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Homeopathy Cure Case Watery Eczema Treatment

This is a difficult case of a young girl who was suffering from skin eczema with watery discharges, here are the details.

Patient name: Miss Ac
Age: 24
Mind: normal
Thirst: normal
Aversion: not any
Aggravation time: not any
Constitution: flabby skin and healthy
Main symptoms: vesicular skin eruption and eczema filled with water and fluid is transparent as water. Besides this she did not provide any pet symptom about her disease.
Note: she suffered from this disease from her childhood and the cause is unknown
Homeopathy Eczema Treatment

Now let’s see how she get cured by using homeopathic medicine

What impresses me in this case mostly was the localization of the eczema. It was located primarily on hands, especially dorsum of hands and palms and last 6 months also affect the skin around nails. Also the vesicular character and renewal of vesicles in exactly this manner, together with the fact that fluid inside the blisters is not thick but thin as water and transparent made me think of ANAGALIS!

We all know that correct study of Materia medica does not mean to memorize all unnecessary details but rather try to grasp what modifies the disease and create an individual pattern which makes every remedy different from each another. The same is true with cases. I believe that in every case is something very individual, peculiar and rare and our work is never done until we find it. If we are realizing what in every particular case has to be treated and what is the most characteristic for the patient, not for the disease, that most difficult part of our job is done (see aphorism 3 of Organon) and we only must find the remedy that has the same characteristics. In anagalis it is the LOCALIZATION AND RENEWAL OF THE VESICLES.

All of you have done great job, those of you choosing Anagalis, you hit the nail, fantastic!! Anyway all remedies you have already suggested were also in my mind during the case taking and therefore we must do the final step. So let´s make quick differential diagnosis of all remedies you have suggested so far.

GRAPHITES is one of the main remedies we think of in cases of any skin eruptions, especially when the eruptions affect nails making them deformed, thick or yellow. You all know that the most characteristic is vesicular eruptions oozing HONEY LIKE fluid which is STICKY. The most characteristic place for Graphite’s eruptions are FOLDS of the skin as well as we can see in Sulph, Psor and Petr. In our case the most characteristic place are hands which does not have to be a direct contraindication but the fluid is thin (not thick) and transparent and watery (not honey like and sticky as in Graph). Graphite’s is the main remedy for result of suppressed skin eruptions especially when the aftereffect of this suppression affects STOMACH creating the ULCERS.

PSORINUM is also "big skin remedy" but Psorinum does not have the vesicles but DRY ECZEMA with TREMENDOUS ITCHING, especially AT NIGHT which makes the patient feel totally DESPERATE. The eruptions of Psorinum can be everywhere but mostly affect THE FOLDS OF THE SKIN. The skin has typical DIRTY LOOK which resembles the next remedy which is Sulphur.

SULPHUR is our most known polycrest with innumerable amount of skin symptoms. It is very close to Psorinum in its skin eruptions as the most prominent symptom here is TREMENDOUS ITCHING which is MUCH WORSE FROM SLIGHTEST CONTACT WITH WATER. The skin also looks like it is dirty and can look like Psorinum in this respect. But there is one very significant difference between these two remedies as the itching in Sulphur is VOLUPTUOUS and gives the patient a kind of ecstasy while he or she is scratching. In Psorinum we can see the exact opposite which is one of despair. Another more general but much known difference is that Sulphur is in most of cases (but not in every case) hot while Psorinum is cold and sensitive to cold, especially on head as well as Silica and few others.

ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM primarily affect lungs although has some skin symptoms also. It has ERUTPION OF VESICULAR TYPE very similar to Variola. The point here is that the vesicles is filled up with PUS which does not match with our case as well as localization on the hands which is not covered by this remedy. ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM affects the skin stronger than tartar emetic with the typical localization ON THE CHEEKS AND CHIN. Ant-c eruptions can be also vesicular and creating yellow crusts on cheeks as well as DULCAMARA in which the eruptions as well as all other symptoms are mostly aggravated IN WET COLD WEATHER OR WHEN THE WEATHER CHANGES FROM HOT TO COLD AND WET.


RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS has blister-like eruption in palms with ITCHING WORSE FROM CONTACT. The vesicles in this remedy have BLUISH APPEARANCE.

The remedy which also was in my mind and for which is very typical this renewal of skin eruptions is CROTON TIGLIUM. This remedy is often needed in acute or chronic cases of diarrhea and has marked action on skin also. The point here is that ITCHING IS TREMENDOUS BUT PATIENT CANNOT SCRATCH THE ERUPTION BECAUSE IT HURTS A LOT. THEREFORE HE OR SHE IS COMPELLED TO RUB IT GENTLY BY FINGERTIPS.

In Hering´s guiding symptoms you can find the following in Anagalis: "Skin of hands and fingers very dry, sticky and dirty looking. Tatter on hands dry, bran-like, squalors; or groups of small vesicles, smarting and itching, oozing a yellow brown lymph when scratched, which soon turns into a scurf; new vesicles appear beneath. There were Dry, bran-like, squalors tatters on hands and fingers, principally on fore and middle fingers of right hand. So the renewal of vesicles was also described in this MM. So my friends, the case is done now and I hope you have enjoyed it as well as me.

Case by: Dr Petra Zach


  1. Thia case has fluid as transparent as water, whereas Anagallis has "oozing a yellow brown lymph".


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