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Hypermelanosis Homeopathic Treatment – Cure Case

In this post you will learn about classical approach of homeopathy toward chronic Hypermelanosis cases and their treatment. A 17 years old girl came to me for the problem of hypermelanosis on face specially around eyes and on fore head .on asking what she wants she said she wants to remove these black spots(1)
I said why, she said nothing but I want to remove it, I said why again she said nothing. 
Hypermelanosis Treatment 

She was a hard nut to break; I asked the same question in a different way, I asked at this age of 17 years every girl is very much concerned about her looks how these black spots affect your social life, on hearing this she started crying (when ever patient cries she is opening up and solid things is getting liquefied. it is a very good sign showing that a communication link has been established between patient and doctor) She said, it does not look good, I asked what, she said face looks dirty and people look down upon me and I feel small about myself, I do not like my own face.


1. Mood repulsive
2. Indignation feeling
3. Delusion dirty she is
4. Delusion looked down upon she is
5. Delusion despised is
6. Delusion diminished short he is
7. Disgust with oneself

Lac caninum 0/1 was given once daily. She came after 10 days with 30% improvement; mental state of the patient is also improving.

Lac caninum 0/2 was given one dose on alternate days for 20 days and improvement up to 50 % seen, she feels more confident now.

Lac caninum 0/3 was given one dose after a gap of two days , 80% improvement seen, feeling of being despised, dirtiness, being looked down upon gone.

Lac caninum 0/4 was given one dose after a gap of three days, total improvement seen patient says now I love myself.

A guest post by: Balwant Singh Dhunna


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