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Atopic Dermatitis Homeopathic Treatment – Cure Case

Next there is a homeopathic cure for atopic dermatitis in infants for you. Your mission today is not only to find the remedy and give a reasons for your choice but also determine the LEVEL OF HEALTH of the child and PROGNOSIS according to information given bellow. After doing this, I will put here follow up for you to confirm if your prognosis is correct as well as the remedy. As usual we will go thru differential diagnosis at the end of the case. So here is it:

Boy 2 years with atopic dermatitis that has developed 6 months ago. The etiology is unknown and the family anamnesis is negative for this condition.

The boy has acute 3-4 times a year with fever up to 39, 5 degree of Celsius. These acute last about 2-5 days and the main symptom is coryza. Lower air passages are never involved as well as any other deeper organs. The boy is suffering from chronic coryza.

Pregnancy and delivery was normal without any problems as well as teething and general development.

The eczema started under his neck and on his chest and then spread to back and genitals. At the beginning the there was itching but now there is not significant itching.
Perspiration is little bit stronger but in general way, there is no specific localization. He has strong craving for cheese (3) and sweet (2), and he is not fond of vegetables, especially raw ones. Thirst is normal. Since the mother stopped to feed him with mother´s milk, he has been suffering from troublesome sleep. He wake up every night exactly at 3 AM. The sleep is restless and only position in which he is finally able to fall asleep is on his knees and elbows.
Psychologically he used to be very calm baby but now mother says that he is less content then he used to be.

Analysis of the case for students and differential diagnosis:

When I saw the case, I was puzzled as there was no much information. When mother said about the sleeping problems and waking at regular hour (3AM) I knew that this is guiding symptom of the case and I must stick on it. I knew that the main remedy is Kali carb but I could not confirm it. Strong desire for cheese is not typical but I found Kali-c in that rubric although in 1st degree only. But as the desire for cheese was very strong, I tried to put together 3AM aggravation and craving for cheese as at that moment I did not have information about sleeping position so far but there is no remedy that have these 2 as keynotes. I knew that 3AM aggravation is more important than desire for cheese because it is PECULIAR while lot of children like cheese so even though this craving was very intense, it is nothing peculiar. So it bring me back to beginning and I was keep asking for Kali carb more as I realized that there are SLEEPING PROBLEMS which is another keynote of this remedy especially waking at 3AM. I asked for sleeping position and mother said: His sleep is restless but only position in which he finally fall asleep is knee-elbow position. I said to myself: wait a moment, what does it mean? It means that this is ONLY position in which the child fined peace, so the rubric is: KNEE ELBOW POSITION AMELIORATES and that is KEYNOTE of Kali Carbonicum. That was the confirmation I was looking for.

Level of health: B4

Prognosis: good as skin is affected mostly, sleeping disturbance is not severe and emotionally there is very slight discontent.

Differential diagnosis:

Ammonium Carbonicum has amel by lying on abdomen and 3AM aggravation and this remedy is truly competitive with Kali Carbonicum especially in cases when lungs and heart are involved. Anyhow lying on abdomen is not the same as amel in knee elbow position which is typical especially for Kali Carbonicum.

Calcarea phosphorica has knee elbow position as a keynote but 3AM aggravation is not typical. What is typical for sleeping of Calc Phos is MOANING. What is typical for this remedy is discontent which is slightly present in this case.

Phosphorus has strong desire for cheese and is listed in rubric related to genupectoral position but 3AM aggravation is not keynote of this remedy.

Medorhinum, Carcinosinum, Tuberculinum have all knee elbow position but cannot be confirmed any further.

As my practice goes by, I am finding out every day that most important rule in classical homeopathy is: stay open, don’t fix your mind on remedies but focus on patient and try to find out what creates the individuality mostly. Canine Atopic dermatitis is more common in dogs than humans and homeopathic remedies could be a better cure than any other home treatment.

Case by: Dr Petra Zach


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