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Schizophrenia Treatment with Homeopathic Remedies

Are you interested in schizophrenia treatment natural remedies? Homeopathic treatment can be used for a wide range of physical and mental illnesses and are often used as an alternative to modern psychiatric techniques and expensive medication. In homeopathic treatment, homeopaths consider the patient as a whole person and take a full family background history of certain disorders or constitution into account in determining the causes. Patients with a diagnosis of mental illness may seek homeopathic treatment to trim down the addiction of allopathic medication and abolish the uninvited side effects of prescription drugs.
Homeopathic remedies can be very useful to treat various symptoms of schizophrenia. Stramonium, aconite, belladonna and Helleborus are recommended for feelings of acute mind catastrophe. Depression and suicidal tendencies can be treated with Natrum Sulph, Arsenic Album, Staphysagria, Calc carb, Aurum Mur and Aurum met. In patients with flat affect, a homeopath can pre…

Kwashiorkor Treatment in Homeopathy

A case of Kwashiorkor treated by a nurse, not by me, a doctor, but I would like to share this case to show as an example what an insight to perceive a case is. According to naturopaths one good saying is 'if once stomach is good, diseases will be far away'. According to naturopathy science half of the diseases of mankind are because of the stomach. May I include this Kwashiorkor disease in this category? Why not, yes certainly studies have shown that in protein deprivations Kwashiorkor like disease may occur. It is because if no proper nutrition, no proper cell's size growth.
Less caloric diet means less caloric nutrition, in medical nomenclature which comes under the head – Problems due to malnutrition. Researcher says due to this when an individual receiving less amount of this essential factor the size of the cells of that individual is not going to grow as per to that in the natural way.
Simran (then 4yrs. old female child) had all these qualities; her head was the se…

ABC of Classical Homeopathy

What is homeopathy?
Homeopathy is an exact science of health, wherein by careful thinking and deliberation steps are taken to restore health, based on universal principles of healing. ABC of homeopathy is not only a site likes abchomeopathy but to understand classical homeopathy in true sense you must accept the fact that homeopathy really works even for cancer patients.
Overcoming the disease or removing the chief complaints are the pleasant side effects that result from a careful use of this homeopathic science of health. I admire the Indian homeopaths they have the ability to treat serious pathology, that which in the west we might see little of; and if they do it well then they deserve the credit, there is much to learn from their way to practice and study as well. We cannot evaluate the results they have just from the posts, but we give the benefit of the doubt that they do obtain results in the 'majority' of their cases. I believe that when you have a 'pathology'…

How to Deal Patients in Homeopathy

For instance the very wide spread myth is that for the correct remedy to find, we can use a character of the person. Prof. Vithoulkas said many times with great emphasis to understanding of this matter why this is wrong. But when you have a person in uppermost levels of group A where every information from the patient lead to the correct remedy (including his character) and if we realize that in such good levels of health even close remedy (not similumum) can affect the cure (as the defense mechanism is very strong), one can come to the wrong conclusion that the same way of finding the remedy is applicable for all patients, which is of course not true. I believe that every theory must be based upon practice with a very big number of various people with various constitutions and various levels of health. In other case it leads to confusion which is most dangerous thing for homeopathy and its students. It is very important to stick with classical homeopathy in the treatment of chronic …

Multiple sclerosis treatment in homeopathy - Cure Cases

It is short but very interesting acute case. What makes him interesting is the fact that we don’t have much information. Your goal is to tell me what is the first, second, third and fourth prescription according to symptoms and development of the case.
A Woman of 38 years old, who is treated by me for Multiple sclerosis, After 6 months of treatment all her symptoms diminished completely and she is much better in her energy. Her psychological condition also improved but she is psychologically quite healthy all her life. Approximately 6 months after the chronic remedy she developed first acute after long period of time. She has very strong coryza with totally obstructed left nostril. This state is gradually worsening for 3 weeks and together with this she suffers from short dry cough which is mostly in the evening. Her energy is worse as the acute is progressing and cough is worsening day by day.
1st prescription: First follow up after 2 days after the remedy: She feels much better gene…