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Urticaria Pigmentosa Treatment in Homeopathy – Cure Case

A female aged 34 years, suffering from urticaria pigmentosa since 2 months. She came to me one month back. Her past history revealed that she had sexual harassment since her childhood but she didn't reveal that with her parents as she doesn't know what that is at that time. As she grown up developed insecurity feeling, anger on contradiction, couldn't mingle with others, stage fear, fear to approach males that they would do bad to her, continuous brooding over her problem, she thought that if she reveals this to her parents what they think of her, they may behave rudely. She had her studies normal and very hard working. She used to get 85 percent throughout her studies. She developed inferiority complex. At intermediate level she had undergone bad experiences due to she developed panic attacks. She studied in her grandmother’s house and she died in senior Inter she used to think of her but her concentration on her studies were good. In her degree level she developed JME. She took homeopathic medicine for three years but no relief. She fell in love but they departed due to some reasons. So she was disappointed and she used to get frequent epileptic attacks since then. Now she is taking lamotrigine 100mg bd. 

She is married to other guy .she had two children but her married life is not happy. Their financial situation is very poor and so she is doing job but she doesn't want to interfere her husband in her money matters. Sometimes she thinks she developed indifference towards her family members. She had tonsillitis in her 10th class and homeopathic-ally treated and till now she didn't get any such infections. She had chicken pox, mumps, typhoid, jaundice, toxic condition due to UTI, sinusitis in her past. She is obese, short and fair. She has ASOT positive, after her second pregnancy she got hypothyroidism. Her family history revealed rheumatism, skin diseases, diabetes, paralysis, cancer, HTN. Now she is suffering from hives alt with joint pains which are below upwards. She couldn't tolerate the extremes of heat and cold. She craves sweets, spicy items. Her appetite is more in mornings wants to eat continuously. Thirst is decreased and her lips are almost dry. Her skin is dry but she sweats much. All other things are normal.

Possible remedy for this lady!

This patient most probably has "layers" of illness which needs careful examination and remedy selection. The first remedy to be given has to be selected after a careful case taking, underlining the most severe, significant and reliable symptoms. The perfect remedy for this lady to remove her skin from urticaria pigmentosa is Staphysagria because she is a victim of sexual harassment from the childhood and her anger was buried somewhere in her mind.
Case by: Dr Petra Zach


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