different manner. For e.g. in some patients the predominant curative symptoms (symptoms on which the selection of medicine is made), are mental generals, in some cases it may be physical generals, in some cases it may also be the pathology. It is like I have a wish to be known, and sometimes I would like to be known through my speeches in writing, sometimes I have a need to be heard, sometimes I have a need to be seen, sometimes I want to be recognized by only showing my hand and again sometimes by showing my bald head! It will be perhaps very erroneous to try to recognize me in any other way than what I want, because this will definitely led to wrong conclusion. (Unless one knows me so well, inside out.). In case of a very strong vitality, any information (the symptoms are clear and point clearly to a medicine), generally leads you to the medicine. But in bad vitality, one has to respect the cry of the vitality and prescribe at the level at which the vitality is demanding the medicine. In these cases one is not going you get clear well defined symptoms of a medicine! And if one tries to prescribe on the basis of what one generally finds in strong vitality cases, one is going to end up making mistakes. This is why I suppose one has to be flexible in one's approach in selection of medicine, as far as angles of prescription is concerned, one has to respect the vitality and prescribe accordingly, sometimes on mental generals, sometimes on physicals, sometimes on particulars, sometimes on etiology sometimes on significant points in the past history, sometimes on combination of all or some of these....... when a homoeopath starts doing this his mistakes will start diminishing. Otherwise when one is using only one so called approach in selection of medicine one will have brilliant successes in some cases and brilliant failures in other cases!

 Clearing up of the symptoms always does not necessitate and signify a cure. Many a time it may so happen that the present symptoms are cleared with improvement in some generalities with subsequent worsening of more important generalities and eventual deterioration of the patient! In my early days of practice I had a female patient of 70 years suffering from tuberculosis of lungs. We prescribed for her and the whole symptomatology cleared up with so called improvement in her weakness, appetite and sleep. I was elated at first, but later dismayed and horrified, as she gradually developed symptoms of manic psychosis! Secondly I agree that our interpretation of symptoms is less important than the actual symptoms! Our interpretation may be wrong at times. Even if we get right results with wrong methodology (this indeed can happen), this is not a correct procedure as this success at most to Ayers is accidental and cannot perhaps be reproduced. Keep up the good week. All the best!

Multiple sclerosis treatment in homeopathy - Cure Cases

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It is short but very interesting acute case. What makes him interesting is the fact that we don’t have much information. Your goal is to tell me what is the first, second, third and fourth prescription according to symptoms and development of the case.

A Woman of 38 years old, who is treated by me for Multiple sclerosis, After 6 months of treatment all her symptoms diminished completely and she is much better in her energy. Her psychological condition also improved but she is psychologically quite healthy all her life. Approximately 6 months after the chronic remedy she developed first acute after long period of time. She has very strong coryza with totally obstructed left nostril. This state is gradually worsening for 3 weeks and together with this she suffers from short dry cough which is mostly in the evening. Her energy is worse as the acute is progressing and cough is worsening day by day.

1st prescription:
First follow up after 2 days after the remedy:
She feels much better generally, nose is free and cough is gone completely. She has more energy and generally feels better but she developed sore throat which is worse on the right side.

2nd prescription:
Second follow up (2 days from the previous one):
Pain in the throat moved to left and next day back to right side. she craves warm drinks which ameliorate the pain.

3rd prescription:
Third follow up (2 days from the previous one)
She is free of symptoms, energy very good as well as her psychological condition. Chronic complaints not returned.

4th prescription:
Now it is more than 6 months since this follow-up and she does not have any signs of relapse.

Analysis of the case for students of homeopathy!

Only remedy which combines obstruction of left nostril as a keynote and short cough which is worse in the evening is Sinapis Nigra. Stopped up the left nostril is its guiding symptom.

1st prescription: Sinapis Nigra 200 one dose 4 times during the day, one day only:

Analysis of the first follows up:
The fact that main complaints (nose obstruction and cough) diminished and the patient feels BETTER GENERALLY means, that the remedy was correct. Although there is a pain in the throat in right side, there are no other symptoms and pain is not strong. So at this point the case can progress in several ways:

1) The pain in throat will disappear by itself and no remedy will be needed. If this is going to be true it is the best and it means that organism is strong enough to restore health after the first remedy.
2) The pain will remain there and will getting worse and other symptoms will appear and will form a new remedy picture. In such situation we need to give the next remedy based on keynotes appearing at the moment.
3) The pain will get worse and other symptoms appear but the remedy picture will not be clear enough for administration of the new remedy. If this is going to happen and we see that state is worsening but no clear image emerge in the case and the state does not allow us to wait we can try to repeat Sinapis in higher potency (as the initial reaction seemed to be correct one) but if there is no reaction, we must give a chronic remedy.
Anyway at this stage we cannot say how the case is going to develop within the next hours so therefore we must wait.

2nd prescription: wait without remedy
Analysis of the 2nd follows up:
After 48 hours the situation becomes clearer and if we look now for the symptoms, we can see THE ALTERNATION OF SIDES together with DESIRE FOR WARM DRINKS which are the keynotes of LAC CANINUM. The state is much better compared to state before administration of Sinapis which means that first remedy was correct but was not able to clear the case completely which is the phenomena we can see in people with lower level of health.

3rd prescription: Lac caninum 200c one dose 4 times during the day, one day only.
 Analysis of the 3rd follows up:
After short aggravation all symptoms diminished completely and patient´s health is fully restored. There are no symptoms and patient feels without any problems, energy is very good as well as her psychological state. Therefore we must WAIT.

4th prescription: wait without remedy:

Case by: Dr Petra Zach