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Homeopathic Remedies for Suicidal Depression – Cure Case

This is a case of a Woman of 35 years with suicidal depression; she has a state of not being connected with her life and wants to die. She called me after an incident she was in her car on the highway thinking constantly to go with the car against the wall and finish everything. She got scare of it as she has small children. Before she developed this state she suffered many years from very strong sudden attacks of anxiety when excited and every evening she got scared of suffocating, especially when the dark comes. The fear of suffocation was ameliorated by drinking of cold water. She suffers also from strong and profuse metrorrhagia that and many times she had to go to hospital to stop the bleeding.
She took Aurum Metallicum that her friend suggested but without effect.

Now it is more than 3 years since she took the remedy from me (not Aurum Metallicum) and she has not had any suicidal thoughts since this dose. Panic attacks diminished also and her menses became normal in its bleeding and she feels much better in all aspects.
Suicidal Depression

What remedy do you suggest and WHY?

Honestly my way of teaching is interaction with people and when they thinking correctly, I must support this in them and that is why they growing. From time to time someone does not come to the lecture and someone else is late but that is something I cannot influence. That is why I am doing summary at the end and everybody can read my analysis of the case. The mission of this game is not to be first as sometimes is one and next time the other, it does not matter. But what does matter is that this forum is becoming classical oriented now and we are working together although sitting on the other side of earth. Just my opinion!

Treatment for anxiety and suicidal depression in this case!

First of all is the impression of the case. I saw a woman in very desperate condition, struggling with suicidal thoughts and being scared of it. I tried to ask how it developed but she could not tell. She told me that it just came out of the blue. It was so strong that she was not able to tell anything. The depression itself does not show any peculiarities except suddenness and in such cases when the present complaints are vague in its symptomatically, we must trace the history of the case to understand the whole process that proceeded this final stage. In this woman there was a history of strong panic attacks and everyday´s strong fear of suffocation that comes every evening in the dark. The relevant rubrics are:

GENERALS - SUDDEN manifestation (Aconite and Belladonna are only remedies in 3rd degree)
FEAR - SUFFOCATION, of - (Aconite is only remedy in third degree)

So at this moment as I saw that the stage before the suicidal depression resembles keynotes of Aconitum, I remember the chapter from George Vithoulkas Materia medica viva where Prof Vithoulkas says that Aconite has a suicidal depression that comes after long period of strong panic attacks. These attacks make the organism very weak as they are very strong and long lasting and finally the organism reach the state in which does not enough power to produce anxieties anymore and the pathology travels deeper, taking the turn to suicidal depression that sometimes resembles Aurum as there could be even desire of death which is exact opposite of initial Aconite stage.
In Clarke dictionary is stated in chapter Female genitalia: "Menses too abundant and too protracted. Uterine hemorrhage; active, much excitability"

Another keynote for Aconite is aggravation anxieties when in dark room and also the amelioration of anxieties by drinking of cold water. The relevant rubrics are:

MIND - DARKNESS, aggravation (Although Aconite is only in first degree, we can confirm it strongly from Materia medica, of course main remedies here are Stramonium and Causticum and also Carbo animalis has this symptom strongly)

MIND - ANXIETY - drinking cold water, amel (There are 2 remedies only - Aconite and Sulphur)

Lessons for us coming from this case:
1) If the present symptomatology is not clear, we must try to find out symptoms from the past with emphasis to understand the process.

2) Be open and take into consideration whole case including all its peculiarities. Don’t take separate symptoms; try to understand what is going on with a patient.

Top homeopathic medicines for Suicidal Depression are, Staphysagria, Psorinum, Arsenic Album, Natrum Sulph, Veratrum album, Carcinosin, Valeriana officinalis , Aurum met, Capsicum, Hepar Sulph, Ignatia, Lachesis, Antimonium Crudum, Mercurius, Stramonium, Pulsatilla, Antim tart,  Thuja, Rhus Tox, Agnus Cast, Lycopodium, Anacardium, Aconite, Argentum Nitricum, Sulphur, Drosera, Iris, Sepia, Kali Brom, Naja, Zincum Phos, Alumina.

Case by: Dr Petra Zach


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