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Homeopathy in Pneumonia – Cure Case

Since any remedy in the Materia medica may be called upon to treat a case of pneumonia it is important that the doctor should be impressed that homeopathy treats the individual and not the name of his disease. I will cite my own case as an example.

On closing our office at 5 p.m, Dr Dayton Pulford offered to take me home, if I would first go with him to make a call. He had to remain in the patient's home longer than he expected. It was 8 below zero outdoors. I chilled severely while waiting. It was 6.30 p.m when I arrived home. At 7.30 p.m my chill subsided and by 8 p.m my temp was 105 deg. I could trace my entire left lung by the burning heat, it felt like a large hot potato from a red hot oven. I could hardly move, breathe speak or cough from the pain. The sputa rusty. Every bone in my body felt as if broken. With great difficulty I got undressed and into bed and on my right side, from which side I never moved until 7 a.m next day.

At 8 p.m my wife put seven drops of Eupatorium perfoliatum in half a glass of water and gave me two teaspoonfuls that were repeated again at 10 p.m soon after which I fell into a sound, peaceful sleep, awaking at 7 a.m next morning. Knowing how painful it had been for me to move, I turned most carefully from my right side and was surprised to find and was surprised to find I could turn over and best of all take a deep breath. The lung was still somewhat sore. In my sleep, I almost swam out of bed from perspiration. My wife dried me off with a warm towel and changed the bedding and after 4 days rest I was back at work as good as new.

The two doses of Eupatorium were all I had. I have cleared up other cases with but two doses of the remedy when the remedy was positively indicated. with the record of less than 2% of deaths I find the pneumonia patients, are in no shape to withstand excessive dosing, with even homeopathic attenuation, on top of their trouble of repeating may suppress or hold the trouble in check until nature rights itself, but you will be apt to find serious after effects follow, that would not have followed had the remedy been positively indicated and properly applied.


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