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Homeopathic Hypotonia Treatment – Cure Case

A Child 6 years old, born with strong hypotonia and opisthotonus. She has problems with concentration and memory. Her mental development is delayed (2) and because of that her entry to elementary school is postponed for one year. She started falling down after tetanus vaccination. The attacks of falling was so quick that she was not able to protect her face by her hands, so she was always hurt after such episode that happens 2-3 times a week. She also started stammering after the vaccination. I asked the mother to describe the daughter in a way what she found as most characteristic for her. Mother answered: My daughter is different than other children in a way that every other children are changing according their experiences, they becoming more and more like adults but my daughter is like angel; if somebody say her something bad, she is just smiling and stayed untouched by this as if around her there is invisible protection and nothing can touch her. She is like from another world.

When I heard this, I gave her the remedy.

Follow-up: Second day after the remedy got fever 37,6 (never had any fever before) and her collapsing states diminished entirely as well as stammering. One month after the remedy the teacher from kindergarten called the mother what happened with the child as her concentration improved significantly as well as her memory. Before the remedy she was not able to understand the difference between the bread and croissant. Her development became normal and she went to school few months after. Now it is 2 and half year and she is doing very well mentally and physically and attacks of falling to the ground and stammering never come back again.

Summary for students of homeopathy:

When the mother came to me, I did not see the child and she described to me her state. She stresses the falling as a main problem but even after 30 minutes I could not find any peculiarities of it and then ask her: Can you describe me your daughter? And she asked: she is different, as an angel as from another planet. I asked: can you describe me what do you mean exactly? She answered: other children can learn from experiences, become more adult which mean they learn how to lie if they know that this something that should don’t do or when somebody hurt them, normal children start to be more careful or cry or something but this is not the case with my daughter. She is still the same as never been hurt, never lie, and never tells anything bad. Hearing this I remember to George´s lecture when he described this state calling it INNOCENCE. That is the meaning of this rubric. The most important remedy in that rubric is Cicuta but there were no other symptoms and I asked: Has your daughter ever had any convulsive disturbance and she answered: YES, the opisthotonus when she was born. That was the confirmation for Cicuta that was given in 200C potency in single dose.

Lesson coming from this case:

Our knowledge of remedies must be based on understanding of what create the individuality each of them. What is genius of each remedy and what is the main characteristics that differ it from other remedies.

Materia medica viva is the best Materia medica to gain this knowledge.
Case by: Dr Petra Zach


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